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All-In-One Large Volume Email Marketing Services to create, broadcast and track email campaigns. Despite the new internet tools that have entered the market, appropriate email marketing is definitely a component that you should not neglect in your online marketing strategy. Is the most cost-effective Internet marketing tools as it not only drives direct sales but also supports sales through other channels. Promotes customer retention through the increasing of awareness and the building of relationships that are based on loyalty and trust. Allows for targeting, enabling you to communicate effectively according to your target audience’s needs. At Notion Age, we can bring you through a successful email marketing and email viral campaign from conception to completion. Our avant-garde email marketing software has been utilised by many MNCs and SMEs in their Email marketing campaigns and has reaped tremendous results. To find out more about Notion Age’s High Volume Email Blast Services or how you can began your effective Singapore Email marketing campaign; Contact our consultants now. Notion Age is a Singapore leading creative interactive agency and top SEO company that offering best web design service, professional SEO Singapore (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), CMS (content management system), email marketing solution (edm design and email broadcast), online marketing and other digital marketing solutions. Even more perplexing is that many reviewers rate these solutions in an effort to identify the “best” option. Unlike the exhaustive round-ups that cover every option available, I have narrowed the field to what I consider four of the best.
MailChimp is well known in the email marketing arena, thanks to its stylish design and heavy marketing. One of the biggest hurdles to email marketing is generating the actual HTML for the email campaign. MailChimp also offers premium templates, but the label “premium” hardly does these amazing templates justice.
A critical component of any email marketing service is the process by which website owners populate their mailing lists. Many people have a few contacts on their mailing list who are especially important and who they want to carefully monitor. MailChimp is an incredible service, and its reputation in the industry is easily justified by the product. Campaign Monitor is another industry leader and well known throughout the design and development community.
Like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor focuses on usability, and the system is clear and simple to get started with.
One of the best things a service like this can do is simplify the process, a huge part of which involves providing information along the way.
One thing to love is how the system integrates analytics into its list-management features.
In fact, in the same area where you manage subscribers, you can easily jump to many related features, such as the auto-responder, subscription forms, landing pages and unsubscribe settings. If you’re looking to make email marketing a standard part of your services to clients, Campaign Monitor offers a fantastic client-management system.
Campaign Monitor has multiple pricing options, including monthly, high volume, and pay as you go.
The main dashboard is not nearly as refined as the others we’ve seen, but digging in and getting started is still pretty easy; it’s usable, even if not highly optimized.
Given its target market, it is set up for a low-tech approach to campaigns, demonstrated most clearly in the enormous range of templates. Constant Contact targets business owners with extended services like online surveys and event marketing.
Online surveys might seem unrelated to email and event marketing, but they are a fantastic addition to this tool set. This multi-featured marketing service might lack the aesthetic appeal of MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, but it is a serious contender. In stark contrast to Constant Contact, iContact is geared more to experienced professionals looking for a robust feature set. Another great and rather unique feature is the system’s ability to send a chain of auto-responses. Another interesting feature is the built-in blogging platform, which allows you to post your content to a blog provided by iContact.
A key feature that many new customers are sold on is the extensive social media integration. Finally, iContact has a survey feature that helps you gain insight into your audience, allowing you to segment and tailor your marketing to subscribers.
The first thing that stands out is the focus on helping you grow a mailing list, which is shown in several ways, the first of which are the tools for creating sign-up forms. The system provides the usual ways of embedding a sign-up form on your website, as well as one unique way. With AWeber, you can set up email parsers to skim the confirmation emails in your payment system, and then have people automagically added to your mailing list.
Speaking of email parsers, there is another useful feature, this one focused not so much on growing the list, but rather on keeping it organized. A paid user would trigger an automation filter in the email parser, and the filter would unsubscribe them from the “general prospects” list.
Disclaimer: WDD and the author were in no way compensated to review these particular products and these reviews are solely based on the author’s own opinion.
Patrick McNeil is a designer, developer and writer; but above all things he is a passionate educator. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! For many Atlanta businesses, Email Marketing Services are a low-cost, high-reward digital marketing investment.
A part of a comprehensive Inbound marketing strategy, email marketing services allow maximum exposure for businesses who want to reach targeted consumers, all while meeting budget expectations for investment of other Inbound marketing strategies such as PPC and SEO.
