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Basically, a marketing thesis or marketing research paper – is an academic paper, where you can to choose to research on a particular business related query relating it to the marketing of some product or service. The company that manufactures the product prepares a strategy in order to popularize the product and that is what we call the marketing strategy.
It might appear to be a narrative essay in the beginning at first but mind it, its much more complicated. Marketing thesis gives you more than enough space to explore and experiment and hence apply your creativity to the topic. An interesting topic speaks for itself whereas a monotonous one will take away the reader’s attention.
While beginning to write the thesis always ask yourself the key feature of your research and then start writing the thesis.
Marketing thesis is all about forming a strategy and attacking with all your creativity and innovation.
A lot of my clients and workshop attendees tell me that they don’t have a clear idea of what they hope to accomplish with their content. That’s why I spend a lot of time helping content professionals put their strategies into words. One of the most powerful things we can do is boil down words to a core #contentstrategy statement.
When everyone on your content team works from the same core content strategy statement, your organization has the best possible chance of getting the results you seek. I introduced the idea of the core content strategy statement in Why You Need Content Strategy Before Editorial Planning, which I ended with a promise to follow up with another article.
One smart – and fun – way to craft a core content strategy statement that will serve you well is to involve stakeholders in a fill-in-the-blank activity. If you want to create content that performs, your team needs to get clear on all three components for whatever kind of content you’re focusing on. Here’s a completed example based on the business goals, target audience, and audience needs that I described for the company Origin Meals. Use your approved core content strategy statement as a basis for brainstorming content ideas and choosing which topics to say yes to. Generally, discard ideas with a total score of 3 or lower; they don’t align with your core content strategy statement, so they’re unlikely to perform well. Share your core content strategy statement with content producers and reviewers, and ask them to use it to guide their efforts. The content is free of potentially confusing jargon, phrases that might not make sense to a portion of the target audience, and overly clever language. Whatever kind of checklist works for you, I think you’ll find that putting the appropriate core content strategy statement at the top keeps your team focused on the right strategic goals, making it more likely that your content will perform well time after time.
I hope that the tools I’ve described – the fill-in template, the content decision-making matrix, and the editorial checklist – will help your team discover the value of defining a core content strategy statement and using it as a guide throughout your content development processes.
Sign up for our Content Strategy for Marketers newsletter, featuring exclusive insights from CMI’s Chief Strategy Officer, Robert Rose. Meghan Casey is the lead content strategist at Brain Traffic , the world’s leading agency devoted exclusively to content. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Great Article Megan, will be taking this to my clients to help them determine their online social goals.
I thought about my posts and started, having read your article a couple times, to see how far off the mark my writing is.
It is always a pleasure to read an article which delivers something practical, which can be used instantly. THE 1794 $1.00 ONE OF THE GREATEST AMERICAN RARITIES Legend Numismatics is proud to announce that our firm was the buyer of the spectacular $1 1794 PCGS SP66 CAC sold in the Stacks sale of the Cardinal collection on Jan. Two days before the sale our lead partner made the final decision, we MUST pay $10 million dollars all in MINIMUM.
The auctioneer looked around to make sure she had a clear sightline of all potential bidders.
Paying $10 million dollars for this coin already changed the way outsiders and how many collectors now perceive the coin market. Legend Numismatics is close to the real world of high finance more so than most rare coin firms. Congrats and thanks to Martin Logies for being such a wonderful custodian of coins and for being such a passionate collector. Hands down this coin is clearly as good-or in most experts opinions BETTER than the coin that sold for $1,380,000.00 in a heated contest last year.
Following his election as an MSP, he became SNP Business Convenor Chairman of the Party), responsible for chairing Conference, the National Executive and the management and administration of the party. Elected to Renfrewshire Council in 1999 at the age of 21 he was the youngest male Councillor in Scotland at the time.
Elma Murray is currently the Chair of the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) in Scotland.
