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For the past decade, marketers have tried to link up messaging and branding to move customers into action. Since cognitive sciences has come onto the scene, marketers have been revealing how our brains connect to physical experiences around us. There are five major types of experiences that form the basic building blocks of the experiential code.
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By maximising each of the touch points that your business has with your customers you can significantly improve the good will and profits your business generates over the long run. Lets clarify physical interaction opportunities as the physical points between your clients and your business whether that be in person at a store or over the phone.
As I write this one thing really does stand out to me as the key and that is the little nugget I gave about simply keeping and even over delivering on promises you make to your clients. Again so many options here that depends on your business type but the key thing to remember is that the client has taken the time to visit or call you so they need to be treated with the utmost respect. From a calling in point of view it is important to remember to have a pleasant phone manner and be very courteous, patient and understanding of your client requests.
This is arguably the most important phase because after you have done the first steps you want to ensure that your clients keep coming back to you even if competitors, lower prices etc enter the picture.
I would love to hear your comments on this blog as it is such a vast topic, but if you are in the process of working on experience design there are some definite nuggets to keep in mind here before talking to your agency of choice. Hey, thanks for sharing such a nice idea of experiential marketing.I am impressed with your ideas of advertisements, will definitely consider keep posting.

ICE Factor is an experiential marketing agency that reaches consumers in every industry through innovative and eye-catching marketing solutions.
ICE Factor strives to promote the precise image, feel and lasting impression that you want to deliver to your greatest asset - your consumers! When waving your arms isn’t enough to get peoples’ attention (don’t be embarrassed, we get it), The Mint Agency can help. In this recent trend, companies have found that experiential marketing may be that solution. Actions such as smiling, nodding, sitting up straight, crossing your arms or eating a sandwich can easily be decoded by marketers.
For example, luxury auto brand, BMW recently created a controlled experiential flash projection for a group of motorcycle enthusiasts for the promotion of a new BMW racing series.
This process of enhancing the overall experience that your clients have with your business is where an experiential marketing agency can step in and provide insights that directly increase profits.
Keep reading as this article will provide some pointers to keep in mind when working with any agency whether our own or any other organisation. However in this phase you are looking at everything from having excellent designed flyers, brochures, business cards, websites, social media presences etc. So many people today are not keeping their promises especially in business so simply doing this can often be enough to bring in a flood of new business. This could be anything from offering a cup of tea to your boutique shop patrons, to a barber offering warmed towels to their clients after their shave or hair cut.
Most smaller businesses could increase their profits in bucket loads simply by monitoring this aspect of phone calls into the business and ensuring that staff are motivated to always treat the client appropriately.

Each experiential marketing campaign is designed to provide the optimal experience for your consumers, thereby yielding the maximum return for our clients. Our full-service experiential marketing agency will create and execute branded experiences that achieve everything you desire and deliver superior results. We understand the power of engagement and know how to get audiences excited about your brand. Whether you are looking to connect brands with consumers, inspire action, create a buzz, interact with your target market, create a product launch or product awareness, or an interactive national tour, ICE Factor is your solution. Our "Innovative Consumer Experience" is sure to attract attention, engage consumers and generate the action your company deserves.
Rather than looking at consumers as passive receivers of messages, it aims to give you an experience.[1] Experiential marketing lets you interact with the product. Utilizing sensation as the main experience, the ad referenced the after-effect s of staring in the sun. Contact us now and our liability insurance specialists can show you how to set up a relatively inexpensive, full coverage policy that can protect both you and your agency.
Having your USP clear and always delivering and over delivering on your promises to create word of mouth exposure is what you really want to focus on. So when people who may have never heard of your company see your flyer or hear a positive referral from their friend immediately are attracted and motivared to call or visit you.

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