The email marketing management team at Captivate Search Marketing is committed to developing ROI-driven email marketing campaigns for our clients.

When designing and executing an effective email marketing campaign, your company needs a professional look and feel that is cohesive with your brand message.
Find out more about our extensive range of interactive web design, email marketing and SEO services.
As one of our core business and with our vast and diverse experiences, we know the best approach to achieve high participation rate and high volume delivery rate with professional EDMs that your target audience will be able to relate to. To-date, we have worked with many MNC and SME clients such as Toshiba Singapore, Microsoft Singapore, Mitsubishi Electric Asia, Great Eastern Life, Trend Micro, Regus, Sony Ericsson, Resorts World Sentosa, MediaCorp, ESPN Star Sports, 7-Eleven, PARCO Singapore, CityGas, M1 and etc. Currently studying in 10 grade in Chhattisgarh (India), I love writing all about technology including , tech trends and tech tutorials.
There are dozens of solutions to choose from, all with extremely varied options, features and pricing. While MailChimp’s service is highly technical, the interface is polished and simple to use. MailChimp’s dashboard guides you into the system so that you can quickly begin creating lists and sending emails.
MailChimp allows you to use your own code, of course, but it also provides full free templates, all coded and tested. While you’ll find free or cheap templates on the web, they won’t likely hold a candle to these. The monthly plans charge based on the size of your mailing list and include unlimited emails to your list.
It is packed with a ton of incredible features that make it rather unique in the marketplace. As you can see below, the dashboard for new accounts is simple, and the user is quickly guided to the first step.
When you create a new campaign, for example, every field is accompanied by a description of what it does.
Two sample templates come pre-loaded, with more free options to be found by digging deeper. As you can see below, you can view stats for the list in the same area where you manage subscribers.
While this might seem trivial, it’s very nice never feeling like you have to hunt for a particular feature.
You can easily set up sub-accounts for clients to help them build email templates for their own use.
You can purchase monthly plans for unlimited campaigns (with the price based on subscriber volume) or simply pay for each campaign as you go. You can easily build a business around email marketing and earn a profit every time your client sends an email.
It is heavily targeted at do-it-yourself small businesses, relying heavily on social referrals via Facebook. Much like other services, the fee is tied to the number of subscribers and includes unlimited emails.
Of course, it has the basic features you would expect, but with some extras that set it apart. While the public website is polished and easy to use, the application itself is not so slick; it’s actually a bit much to figure out at first. Services to spool emails out to RSS subscribers have been around for a while, and a number of options are available, but this one is integrated right in the email marketing platform. So, instead of someone getting a single email confirmation upon subscribing to a list, they can get an ongoing series of custom emails.
You can take either a template-based point-and-click approach, which is simple for almost anyone to use, or a full-code approach for a custom campaign. Publishing your content through this more public medium will help you get the most out of it. While iContact does not cover a ton of platforms, it does handle the big two: Twitter and Facebook. As with similar plans, it is based on your number of subscribers and includes an unlimited number of emails.
Features such as RSS-to-email and Facebook integration make it a serious option to keep in mind for your clients. In the navigation, it is labelled “Email parsers,” which seems unusual, until you understand the reasoning. This type of integration is slightly different, but the focus on growing your mailing list is much greater than in many of the other systems you’ll find. Going back to our e-commerce website, say we have a single mailing list with all of our customers and prospects mixed together. In this way, you could automate the process of moving users from the general pool to the more targeted list. By sticking to only one, we may become proficient in it, but we don’t really help our clients make an informed decision. From user and list targeting to full email list and campaign management, we’ll work with you to create a compelling email marketing strategy as part of your Inbound marketing efforts. To help our client fulfill this, we can provide creative graphic design services for email marketing in Atlanta.
Give the email marketing management experts at Captivate Search Marketing a call today at (404) 953-2406, or fill out the contact form at the right for a complimentary email marketing consultation. E-mail marketing is comprehensive procedure which is being used for endorsing products, services or a thought by sending unswerving emails to the target market.
