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You may recall that YouTube started rolling out a new player and site design not so long ago. Back then it was not clear if and how embedded players would benefit from the design change.
If you do not want the default dark themed played to show up on your site, you need to modify the player code manually.
Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.
Sure wish they would let us completely skin it except the YouTube logo for free and then if you spend a little $$ you can remove the Youtube logo for your own logo. If you are interested in digital signage with Eclipse Digital Media or would like to know more, please fill out the form below. This Quad Core Android media player has been exclusively and specifically tailored for basic digital signage use with embed signage, cloud based Digital Signage content management system.
All accepted formats from embed – view the full supported media formats on embed signage. Toggle navigation Home SEO SEO BERATUNG SEO ANALYSEN SEO BETREUUNG LINKANALYSE LINKAUFBAU LINKABBAU VIDEO SEO Content Marketing CONTENT BERATUNG CONTENT FORMATE CONTENT SEEDING WORKSHOPS SEO BASICS GUERILLA MARKETING KREATIVITAT CONTENT MARKETING WORKSHOP STORYTELLING Events TOOLS BLOG FRAGEN? Um die Verweildauer auf deiner Webseite zu erhohen, folgen jetzt unsere 10 nutzliche YouTube Embed Player Codes fur deine Website! Wer all diese Dinge nicht manuell eingeben mochte, kann es mit einem Video Embed Generator versuchen.

YouTube Echtzeit Analytics ist seit gestern ein lange ersehntes neues Feature innerhalb des Youtube Analyse Bereichs und macht YouTube in der Auswertung noch attraktiver. Seit Langem geistert das Gespenst durch die Youtube SEO Gemeinde, welches verkundet, dass Google das im Video gesprochene Wort erkennen kann und die Auswertung in Sachen Termfrequenz und Wortzusammensetzung fur Rankings heranzieht. The redesign, announced about a month ago, made several changes to the video hosting website.
A post on Friday revealed that YouTube plans to roll our a dark player design for YouTube embeds from August 10 on. YouTube for exactly this situation has added two new player parameters to the YouTube embedded player.
This could be problematic for webmasters who have embedded lots of YouTube videos on their web properties. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. Run your basic Digital Signage content in landscape or portrait, auto-boots into your content on power up, local storage for playback without network, no system or notification bars and no unnecessary apps. Zero Device’s already very impressive off-the-shelf Z4C II has been further enhanced for digital signage purposes and geared towards being used in a commercial digital signage environment, making it an incredibly affordable, reliable digital signage hardware choice for simple digital signage content such as text and image based content.
Deliver your multi zone content directly to a range of devices including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, ONELAN and Samsung Smart Signage Platform* in either portrait or landscape orientation with local storage to ensure your content continues to playback even without network connectivity.

Der vorgeschlagene YouTube Embed Code spielt regular in der geringst verfugbaren Qualitat ab um fur jeden ein moglichst schnelles laden und abspielen zu gewahrleisten. Gemunkelt wird also, dass das, was ich sage ein Rankingfaktor sein kann, wenn es auf ein bestimmtes Wort oder eine Wortkombination fokussiert ist. Unzahlige Streaming-Dienste haben sich etabliert, einige davon sogar international – man denke nur an Amazon und Netflix. Auch wenn ich es selber nicht getestet habe, ist mein Stand, dass diese Views nicht gezahlt werden. Probably the change with the biggest impact was the switch from a light themed played to a dark themed player. The color parameter on the other hand defines the color of the time bar which can either be red or white.
Probably the best option for those webmasters is to create a script that modifies all embedded YouTube scripts on the website automatically.
Allerdings mussen die sich warm anziehen, denn mit Youtube Red hat Google einen Service gestartet, der es so richtig in sich haben konnte.

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