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In a new report released today, five email marketing solutions have won top honors in G2 Crowd’s Winter 2015 rankings of the top email marketing tools. The Grid, which is created from G2 Crowd’s software review engine, ranks products based on customer satisfaction reported by users as well as vendor market presence determined from social and public data.
Some of the solutions rated might be considered part of the marketing automation category rather than pure email marketing tools. In the mid-market sector, MailChimp, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Constant Contact lead the way. For enterprise customers, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Oracle Responsys take the top spots.
I wondered why Constant Contact had such a large variance in satisfaction scores when viewed by company size — the only tool that sways across the satisfaction quadrants based on company categories.
Responsys designs, deploys, and analyzes online marketing for its clients, including Carlson Hotels Worldwide and Lands' End, to improve return on customer relationships. Track Oracle Responsys Cloud Marketing Solutions's Landscape to stay on top of the industry. Owned by Vocus, iContact is a purpose-driven company that makes email marketing and social media marketing easy, so that small and midsized companies and causes can grow and succeed. In order to achieve the best email marketing results, there are some basic functions that your email marketing tools should perform.A  Relationship management is most probably the most obvious of these functions. Personal branding is the next piece of functionality that an online marker must evaluate before considering the email marketing tools to utilize.
Additionally, the ability to efficiently incorporate your social media presence into your correspondences is another key consideration when choosing the right email marketing tools.A  These functionalities are actually instrumental when it comes to creating a unique and a personalized brand for your business. Some email marketing tools are solely used to monitor the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. To simplify the email marketing processes, today there are numerous exceptionally good service providers who have bundled several email marketing tools into their online email marketing websites. SocketLabs is an email marketing company which is specialized in SMTP relay services for email marketing use.
Email Marketing Director Version 5 is an email marketing software from the company arial software and offers a free version to work with. One of the most trusted and oldest forms of digital marketing is email marketing and according to research, 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase in a year based on promotional emails sent by various organisations to their subscribers. Every single person connected to technology has an email address and that makes email the most popular form of communication digitally. MailChimp is a great email marketing tool for marketers who have a small subscriber base already. Campaign Monitor is an email marketing tool widely used by many business for their extremely efficient email marketing features.
SalesManago has more than 3000 customers based in 40 countries, clearly becoming a gradual favourite amongst marketing automation users. Most of us go through tight budget when it comes to expensive digital marketing strategies, but technology is kind enough to provide small business owners to make use of strategies that fit into their budget. No matter whether you want to send 1 e-mail or millions of them, you can do it with a single click and in no time.
You can track the mails you have sent to millions of recipients, using e-mail marketing tools.You can have a record of whether the mails have been opened or not.
Let us have a look at few of the best e-mail marketing tools.We have selected these candidates based upon their ease of access and user-ratings.
Mail Chimp is one of the best e-mail marketing tools, as it helps you in preparing your newsletters. However, if you want to customize your template, it requires you to have some fundamental knowledge of HTML. In this year’s report, G2 Crowd has been able to create three separate Grids to show how various email marketing tools perform when mapped to the size of company using them, which produced some interesting results. On further investigation, it would appear that the number of reviews it has gleaned from customers outside of the mid-market segment may have caused the dramatic shift.
Outside of those two tools, all others require negligible setup, a fact that no doubt aids their usage and popularity.