Elma has a strong interest in change and how to work effectively across public sector boundaries.In her spare time Elma enjoys skiing, walking and travelling. Rosemary Agnew was appointed as Scottish Information Commissioner on 1 May 2012 for a fixed term of six years. Rosemary holds a Masters in Business Administration (dist) from Manchester Business School. As Scottish Information Commissioner, Rosemary is responsible for the enforcement and promotion of Scotland's freedom of information law. He is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and has a post graduate qualification in community education. He advises a wide range of public sector clients and those engaging with the public sector on all aspects of procurement law (both contentious and non-contentious), corporate structuring and collaborations, contracting and grant matters, public administrative law, governance and state aid. Robin's background also includes significant experience in advising clients on European law, competition law and regulatory law. He also advises a large number of charities and third sector clients and those engaging with the third sector in relation to: charity law and regulation (including advising on regulatory investigations), governance, formation and structuring, contracting and community renewables. Richard has extensive public sector management experience initially working with both Sheffield City Council and Harrogate Borough Council where he had the opportunity to be involved in the development and delivery of international events such as the World Student Games, whilst also experiencing the changing landscape of local government Leisure and Sport Services within a Compulsive Competitive Tendering environment. In 2000, he moved to Scotland and joined Dumfries and Galloway Council where he now has a wider portfolio responsibility for a range of Community Services. Richard is committed to continuing professional development and has recently completed a post graduate qualification in Organisational Development and Leadership.
On a personal level, Richard is married and has two children, his daughter is undertaking a degree in Dance at the Performing Arts Studio Scotland and his son attends Northwood School, Lake Placid, USA on a Sports Scholarship programme. As Chief Executive and head of paid service in the council he is responsible for carrying out the agreed policies of the council and the overall management of council services. While there's no right or wrong way to blog, great content is the key to blogging success. If you're in the 4% of people on this planet that are madly in love with your kitchen, then this post isn't for you.
Write 'n' Pass is a cooperative learning strategy that gets students responding and writing with partners. One of the sweetest things you can do for a WOMAN are the little things that let her know she's in your heart and on your mind. Here's a quick cheat sheet for how to delight your blog readers with every single post you write.
Marketing is basically a space for those who can easily persuade people and at the same time manage things without getting panicky. The best part is that the fee of our services is reasonable and it won’t strain your pocket even a bit.
One of the most powerful things we do together is boil down their words to a single statement: a core content strategy statement. Those types of super-high-level statements typically get crafted once and apply to everything everyone does from then on. To make these sessions as productive as possible, I recommend using a content decision-making matrix. I recommend that you add the core content strategy statement to an editorial checklist to help keep the strategy top of mind. I predict that when you do, you’ll spend less time on low-performing content and more time on content that performs well for your business and your customers.
If you are like many other marketers we meet, you’ll come to look forward to his weekly thoughts. She helps a variety of clients — start-ups, nonprofits, colleges and universities, Fortune 50 companies, and everything in between — solve the messy content problems most organizations encounter every day. In a way I have excellent information and the presentation is far from what the reader would want or need.
I’ve been seeking for more valuable information to assist me with my content marketing strategy. We freaked slightly when we saw the head of a major coin company get ready to bid-we didn’t add him to our equation.
One of the first people to come up and say congratulations to us was the collector we had feared most for months. The only way this coin would ever be worth LESS then $10 million-if the entire market crashes hard along with the U S economy.
We regularly deal with people who buy the $100 million dollar paintings, have 4-5 huge homes, and live lives we only dream about. We already are cherishing its ownership (we’ve all been on cloud 9 here) and are proud to be its next generation of custodians.

He won three successive ward elections, to become Leader of Renfrewshire Council in May 2007, taking the SNP from opposition to lead the administration for the first time. Prior to being appointed Chief Executive of North Ayrshire Council in September 2009, Elma held a number of senior positions at Strathclyde Police, North Ayrshire Council and Glasgow City Council.Her professional background is in Information Technology but after 30 years in local government she has a wide-ranging knowledge of local government services. She previously held the posts of Chief Executive of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission and Assistant Ombudsman at the Local Government Ombudsman, and so is familiar with operating within a regulatory environment. She has a keen interest in developing a framework of continuous improvement of public authority FOI practice during her term of office.
Since then he has held various positions, including Convenor of the Airdrie Local Area Partnership and Vice Chair of Strathclyde Partnership for Transport.
He has also been fortunate to have had the opportunity to lead on a number of significant Leisure and Sport capital development projects.
More recently he has been responsible for developing a new Dumfries and Galloway joint Health and Wellbeing Unit in partnership with the NHS and he is also the Council’s lead Officer in relation to the Community Safety agenda.
