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Email marketing is one of the best and the most cost-effective ways to advertise products and services, especially for ecommerce businesses. In fact, a fair share of industry experts believe that sales from your ecommerce store can increase manifold if you know how to explore power of email marketing to your advantage. Encourage Product Reviews – After visitors to your site purchase your product, send an email requesting them to review the product. Send Cart Abandonment Emails – Many potential customers add products to cart but do not proceed with their purchases. Incentivize Loyal Customers – Popular ecommerce site, Howards Store World increased its revenues by $250,000 by giving gift card incentives to its loyal customers.
Add Elements of Surprise– Another effective way to use email marketing to your advantage is to surprise your customers. These easy-to-implement email-marketing tips will surely help you in winning your potential customers.
When a visitor leaves your website, then as a minimum you want them to have signed up to your newsletter or subscribed to your RSS feed or even clicked an Adsense link making you money on the ‘exit click’.
To get people to opt-in to your email newsletter you can give incentives like a discount code (money off voucher), a free report, how-to guide or even a free video. The opt-in form is normally positioned in the left or right hand column, in the footer or on a specific page, such as the contact and order confirmation page. A pop-up box appears on top of your open window and a pop-under box or advert appears underneath their open window. I like to test these on an ecommerce store and place the opt-in form in the left or right column, on the order confirmation page and I like to test it on ‘Exit’ not entry. Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers even in the midst of all the social media networking chatter.
Below are some email marketing tips and nuggets of wisdom for eCommerce stores as shared by seasoned eCommerce and Internet marketing expert, Eric Shannon. Create a Customer List – Make sure your cart integrates with your email service provider and that your customers automatically end up in an email list.
Trust Builders – This type of email creates trust and confidence between you and your customers.
Social proof – This type of email (usually in auto responder) features real life examples, reviews, or proof to establish and assure customers and prospects that your business is really legit. Study your market behavior to be able to know when to schedule sending your emails strategically and to which type of email list you are sending them to. Note: Many of the articles on this site include affiliate links that may earn us a commission if you decide to buy the recommended product. Despite the rise in popularity of social media in ecommerce, marketing with email continues to be among the leading economical means of advertising an ecommerce website. As a small business, your advantage in competing with larger companies is being able to match the level of professionalism and exceed the personalized level of customer service.
However, if you want to capture more leads, here are few things you need to consider which will determine the success of your email marketing efforts in 2015. Presently, consumers are staring at an invitation avalanche, with every company requesting for attention.

By making use of automated marketing, you will continue to develop leads through your email marketing campaigns. After spending so much money, time, and effort on a promotional email, a lot of eCommerce businesses never incorporate a powerful call to action, which ultimately defeats their objective. Leveraging the data you collect from the behavior of your website visitors is one of the most effective ways to utilize email for eCommerce marketing.
For instance, if a visitor is about making a purchase but abandons the shopping cart, this action can warrant an email that will re-engage him. Finally, communicating with your email list is not only effective, it is essential to your business success. As an online marketer of CMSMart, I love seeing your engagement in our brilliant products and services. Cmsmart Marketplace provides the best choice of quality add-ons for well-known open sources like Joomla, Magento, Wordpress, Virtuemart, Drupal… Become a seller to sell your creative and earn residual incomes. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Value: Even if you can’t always make the chat, I really recommend the summaries if you work in Ecommerce as a consultant, in an agency or for a retailer. It’s a great format for stimulating ideas on different ways to approach Ecommerce, often touching on different areas of Ecommerce Merchandising. As an example of the insight available, I enjoyed scanning these Email marketing tips summarised in a PDF. This form of marketing is responsible for more than 7% of ecommerce transactions, with rest of the sales generated through other promotional campaigns. But before we proceed any further, we assume that your ecommerce store is well equipped with necessary email marketing software and impressive email designs in place convert email recipients into buyers. To lure them into writing product reviews, offer some incentives such as discount coupons that they can use on your store. Instead, experiment with new subject lines and content and see which one evokes customers’ interest the most. Note that, typically, a comparatively small section of loyal customers on ecommerce stores are responsible for a major proportion of revenues. For example, recently a company Petflow sent an email to all its customers telling them that they have $4.25 left to spend in 24 hours. Of course, there are many other strategies that you can explore and use once you have experimented with the above-mentioned ones.
Having them place an order is obviously the goal, but with only .07 in every 100 visitors buying, we have a large number of visitors where we still need to capture their email address before they leave. It can also be presented in a Pop-Up or Pop-Under box that appears when your site visitor enters or exits your website. When a visitor is leaving your website, this is the ideal time to hit them with a pop-up box with a compelling headline and incentive. Status updates and tweets can get buried in just a matter of minutes and you might fail to catch the notifications.
Find an app that integrates your email service provider with your shopping cart that collects email even if the user abandons the cart.

State the reasons (return policy, warranties, low price guaranties, etc.) why people should be comfortable doing business with you.
It can contain pictures, video, short articles, links to your site or to helpful resources online. Efficient email marketing demands the utilization of a robust email marketing application that is both professional and easy to use. You need to have an email list and it must consist of customers and people interested enough in your business to provide an email address to stay on top of your business. This enables you to systematically stay in contact and send targeted content to your different customer lists wherever they are in the customer lifecycle. Take advantage of your subject line and pictures to communicate a single, compelling Call To Action. However, if he does not return to complete the transaction after the first reminder, you can add him to your lead promotion campaign to keep him in the sales funnel. We're always here to make the best effort doing more nice products with outstanding and unique functions, as well as better after-sale services. You can see the type of learning you get on the summaries by Dan and James on the #EcomChat homepage. To do so, use software that automatically detects such shoppers and sends automated emails to them. Once we have the email address we can communicate with them often and offer advice, information and then products. Plus, we’ll send you a free exclusive report ‘Learn to play the guitar like a pro!’ FREE in the next 60 seconds.
Email is not that quickly disposed of and can be sorted, nested, tagged, labeled, and marked as important.
You can design your web template to add an email collection section on your sidebar, an overlay, or an exit offer box (discounts etc.) that appears when the visitor is about to leave your site. Therefore, make your content or whatever it is, useful to your customers and prospective customers, and remember being helpful, entertaining and informative are all forms of utility. Undoubtedly, you would like to automate as many connections as is possible, giving potential customers with appropriate information when and how they want to receive it. Multiple Call To Actions can quickly frustrate a reader in the few seconds they are looking at your email, therefore avoid complexity by making their preferred action more clear.
So, do well to figure out which emails generate the highest conversion rate and send that type of email more often. However, this needs testing, as some pop-up software can be a bit aggressive and even ugly. Be careful what type of popups or windows to use to make sure that it is customizable and targets specific user behavior only. Optimize your email header with navigational links that direct them to where you want them to go.

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