Ideally, any type of email correspondence, especially originating from the business to its customers, ought to reinforce the businessa€™s brand identity.A  An effective system should comprise efficient email marketing tools that allow for a repetitive personal branding. By utilizing these tools, a marketer is able to monitor his or her subscribersa€™ marketing response in accordance with the marketing emails sent directly to them. For a small monthly fee, the service provider provides the marketer or business owner with several email marketing tools, as already mentioned above. Over the years, various email marketing tools have been developed to help organisations launch successful email marketing campaigns and 27% customers prefer that their favourite companies should invest more in email marketing.
With more than 3.6 billion email accounts, email marketing automatically becomes a vibrant, powerful marketing technique. It is an extremely personal communication channel for reaching out to customers and you will score brownie points if you can make your emails attractive and personal at the same time. With the free trial lasting till 2000 subscribers, it has an extremely well-designed user interface and easy to use product.
The best email marketing tools have easy to use interfaces and Campaign Monitor is no different.
It has an extremely intelligent Web Beacon technology that helps you monitor behavior of users in websites and create behavioral profiles accurately. This section of our website is dedicated to give as much information as possible about these tools.
In the first step, we discussed about what is email marketing and why email marketing is good for your business, in the second step, we analyzed the email marketing solutions - features you can use and here, in the third step we give you all the information you will need for the tools available.
After the internet booming, the last 10-15 years, these customers started using emails for their business and then there was born the need to send these customers bulk emails. The ISP providers for security reasons did not allow any email client (or email marketing software) to send more than 100 to 1000 emails per day. Furthermore, in all the big web frameworks like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and others there are several modules that you can use to do free email marketing.
If you want to completely outsource your email marketing effort, there are a lot of email marketing experts - specialists whom you can hire to do the job.
Some options are best for small to medium business needs, and some are better for bigger needs. These tools can identify who have opened the mails & how many of them have accessed the links, which have been included in the mail.
An added advantage with the paid account is that the logo of MailChimp will no longer remain in the footer.
By Segmentation, we mean that you can split the recipients and create different lists of recipients, who can receive certain kind of mails.
Mad Mini is a low-priced tool that can create newsletters, share them and can keep a track of those at the same time. It has a mechanism by which subscribers are added to marketersa€™ marketing list and an automation mechanism that follows up the process. The time that would basically be spent managing the contact list is freed up by automation, allowing the business owner to concentrate on creating a more effective communication avenue with the listed subscribers. WIth e-Campaign personalized email marketing software you can accomplish these tasks with ease. However, with all the different types of email marketing tools out there, you have to find the one that will suit you.
You can find lists about email marketing companies, email marketing software for local installation, online email marketing services, ways to do free email marketing and much more. Then was the time for on-line email marketing software or else called email marketing services, which are web applications. In the diagram above we try to give a compact view of this perspective, and we further analyze it in some of our articles in current section. Although we have mentioned it for small business, it doesna€™t mean that no one, except small business owners, can use this strategy. Once all the e-mails are forwarded to the recipients, it keeps a record of whether the mails have been opened or not. Broaden your outlook to know and understand these tools, you will definitely procure a great recognition in the digital world, with the help of e-mail marketing strategy.

Most technical issues can be easily diagnosis by mytechgurus technical experts and they Offers the best remote technical support. Also included is a database management functionality that can be used to manage the emails database. Things to consider when evaluating the relationship management email marketing tools include the lead capture options, ease of database management and an auto-responder. Most email service providers have customizable HTML templates for outgoing correspondence and broadcast. It also has newsletter templates so that beginners can create professional-looking newsletters for their businesses.
It will help you learn about how things work in email marketing and you can create your email marketing campaigns in no time. That is extremely useful for marketers who want to try out the tool for one time or do not wish to commit to a single marketing tool. Coming to its email marketing features, it has a dynamic one to one emails that is extremely advanced in nature. Really, this section is a true information overload for those who are interesting in doing email marketing or in expanding their email marketing campaigns.
Depending on the business you own you may have to send from 100 to 10.000 emails each time.
They are using multiple SMTP servers, and they can send thousand of emails per hour with no restriction at all. In this article we’ll talk about the most essential, most user-friendly email marketing tools that will take care of your email marketing needs. But email marketing is also a great way to nurture your leads and engage with existing customers, keeping them informed about your company.
MailChimp is special in more ways than one and they are one of the rare companies that offer a free for life account upto 2000 subscribers. But that does not mean Aweber caters to beginners only, it has fairly advanced features like split testing for improving your campaign. With a wide array of robust and responsive templates, you can employ the services of various fonts available all over the web for personalized emails. The system will generate individual messages for different recipients completely depending on their behavioral profiles.
Because the classical email clients (like Microsoft Outlook) could not handle all these emails soon there were created some software programs for local installation in pcs to handle all these information. To protect themselves from the big problem of SPAM these email marketing companies are using several methods to check before start sending. But if you want to unlock certain features, you will have to upgrade your free account, though. GetResponse makes email marketing an extremely simple task and also allows you to carry on custom integrations without any hitches. Auto-responders, RSS to email, various integrations are a few features that marketers can’t live without and are top-notch on Aweber. It also has an app for iOS users called “Enlist” that helps you to collect data offline at events. With an impeccable round the clock support system GetResponse is an extremely useful tool, especially for beginners. You can clearly understand that SalesManago is different than its counterparts and stands out in a crowd due to its interesting features. Not only that, it also has an in-house Predictive Marketing module that will help you can analyze customer purchase data and anticipate their future needs.

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