He is the principal policy and management adviser to the council, chairs the Corporate Management team and is the first point of contact with the Scottish Government, regulatory bodies and partner public bodies, such as NHS Forth Valley, Police Scotland, University of Stirling, Forth Valley College and Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.
I homeschooled my kids through high school, and it was a wonderful experience for my whole family. It includes 17 tips for bloggers, which will help your work be seen by more people -- woohoo! It also means that the other 96% of us sort of hate your guts, but that's a post for a later date. Here are some awesome tips to get more clicks to your blog posts, and keep your readers interested in what you have to say. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too, can become great. There are times when students find it really difficult to formulate their ideas and thoughts in a particular manner. So, it becomes all the more important for you to draft an impressive marketing plan and thesis to get a higher grade. Therefore you can freely rely on us for all your essay related worries and we assure you that we will come up with the best. You simply place an order with the writing instructions you have been given, and before you know it, your essay or term paper, completely finished and unique, will be completed and sent back to you. A core content strategy statement is more flexible and more performance-oriented, and you can create as many as you want. I use a matrix like the one shown, which enables teams to evaluate each idea based on how well it meets the stated business goals and audience needs. Some teams use this checklist as a tool for reviewers and editors to use to provide feedback to content creators. She has also helped The Nerdery, a software-development shop, build content strategy into their user experience practice.
We are the undisputed leader in the classic rarity market outright buying and selling MORE coins (and collections) in excess of $5 million dollars than anyone. We heard rumors, we started to evaluate potential bidders, we began feeling the pressure that $10 million for this iconic coin would not be enough. But, with every well dressed person who entered the room, we panicked – OMG, they could out bid us on the dollar! Coin dealers who advised their customers for the most part are followers who are afraid to think out of the box.
We hope he did well as what he put together through his foundation won’t be duplicated for many years-if ever. Fortunately, we knew that by buying the first lot, our cover would not be blown and maybe even give us breathing room.
Her extensive public sector experience (which has ranged from policy and business development to complaints handling) includes managing authority compliance with freedom of information laws. She considers that the statutory obligation of FOI can also be an enabler for authorities in terms of both effectiveness and transparency: FOI is the key to many rights and freedoms in our society and also a significant driver to good public authority practice. Today I'm coming to the rescue with 50 blog post ideas that you can use to provide your readers with quality content and keep them coming back for more.
In this post I tell how homeschooling affected my now-adult kids, share some of the favorite homeschooling posts I've published, and talk about the Top 25 Homeschooling Moms contest (which has links to LOTS of amazing homeschooling moms). For the rest of us, it's time to make some changes and here's a few easily managed ones to give your less-than-cool kitchen a boost for the new year!
Write it in your diary, post it on your refrigerator or carry it in your purse so you can refer to it routinely. Paint a box, print out some pictures to fit in it (mine are all Instagram posts) and then write the date and a memory or comment on the back of each picture.
When you are seeing to bring big plans to fruition, it is important with whom you regularly associate. The problem becomes worse when the student doesn’t even know the format of the thesis paper. Include items in your list that address business goals, user needs, main messages, and calls to action. We now hold the record for buying the most valuable regular issue US Coin along with the most valuable deal ever done-the $36,000,000.00 Pattern Collection back in 2008.
However, when we confirmed it was for sale via auction, our brains started working in over drive.
We also wish to thank every one who came up to us, called us, and emailed us their best wishes and congratulations. At $7 million, the coin would have been a lackluster purchase and the market would have yawned and moved on.
We were just hoping the dealer who we thought would be a player on it wasn’t figuring it like we did.
He was also previously chair of the Paisley Vision Board and Renfrewshire's Fairtrade Steering Group.
She has first-hand experience of leading the development of an open culture in a Scottish public authority essential, in her view, to achieving FOI compliance. I would recommend laminating it so that students can write on it with dry erase markers and do multiple problems on the same template.
