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Mad Mimi is an email marketing service that allows users to create, send and track email campaigns in a fresh novel way without using templates. This gem adds a Mad Mimi integration in your ruby application to deliver emails and manage your Mad Mimi audience.
It just so happens that email provides one of the most convenient and friction free methods of communicating with customers and facilitating the fair exchange of value. If you choose to have email play a role in your marketing and communication process, which you should, you’ll need to pick a third-party service provider capable of building campaigns, sending emails that miss the spam bin and gives you the ability of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Campaign Monitor provides such a service allowing you to seamlessly communicate with customers via easily built email campaigns. However, with so many different email marketing services in operation today, you may well be wondering why you should consider this one. In this Campaign Monitor review we will take an in-depth look at what this service has to offer in order to help you decide if this is the option that will give you the ability to kick start your email marketing campaign, or take your existing efforts to the next level. Although not as big as some of the heavyweights like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor has been around the block a few times.
What this means to you – from an outsider’s perspective – is that there’s a solid company with an established customer base behind them.
If being productive is a priority for you, Campaign Monitor provides everything you need to create beautiful emails quickly and efficiently.
Email templates are often one of the first things people look at when assessing an email marketing platform and in doing this review, it was certainly one of the first things I explored. There is a clearly displayed template tab as soon as you login to the platform and clicking on it was initially disappointing. You’ll be happy to know that once you actually start building a campaign, that number increases to 27 templates (that could be seen at the time of writing).
Again, this could be user error but it was frustrating none the less, especially when compared to platforms like MailChimp where the process is relatively headache free every single time. Campaign Monitor does offer a WYSIWYG template editor that makes customizing your emails dead simple. If starting from scratch is your thing, you’ll be able to easily import HTML and CSS files with just a few clicks.
Although this topic is typically a major source of headaches for anyone trying to integrate sign-up forms on their website, those days are long gone.
Yes, you can still style custom forms using a code snippet that is automatically generated, but why would you want to?
In a data-driven world, it goes without saying that the more you know about your subscribers, the better you’ll be able to serve them.
Managing additional details about your subscribers beyond the basic name and email fields requires a little more effort than other platforms – for example there is nowhere to keep track of random notes. Many other important details surrounding interactions with subscribers are tracked automatically. The ability to manage your database is one of the most critical aspects to consider when selecting an email marketing provider.
With just a single line of code, you are able to insert a campaign archive on your website.
This feature can become a great way to publish archives of your email newsletters, whether in the interests of transparency, or just re-purposing some of your content to populate your website. That means you’re able to completely customize the interface to suit your brand and then present a full-featured email newsletter service to clients.
Teams and workflows allow you to grant unique permissions to different people within your organization. Although a somewhat standard feature these days, it still nice to know that Campaign Monitor offers full API access. For mere mortals, this means that all your favorite pieces of software are easily integrated with Campaign Monitor.
Pricing is always tricky to compare because different companies set different break-points. Comparatively, MailChimp allows you to get set up and send 12,000 emails for free and a service such as AWeber offers only a free 30 day trial. If you’re sending fewer than 12,500 emails per month, on a strictly price basis, Campaign Monitor wins this battle. Their customer support team is located around the globe and depending what time you go looking for help, different groups of staff will be available. MailChimp is in the same boat when it comes to customer service options and of the three companies that were compared, from a pricing standpoint, AWeber is the only one to offer phone support and live chat. Their white label option is a killer feature, especially if you are managing an email list for your clients, as a developer or agency.
While I may love the simplicity of Campaign Monitor, you might prefer the user interface at MailChimp. If you’ve tried campaign monitor please share your experiences below, we’d love to hear from you. By Joe FylanJoe uses WordPress almost every day and enjoys writing about his experiences for a number of different blogs.
I was interested to read your review, having just migrated to Campaign Monitor from MailChimp earlier this year. On the customer service issue, I have to say that Campaign Monitor has impressed me in a big way. Overall, the site is fairly intuitive (although for some things you do need to access the online Help section), but the process is smooth and works every time.

