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Calls to this number will be charged at a service rate of ?0.04 per minute plus your telephone providers access charge. The event featured a twin screen set with high definition widescreen projection, and ten smaller breakout rooms equipped with a basic AV set up. A disabled access ramp was provided onto stage for Gail Emms’ to deliver the closing motivational session. We are pleased to announce the addition of four SM18M Subwoofers to our L’Acoustics product range. Attention all brands: Unless you are the one and only leader in your category or industry, you are by default a Challenger Brand.
Responsive web design is practically the norm now and mobile is the new platform for engagement. The post Three Marketing Strategies Every Challenger Brand Should Embrace appeared first on AMP Agency.
Fear not, by this definition, you are in good company with almost every other brand in the world.

The majority of Challenger brands cannot compete with the marketing budgets category leaders have at their disposal.
Loyalty programs and incentives are a great way to show your customers you care about them and also give something back. Here at AMP, we are committed to help Challenger brands rise to the top, and we see trends across industries that can help accelerate your growth. That’s OK, you can make your investments go further through innovation and outsmarting your competition. When this is combined with a social component, like sharing incentives with friends, you not only create loyal and happy customers, but turn them into powerful brand ambassadors who can actually help drive adoption and revenue in a very organic manner. For example, find the whitespace opportunities within key word searches in your online marketing efforts to invest more efficiently. Uber does a great job with their code sharing program that rewards both existing customers and their friends who they convert into Uber customers with free promotional rides.
A simple incentive, yet incredibly effective for creating both loyalty with current customers while also driving (pun intended) significant new customer acquisition.

In addition, they funnel exclusive content and offers through the mobile channel, keeping their customers engaged and active from their mobile devices. Hasbro is a challenger to Mattel and a great example of a company that constantly outsmarts their competition. The wallet feature is a great integration of purchase history, coupons, and gift cards that can even sync with Passbook. Hasbro’s Edison the Elf campaign that launched around the holiday season leveraged whitespace search terms while leveraging unique creative components to engage key target audiences. Finally, loyalty members are rewarded with additional points for sharing Tilly’s content to their friends and social networks.

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