Always remember, a thesis statement is the entry point to your research paper therefore you cannot take it for granted. Get all your stakeholders to agree to your core content strategy statement so that your team has a solid basis for brainstorming content ideas. Her book The Content Strategy Toolkit: Methods, Guidelines, and Templates for Getting Content Right was published by Peachpit in June. We felt very strongly that at anything LESS then $10 million this coin would have been locked it in undervalued purgatory (along with every other great rarity for a very long time). We love to use the $10 1920S PCGS MS67+ coin as an example of what recognizing a great rarities value can do. A $10,000,000.00 record priced coin that is the UNDISPUTED FINEST KNOWN gets their attention. Both dealers and collectors quickly bid this wonderful GEM Chain cent up to $800,000.00, with the last bid belonging to a collector. It fascinates us to no end there is someone sitting on the other side of the world who cherishes US rarities as much as we do. It's a great way to remember all the good times you share, plus you can continually add more. The entire deal behind preparing a research on marketing thesis is to pick up a product or may be a service (whatever suits you the best) and then explain the marketing strategy for the same.
That was our original planned “shock and awe” point to take control of the bidding hopefully freezing out other buyers. They will buy a coin like this because they know the value is there-and they never settle for marginal potential.
He was not afraid of the price (he was prepared to go a lot higher) as he has paid MORE for other coins we have sold him!
The business industry has been constantly evolving, which implies that your marketing paper needs to be up more creative and innovative to catch up with the pace. Classic rarities are in demand and are circling the numismatic universe in their own orbit. Instead in the fog of bidding, we suddenly got hit at $5.5 million (missing our $5 million dollar invoke).
Much to our total surprise, we watched like it was slow motion the auctioneer closing the lot. We purchased it for $998,750.00 (all in)! The striking DOES match up with the very first struck dollar-the 1794 COPPER PATTERN that resides in the Smithsonian.
The coin was deemed all along the greatest $10 Indian and possibly one of the greatest 20th century gold pieces that existed.
They totally LOVED the auction and it meant a lot to them that a coin broke the $10 million dollar barrier. Then we started to think about who handled it (George Washington maybe?) and the coins over all amazing qualities.
We firmly believe we took control of the bidding at that point and made a powerful statement about what it will take to beat us.
Then for what seemed like the longest close to any lot ever (only because of the stress and lack of breathing) we had done it! We had a customer building the all time finest collection of $10 Indians, who like Dr Duckor has NO plans on ever selling his collection.
Both these gentlemen are powerful collectors already, but now they feel more comfortable to step up their games. We’re sure as more people hear about the 1794 sale, more people will become coin collectors and more collectors will see more potential.

On the phone and at our table (if you were there) you probably heard the biggest sigh of relief ever. At that point we realized the 1794 was a tragic oversight to be valued at anything LESS then $10,000,000.00. Knowing there was at least one buyer who has coveted this coin forever and had the means to buy it, made us lose lots of sleep last week. We strongly believe if the coin is ever resold, next time it will be in the $5 million range.
In the back of this writers head the it seems like a $25 million price in the next 10 years or so will happen-and this coin will be it.
This could take the form of reaching out to someone for a Q&A on your blog (like this Coffee Date with Molly Jaques)A or just highlighting someone in your industry that you admire. Create excitement around your blog and reward your readers for following along with you by hosting a giveaway! While it's easy for all of us to go along with the crowd and do what's popular, there may be some things in your industry that you want to do differently.
But, with every well dressed person who entered the room, we panicked-OMG, they could out bid us on the dollar!
We freaked slightly when we saw the head of a major coin company get ready to bid-we didn't add him to our equation.
Ask someone to guest post about something specific in your industry.A  We never have all the answers and it's fun to get advice from other people that are doing great things in your field.
You could even look at it as a networking and marketing opportunity and do a trade - ask someone to guest post on your blog in return for guest posting on theirs.A  12. We firmly believe we took control of the bidding at that point and made a powerful statement about what it will take to beat us.
Write a review of your blogging platform, the things you like and don't like, and whether or not youA would recommend it. Write a review of your blogging platform, the things you like and don't like, and whether or not you would recommend it. This post about Squarespace has been one of my most popular posts and I continue to get emailsA and feedback about it! This post about Squarespace has been one of my most popular posts and I continue to get emails and feedback about it!
