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But, the crew at AdStation by Adknowledge released a new eBook detailing the best practices for subject lines.
Our AdStation subject line experts write, test and optimize more than 1,000 subject lines each month to ensure our messages not only reach the inbox, but get the click too. But the problem is all the mail has gone in Gmail Spam Box… strange I have never send any mails before so how my mails got filtered and ended in spam folder? We'll check your website and give you "quick tips" you can implement to start improving sales immediately. I opened it because I respect their opinions on digital trends and was expecting some information on algorithm roll outs or digital law. Writing great email subject lines for your marketing and email newsletters is a breeze, you just have to study copywriting for years, sales for decades, psychology and everything else that goes along with crafting a message that gets opened and read! They are in no particular order and if you have written or read a great email subject line yourself, please leave me a comment and I will add it with a submitted by. I kinda miss talking to you (my client said, I was all excited for a minute when I read the subject line. I am not all that sure how I feel about some of these email subject lines…if someone ACTUALLY requested info I am fine, BUT the ones where they use the reply sign to deceive is not so great for permission based marketing! With all the talk of moving the free line, many of your email newsletters and offers MUST include a free component to opens. Okay, this is sort of a miscellaneous category, but I thought that it was great for when I will be brainstorming email subject lines. Here’s EXACTLY how you MAXIMIZE your profits using the LEAST effort + huge bonus revealed!
I found that many of the email subject lines were related to sales, free shipping and less about marketing.
Okay, this one WILL get bigger as we surf the seasons but all 100 could have been about holiday email subject lines. With all the talk about using personalization in emails these days, hardly anyone is doing it. Because I am so focused on marketing, I am cognizant of how different industries need to target specific niches. I don’t like scare tactics or putting people in harms way (like the ASPCA showing pictures of dying dogs), BUT there is a segment of email marketing that does this very effectively!
The lists have been overused and are no longer important (hehehehe – this post is a list post and I assure you it does very well).

Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans. These are my favorite posts to write and I do them about once a year because styles and times change! Okay, what we are talking about here is the EXTRA words that come after the actual subject line (ie – Your entire Custom Framing Coupon is one click away! My favorite way is to use a segmented list so that I know the messages I send out are going to enrich their lives!
The first time I got the email from Referral Key with the email subject line, Are you taking new customers?, I thought, hummmm maybe a referral from a friend. Mailigen has announced a partnership with Alchemy Worx to provide the Subject Line Advisor to its clients.
The Subject Line Advisor tests against the industry of your choosing, for example a B2B industry. After results are displayed, you can choose your subject line and continue creating your campaign in the Mailigen platform. To find out more about the way the Subject Line Advisor works, visit the Mailigen features page here. To find out more about the announcement and the inner workings of the Subject Line Advisor, visit the Mailigen blog article. With the tips in their 24-page guide, mailers can boost open rates and help avoid ‘spam’ reports.
Pace Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs. On the off chance that you are discussing the positive seo that just concerns with the change of your site is not a joke.
Much like using the Cosmo magazine to jump off from, using these ones to get the gears going may be a great idea! There are some great email subject lines here, designed to make people stand up and notice your event!
While making this list I looked at THOUSANDS of emails and the ones with a little something-something in the titles REALLY jumped off the page! I KNOW that scarcity and urgency work in email subject lines, just have gotten fooled too many times myself BUT will be willing to try some and see if they work out! Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People. So how can you up the chances that someone will be willing to invest their hard earned time to look at your message?

Now I know though, it is just the way they tell me someone has followed me on their social media service.
The Subject Line Advisor is powered by Touchstone and is an email subject line testing tool.
It suggests improvements on your subject lines, after which you can check variations on your subject line and select the best one. After entering a subject line, the tool predicts open and click results, and advises on improvements for your specific subject line and industry.
Download our latest eBook — the Pretty Great Guide to Subject Lines — to grab attention with your next email. Even with a great email marketing package, you’re still going to need to manually snoop on your subscribers and target the best email marketing subject lines to their individual needs. With that in mind, I have “swiped” some of my very favorite email subject lines and will continue to build upon this list as I go! Short Form Copy – can make these connections without the stress of uncomfortable situations and consuming all of your time.
If you say 100, you know you are going to be reading for a while, if you say 3 then you can probably blow through it. Don’t want your name on this list, just let me know and I will delete your subject line asap. Now, I am pretty busy like the rest of you so if it happens to be a day that I am a little light on work, I will pop it open and see what kind of surprise is waiting (her stuff is always KICK ASS).
It allows marketers to test subject lines of email campaigns and which predicts the open, click and delivery rate before it is sent out. That having been said, I will be promoting this pretty heavily and you could get some traffic from it…just sayin!
One of my predictions is that in two to three years, everyone will have sorted themselves out into categories and industries that matter to them and marketers will be able to target messages with meaning to them. They are NOT sending me a lead, they are just notifying me of something that is happening in their system, feels a little bait and switch. If she would just let me know a little bit about what is inside, there is a good chance I would open it much more often.
Since I have a small jewelry business, I want to avail the opportunity of your free course.

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