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This section will offer a financial overview of Corporate Retreat Professionals as it relates to the marketing activities. The Break-even Analysis indicates that $13,129 will be needed in monthly revenue to achieve the Break-even point. Geoff's spiel to prospective customers will be based on the high level of service offered and cost advantages by going with CRP.
The marketing expenses are budgeted so that they are fairly high during the first quarter of operation, a strategy to develop visibility for the start-up organization.

CRP will address break-even analysis, sales forecasts, and how they link to the marketing strategy. The cost savings can be quantified and shown to the customer while the higher level of service can be guaranteed as well as communicated through testimonials from satisfied clients.
After that the expenses will ramp up during certain months to cover the costs of specific events such as different trade shows.
Once things get rolling and CRP has developed some satisfied clients, Geoff will be building additional relationships with his network of friends generated through the Chambers of Commerce and trade shows.

During the first and second month, Geoff will be developing some systems to provide a template for future event planning.
Once this is set up CRP should be able to process customer service requests rather easily.

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