LEGEND IS MARKET LEADER, NOT A FOLLOWER Yes, it is always our job to save our customers money when bidding in auction. We all love to learn from the pros and get insider information.A Content like this will be shared over and over again and gain a lot of feedback. We felt very strongly that at anything LESS then $10 million this coin would have been locked it in undervalued pergatory (along with every other great rarity for a very long time). I was a little leery of sharing my Top 10 Design Mistakes to Avoid, but I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback! It's rare that we run a blog or business completely on our own; there are usually people who work for us or with us to help us keep things running, even if it's just by their encouragement.
I featured my biggest fan and business partner a few months ago, and it's one of my favorite posts to-date.
For example, non-designers may not know that using Comic Sans is one of the biggest no-no's in this industry.
We're sure as more people hear about the 1794 sale, more people will become coin collectors and more collectors will see more potential.
We already are cherishing its ownership (we've all been on cloud 9 here) and are proud to be its next generation of custodians. If you're an entrepreneur, share the programs you use for project management and accounting. People are always on the lookout for helpful products and tools - share your feedback with them.A  22. Repurpose old blog posts with a roundup.A Chances are that you've spent hours on blog posts that are now buried in your archives.
THE 1793 CHAIN CENT PCGS MS65BN CAC FROM THE CARDINAL COLLECTION Hands down this coin is clearly as good-or in most experts opinions BETTER than the coin that sold for $1,380,000.00 in a heated contest last year.
A Beautiful Mess does this at the end of every month to highlight their posts and I did this recently with my Weekly Truth backgrounds. We were just hoping the dealer who we thought would be a player on it wasn't figuring it like we did. Repurpose an old blog post with a follow-up.A Can you add onto something you've already done? Repurpose an old blog post with a follow-up. Can you add onto something you've already done? Write a sequel or a "part 2" to an old blog post and make use out of that content again.
Repurpose an old blog post with a revision.A Do you have a post that you wrote a couple years ago that could be revampedA or reused?
An email from an Elle & Company reader regardingA content actually inspired this blog post.
If it's something that multiple readers have asked you about, chances are their are more people who would love to know more about it, too.
We hope he did well as what he put together through his foundation won't be duplicated for many years-if ever. Share some insights on how clients and designers can maintain a great working relationship. Sure we were a little distracted, but it took huge money to out bid us on the coins we wanted. This is helpful for current and future clients and it's also helpful for those in your field who are just getting started.
One coin in particular we really wanted and did not get, was the 1852 PCGS MS65RD-possibly the FINEST MS Red of ANY date-ever.
Hands down, the Naftzger pieces rate as some of the most desireable and finest Large Cents on the market today. I do this with my Weekly Truth series and it's been a hit (especially on Pinterest!)A  30. I do this with my Weekly Truth series and it's been a hit (especially on Pinterest!)  30.
People love following along with step-by-step transformations (that's why Young House Love was my favorite blog for so many years!). Are you working on a project for a client, remodeling your home, or training for a marathon?
This could take the shape of a "how-to" post or you could pose them as a solution to a particular problem. Not only are graphics and photos more interesting and entertaining, they'reA sharable. Not only are graphics and photos more interesting and entertaining, they're sharable. Even if you aren't able to draw one yourself, compile information on a topic in your field and come up with a creative way to display it. Not only is this feedback helpful for you, but readers like to see who else is following along with you.
For example, many people use the term "branding" but designers approach that subject differently depending on who you talk to. I wrote a post on branding after I officially launched my design services this past summer toA approach the subject in my own terms. I wrote a post on branding after I officially launched my design services this past summer to approach the subject in my own terms.
There are a million and ten ways you could approach this, so come up with something original!
Create a "through the years" or flashback post.A Is there a tradition or event that you participate in year after year? Many people shy away from sharing the information that has made them successful for fear that it could create competition, but it's had the opposite effect in my experience. There's something in each one of us that loves learning how to make something that we wouldn't have thought to make before.A  41. Are there things that people assume about your business or trade that aren't accurate? Michaela did this with her readers in our Home Suite Home project when she asked them to vote on which design concepts they liked best.
We see this all over the place on blogs, but think of your own creative way to make an inspiration post distinctly your own. Not only is it fun for your readers to follow along with, but you never know if potential customers are following along with you. It could be about your experience with another professional or a clients' experience with you.
I did this in my "That's a Rap" post and although it was totally random, it gave my readers a glimpse of my personality outside of blogging and designing. Do you have any suggestions for no-fluff, content-rich blog posts that I may not have mentioned?

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