We make E-mail marketing strategy after recognizing the qualitative and quantitative object , investigating the present condition, contender’s analysis, choosing type of email, convene your necessities, deciding point of shooting emails etc. Regardless of your skill level, you will appreciate the simplicity it brings to email marketing. They are also fully integrated in MailChimp, which means they are set up to leverage all of the application’s options, freeing you to just jump in and send emails quickly; no need to become intimately familiar with MailChimp’s templating system. Once you flag VIPs on your list, you can easily track their engagement with your campaigns using the iPhone or Android app.
This “forever free” plan is fantastic for small companies looking to get started with email marketing.

The pay-as-you-go option offers credits that work like stamps, a great option for less frequent usage. You don’t have to hover over elements, read pop-ups or click over to long-winded help pages.
Even better, it is integrated in the process for building campaigns, so it is easy to make it a basic part of launching a campaign.
Additionally, you can pad the fees charged by Campaign Monitor to earn extra revenue every time your clients send emails. Of course, you should provide an additional layer of value to justify the profit, but the system is in place for this if it fits your business needs. The platform is a little more technical, and not just because of the absence of a cheeky mascot.
And because PayPal and Google Checkout are integrated, you can start selling tickets easily.
Instead of conducting many campaigns and mining the results for insights, simply ask users what they want. You could pre-package three follow-up emails with special offers and information to entice them to take action. The Facebook integration in particular is awesome because it allows you to easily post an email sign-up form right on your Facebook page. While the entry-level price point is affordable, you’ll see that the prices are geared to big clients. Regardless, the form builder is powerful and enables you to build as many interfaces as you need. Imagine that you run an e-commerce website and that your main payment method is Google Checkout. Tracking who has made a purchase and who has not would be difficult, so we might just lump them all together. Another example would be to provide options for users to subscribe to daily, weekly or monthly updates. This chain of emails will automatically market to clients and keep them engaged through a controlled chain of events. Unfortunately, a free trial plan is not available, but you pay just $1 for the first month, which is not much of a commitment.
But as you get into it, you will find it stuffed with incredibly useful features, all simple to use. Hopefully, customers will discover the benefits, but hiding this powerful tool behind a $1 road block seems like a shame. This online marketing contrivance is exceptionally popular for endorsement as it is uncomplicated to use, low price and effectual. We lend a hand to you in making a decision on above stratagem based on our experience and proficiency. This is your chance to send emails designed by world class professionals such as Veerle Pieters, Elliot Jay Stocks, Jon Hicks and Matthew Smith.
Even better, the push technology notifies you when they are active, meaning you need not check back constantly. With the forever-free plan and the slick ready-to-go templates, getting started at almost no cost is a breeze. This personal approach makes Constant Contact a very approachable platform and a perfect fit for small businesses.
You can also easily add content that is not included in the template (such as social media links), as well as drag and drop whole blocks of content. Even better, the feature connects to the email marketing system to help you promote and announce events. There is no ongoing trial for those who want to test the waters; but the free trial runs for 60 days, which should be ample time to try it out.
An event doesn’t have to be a conference or training session after all; it could be a sale or other consumer-oriented event worth promoting. Some will be overwhelmed by the options, while others will grow to love the front-and-center approach.
Not only does it make it easy to build a flow of content, but it also helps you manage the process and maintain consistent branding.
Second is the automated feature that sends a digest of your blog posts as an email blast to customers. The email marketing Campaigns can be prepared for the intention of exploring innovative business prospects, keep in touch with your existing clients or enlightening your existing as well as potential clients.
Fortunately, MailChimp lets you extensively customize the embedding code, making it easy to get what you want without digging too far in. Still, being so well integrated in the system makes it easy for those who would otherwise ignore this critical step. The extensive customization features ensure that the system is flexible enough to meet your needs while keeping you out of the code. Being able to ask people what they want and then marketing to them accordingly is a remarkable concept. Email Marketing procedure embraces planning measuring, fixing target marketing, designing content for Email Marketing Company , managing email hosting and domain, sending emails from server, deleting unsubscribe mails , evaluating reason of bounced emails and finally report generation. It is ideal for those who have some technical experience and need extremely flexible tools. To get triumph of email marketing promotion it is essential to have efficient database of valid email addresses. We also offer email designing, sending emails to targeted patrons as well as managing email response.

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