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There are many event marketing companies in Toronto, but Tigris stands out among these companies for a few reasons.
Event marketing is a unique way of advertising that allows brands to interact directly with the consumer. Tigris has executed event marketing campaigns all across Canada, literally thousands under our belt. These activations, from street sampling to interactive booths, require events staff to execute the program and achieve successful results. Last year, Tigris worked with Canderel to supply a team of events staff to distribute marketing material to promote their new Yonge & Grenville condominium at Buskerfest. This past summer, Tigris worked with Sport Chek to celebrate back to school with a larger than life sized “Mystery Locker”, which was placed inside the Toronto Eaton Centre. As you can see, Tigris stands out among the other event marketing companies in Toronto with our exceptional ideas & dynamic events staff.
Which means that you now have access to extraordinary energies and talents that seize every occasion and turn them into great affairs. Whether big or small, for your company or for yourself, we are dedicated to turning your project into a work of art ~ remoulding reality to meet the heart’s desire. We do what we love doing and thrive when our minds are stretched to the limits, turning the seemingly impossible into simply challenging. Our designers look at things differently, breaking out of established patterns to bring new life to brands and ideas.
Designing and producing an event can in many ways be compared to directing a live stage performance.
Creating an environment where seller, buyer and product can personally meet is a potent force for any business.
Moments are fleeting, but memories are preserved experiences that hold the keys to the future. Another element of communication, the content and possibilities of entertainment is endless.
We believe that every story begins with “Once upon a time” and ends with “Happily ever after”, with a fairy tale wedding in between – we get our designers, choreographers and sometimes even the therapists involved because every bride is entitled to this exhilarating part of life. Event Management Companies in Mumbai, Event Services India, Event management Company, Product Launch, Seminars, Conference, Award FunctionsCorporate Meetings, activation, Roadhshows, Hostess for events, parties in Mumbai, Delhi, India. Event Management involves studying the intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects, before actually executing the modalities of the proposed event. As one of the leading event management companies in Mumbai and Delhi, we offer the most competitive rates in the event management industry for undertaking jobs of Fabrication and Design of Exhibiton Stalls, Kiosks, Sets, Stage, Backdrops, Ramps, Projection Screen, Wedding Setups, Thematic Sets, Customized Setups etc.

We can assist companies to organise conferences, Seminar, Dealer Meets, Sales Meet, Product Launch, Exhibitions, Brand Promotions, Consumer Activations, Annual Award Functions, Annual Get-Togethers, Annual Days, Founder Day, Theme Parties, Corporate Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings, Fashion Shows, DJ Parties, Gazhal Nights, Family Day-outs, Live Shows, Rock Shows, Live Performances, Movie Screenings, Road Shows, Mall Promotions, BTL Activities, Outdoor Advertising, , Manpower, Emcees, Hostess Provider, Promoters. We concentrate on the nitty-gritty for every activtiy so that we can satisfy our customer up to the brim. After all, event marketing is a large umbrella under which many advertising strategies lay. Aside from our diligent and detailed account managers and exceptional events staff, we have strategic partners to support our creative concepts including custom builds, digital experiences and even augmented reality projections. It gives the brand a chance to get directly in the face of consumers and create a memorable impression. The male models added to the experience by interacting with guests and distributing delicious cupcakes! This is a great example of an event marketing campaign where the client took advantage of a Toronto festival.
The activation required energetic brand ambassadors to interact with over 2,000 shoppers and distribute prizes over 3 days.
Our passion is creating events and booking the right people to make your idea come to life. What we can say is that we’re an amazing group of individuals who value teamwork and results – each of us bring a different aspect to the same set of skills and it’s here where logic and creativity meet in a fusion of colours and new ideas! Sasisa has teamed up with sister companies to give their clients access to a multitude of services that offer both company and individual an opportunity to shop for all their requirements in one place.
They do new things because they see beyond the obvious, creating communication with a purpose. When working on projects, we become choreographers, planning and directing activities that result in shows that creates memories of a lifetime. With a team of passionate marketers, designers and planners focused on your specific target, we strive to create a favourable environment where new opportunities are created. Our marketing strategies are stories written especially for your target market, a story where they can feel the connection to your brand and realise that they’ve found what they’ve always been looking for.
We believe in choosing items that not only reflect the brand, but also serve as memorabilia to help build brand recognition. Whether you seek to provide entertainment as a form of leisure or a means to educate, we embark on a search equal to that of a South African reality show to make sure we find the right artist, speaker or band for your production.
We Provide complete Solution in Event Management services, Event Companies in Mumbai, Event Companies in Delhi, Product Launch, Seminars, Conference, Award FunctionsCorporate Meetings, activation, Roadhshows, Hostess for events, parties in Mumbai, Delhi, India. We help you showcase your products and services in a well planned manner to attract target audience using attractive display options.

These interactions are targeted directly to a specific individuals or groups that fall within the target demographic of the brand. We are readily available to offer as much or as little help or expertise as our clients need.
Although a specific level of education is not a necessity for events staff, we take the time to interview each of the staff on our roster so we know first-hand how well the individual is able to communicate, entertain and sell to consumers.
Here are a few Toronto event marketing campaigns Tigris has executed, taking advantage of the city and using these opportunities to build our clients brand.
Our brand ambassadors interacted with over 27,000 individuals at the festival and handed out over 5,000 flyers in 3 days. We know how to take advantage of not only Toronto, but other regions to find out the most beneficial spot for your activation. We can manage your entire event by providing all the required resources for successful completion of task. QQ Player wyposazony zostal rowniez w dodatkowe funkcje, takie jak konwertowanie, kompresowanie, dzielenie i scalanie materialow multimedialnych. The interactive photo booth you snapped a photo with at Toronto’s Dundas Square = Event Marketing. Ironically, other event marketing companies in Toronto even hire our events staff for their programs – in which case, we are their strategic partners. We understand the value of our client’s brand image and want to be able to accurately recommend the best people for each and every job. Call us today for a free, no obligations quote at 416.283.9119 for our services in over 15 markets across Canada! Istnieje tu takze mozliwosc wykonywania zrzutow ekranowych w trakcie odtwarzania filmow, ktore zapiszemy w formacie BMP, JPG i PNG.
Whether you are at sporting event, music festival, or doing your weekly shopping at the grocery store, you are more than likely to interact with or pass by a marketing campaign, whether you know it or not! In other cases, we are direct to the client and have the opportunity to concept, create and customize turnkey activation’s from start to finish. We also managed the inventory of swag in association with our client and troubleshooted any issues that arose from flat tires to cracked windshields.

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