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We at Spoketech realize the importance of a robust marketing plan to identify the target market segments, the potential marketing mix, and product positioning.
Email marketing is one of the most efficient marketing channels for reaching new and existing lottery customers given its active initiative in promoting your lottery. As a lottery specialist, marketing professional, you need an email marketing service that you can trust - which is easy to use, delivers your mail, and provides great value. From scaling the infrastructure to ISP outreach and reputation monitoring to list services and real time analytics, eMarketing module enables you to convey your marketing message and promotions strategically to your target audience with accuracy and efficiency.

ADREXO a participé le 14 avril dernier au salon emarketing Paris, le rendez-vous annuel des professionnels du marketing digital. Maximizing marketing efficiency through electronic media result in an improved return on investment (ROI) for the marketing dollars. We provide a comprehensive market analysis including industry analysis, competitor analysis, and a SWOT analysis that includes both macroeconomic and microeconomic considerations. We follow Ansoff’s framework to help our customers detect new intensive growth opportunities called a product–market expansion grid.

The benefits if eMarketing over traditional marketing include the global reach, broader scope, interactivity, immediacy, personalization, and increased ability to measure and collect data.

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