They are getting stronger and stronger, and I don’t see us changing to another provider. If you have a large list of willing customers and clients, who respond to your emails (paying for your offerings), your list a great gauge your business is doing well.
The unlimited plan is on the higher side of the competition, but Campaign monitor dashboard and reporting looks cool. Their templating language is easy to work with and I can make custom templates that have the same branding, look and feel as my clients. Imagine being able to directly reach all your customers in less than an hour and for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Opt-in and opt-out options which help you to maintain a fine-tuned list of prospects and reach only the ones genuinely interested in your offerings. Create custom email lists and select each one of your targets based on geography, age, income, spending, and many other parameters. According to Direct Marketing Association research, email marketing outperforms all other direct marketing channels generating an ROI of $43.62 for every dollar spent on it in 2009. So, with industry statistics and benefits like that as motivation, the only question becomes not whether you should cultivate your own business email campaign, but why you haven’t started already? We have the skills and knowledge necessary to help your business leverage the full potential of email marketing to drive more traffic and sales to your site. The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires a more recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. We are a Boston SEO service specializing in helping you take full advantage of the exploding trend in consumers going online and depending on Google to find local products and services. If you are a small business you are likely using Email Marketing services to maintain and grow your audience, as in business growth.
Email Marketing – Is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business, you can communicate with your customers informing them of new products and services or just give them up to date information. You can tailor your messages to specific customers and help build customer relationships and acquire new customers through relevant, well targeted emails that interest recipients.
MonkMailer is an opt-in email marketing facility which will automatically keep your mail list up to date and give your all the statistics you require to see how effective your marketing campaign has been. There are two ways to use the system either a pay as you go (PAYG) or a subscription service for companies wishing to send frequent newsletters and promotional material. All the MonkMailer email marketing systems are Free to set up and have no minimum contract with the monthly subscription you just need to give one months notice. Ideal if you are sending multiple email campaigns every month.  You are simply billed every month based on the size of your subscriber list and can send as many emails as you like per month. No matter how you pay, there are no contracts, setup fees, or nasty lock-ins, and you can cancel at any time. If you are looking for an additional service like Graphic Design, Animation, or Mobile Apps, please provide details below.Please tell us what you require? Before submitting a bug report or feature request, check to make sure it hasn’t already been submitted. Any business owner or marketer who uses that phrase should hope their customers never hear them say it. Launching in 2004, Campaign Monitor was started, like many great companies, out of a need for software that met the needs of its founder.
With over 120,000+ customers that collectively send over a billion emails per month, their stats are impressive. The objective of this article is to provide you with a solid overview of Campaign Monitor’s features and pricing options so you are better able to make a decision about which platform might be the best for your business. Although you’ll require a paid account to send emails, you can try out the platform for free.
As with any new user interface, it can take some time to get accustomed to how things work. Although this could certainly be user error, it seemed that switching between template styles was not as easy as it looked.
A straightforward drag and drop interface works well and in mere seconds you can completely change the overall look and feel of your layout. One more click and Campaign Monitor will move your CSS inline which provides optimum results in both Gmail and Outlook.
It’s an option worth considering – there are many popular email lists that are still delivered as text only. The Bloom Email Opt-In plugin available right here on Elegant Themes makes the process as easy as 1-2-3.
Upon sending a campaign, you can watch in real-time as subscribers around the globe open, click and share your emails. Upon creating a new list you’re given the choice of selecting between single or double opt-in, with the latter being the better choice.
Doing so is still a simple process but you’ll have to create custom fields for each data point. With a few clicks you’ll be able to see which subscribers opened emails, what links they clicked on, where they are located and what they look like.
Campaign Monitor does not fall short and if for some reason, you’re ever unhappy, exporting your list takes just a few clicks.
Campaign Monitor also archives every email you send so a complete history is at your fingertips.

If you’re running a single website, this won’t cause you to raise an eyebrow but if you’re an agency or managing newsletters as a service to your clients, this feature is worth checking out. For power users, that means you’ll be able to create a fully customized interface right on top of their infrastructure. At this level, Campaign Monitor is no longer the cheapest, even with the 12500 email cap in place. If you don’t send many emails, this option would allow you to email a list of 1000 subscribers for $15.
Although Campaign Monitor presents a strong customer support team, it’s tough to know how much help you’ll get until it’s required. That said, it’s entirely possible that one of their customer service reps might be willing to jump on a Google Chat with you. They’ve clearly been around long enough to build out a solid feature-set and have grow based upon their customers needs. While they are a little weak in the pre-designed template department, the easy to use WYSIWYG template builder makes up for it, as does the ease of database management.
Tech savvy consumers are now letting their fingers do the walking on their keyboards, tablets and smart phones instead of the through Yellow Pages or newspapers. Adding call-to-actions in the newsletter can allow readers to click to your website and allowing them to become “fans”,  “like”, or “share” your Social media accounts. Targeted Email Marketing is a great way to reach your audience, assuming you know your audience.
Each campaign should alert your readers of these happenings at least once a month to keep them interested and to remind them you are alive. Custom Email templates works best as it allows you to design a template from scratch to any layout or style to your liking. We encourage businesses to send no more than two Email newsletters a month to avoid spam-like Emails. Using email is an ideal way to communicate your messages quickly and cost-effectively without the expense of postage and brochures. The MonkMailer system can be integrated into your enquiry and contact forms so that customers can opt in to receive information from your company.
Maybe, but it seems a better idea to trust that revenue and profit will grow as a result of creating healthy relationships. Sign up takes 20 seconds and from there you can start planning your first campaign, or jump into designing your first email. MailChimp has a high degree of wow factor built into it where Campaign Monitor comes across as less flash, more function. The ability to select from 12 popular fonts as well as set up default colors and heading styles (H1, H2, H3) means you’ve got a decent array of typography options at your disposal.
Seriously, if you’re still struggling with creating beautiful opt-in forms for your website, look no further. From there you can add subscribers via a simple import feature, create a sign up form or design a workflow. Time spent optimizing your campaign can have a drastic effect on open rates as well as interaction. Still not the cheapest option but if you really wanted access to their platform, you could at least avoid a regular monthly fee. When it comes to picking the ideal email marketing platform, despite all the reviews and opinions, the best thing to do is pick 2-3 and try them out by signing up for a trial. Heck, make up a fake problem to see how willing they are to help you before plunking down your dollars. Many of the little nuances are not relevant, so make sure you’re focusing on features that matter most to your business. Your business needs to adapt to this trend to capture and profit from it or risk being left behind. All Email Marketing software provides Email templates for those who may lack extensive design experience. For example: “Free”, “Discount”, “Sale” are automatically strong words to entice readers to open your Email. Are you Knee Deep in E-commerce, branding strategies and campaigns, capturing a new or lingering audience (user) or a market share on products and services? When submitting a bug report, please include a Gist that includes a stack trace and any details that may be necessary to reproduce the bug, including your gem version, Ruby version, and operating system.
Email has become a common form of communication and an effective way to connect with your audience. Here are some reasons why every business should use Email Marketing.
Rule of thumb, do not send more than two Email newsletters a month and be certain your Email content is straight to-the-point and is well-designed! Since most of my clients have around 2,000 to 4,000 contacts on their email list, they can send multiple campaigns a month.

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