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Social media marketing platforms are constantly evolving, so newcomers are at a disadvantage compared to those who’ve been around the social media block over the last decade. For small or new businesses venturing into social media marketing for the first time, focusing on the fundamentals is key. Demographics are important, but key insights into the what type of person they are, their likes and dislikes, etc., will give you stronger direction later for creating engaging content. Putting pen to paper and defining the more obvious characteristics of your audience is the best place to start. To further define the demographics, ask yourself the following questions, thinking of the customers that currently drive most of your business today. I’ve found that many small business owners can get lost in the idea of psychographically defining their typical consumer. Our original example of an HVAC repair company may consider business owners as aspirational customers because they would like to do more commercial business, which is more lucrative than residential. If you get stumped at any of the above steps, take a look at one of your competitors that performs well. One of my favorite infographics of all time, puts a purr-fectly matched personality to each social network (pun intended). Fast-moving consumer goods will perform better on Facebook than luxury goods because the user base skews younger.
Pinterest is the place to be for food and drink related products or content, as well as family or parenting content.
Instagram’s audience is primarily female (with projections to even out by 2016) and between the ages of 18 and 44. Coming up in my next column, we’ll review beginners’ steps to starting up your content strategy, best practices, and how to stay organized!
Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Alison Zeringue is Partner Accounts Team Manager at Search Influence, a national online marketing firm dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses compete online.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. Not all social media sites are created equal and not all social media marketing campaigns can be run the same way. Advertising and marketing professionals understand the value of using social media and social media marketing to promote and follow companies and brands. Two of the largest social media platforms are Twitter and Facebook, however, the way these two sites work are vastly different. Social media marketing is already a massive industry that only promises to grow as the popularity of social media sites grow. How should your company participate in the ever growing number of social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc?
Social Media Marketing is an amazing way to leverage your content creation efforts and distribute this material to prospective customers, existing clients and your employees. Maziermedia will develop a customized social media plan to provide your business maximum visibility to your target customers, while helping with best practices on building an engaged following for your small business. Go through the SWOT chart with all the parties involved and see where you stand in these areas.
If there is a consensus that the company has the required skills to proceed then you can look at ways to leverage your Strengths to drive this Social Marketing campaign. Your choice of social media sites depends on your current customers, the resources identified in your SWOT analysis and the location of your targeted demographic. Social media network marketing strategies refer to posting some comments that attracts customers and encourages them to join your business more frequently. Understanding social media is a certain way of coming up with some great marketing ideas without spending a lot of money. Many customers are interested in entertainment and this is why they spend so much time checking their social media profiles.

Social media network marketing strategies also rely on sharing information, keeping a permanent interaction with the others.
Integration, as part of social media network marketing strategies, encourages the customers and the visitors in general to share and upload contents on your account.
Last year, we sat down together and asked ourselves, “What can we do to better serve our clients?” We’re creative people first and foremost, but at the end of the day, we want you to share the same excitement we feel when an idea really takes off. We’ve recently received a lot of questions about whether or not a social media marketing plan is a worthwhile endeavor for our clients, so we’re here to set the record straight: we believe social media is great for every business and if you’re not tweeting, pinning, and liking with the rest of the world yet, you should be.
Colony approached Streng to create a showcase video to be debuted for their strategic marketing presentation at StorePoint 2016.
There are more platforms to learn, more features to leverage, and larger audiences to engage. The great news is, these don’t take a rocket scientist (or professional marketer) to create! This is the key step to crafting appropriate content for your social media marketing, blogging strategy, and even your traditional marketing efforts.
If they are already doing any social media marketing, review their content and strategy to look for clues as to whom they believe their target customer really is.
Once you’ve outlined your demo and psychographics, you might realize you have several target customers. Clothing, accessories and entertainment-related brands find Instagram attractive for this reason. Alison’s focus is on white label online marketing products for publishers and media partners serving SMBs. These ten infographics will help draw back the curtains and give you a glimpse into social media marketing. A large portion of your audience has access to the Internet and use it to connect with friends and colleges on social media. Not only is social media a great way to connect with customers in general, it’s also an excellent place to find professionals. Social Media Marketing only makes sense – why wouldn’t you want your message where the audience is?
Know where your target audience spends their time and money, and you’ll know how and where to market to them. Before you choose to market on any social media site, make sure you familiarize yourself with how the sites are used, not just by potential consumers but also by other companies and brands. This particular site is a useful resource for finding potential employees, industry news as well as potential clients for business to business sales. This form of marketing is an easy way for companies to create an image and a dialogue between themselves and customers with the goal of promoting their services and products. The SWOT analysis has been used as a business tool for some time and is a good barometer for analyzing your business.
We like to underestimate slightly for unforeseen factors that arise thus giving us a real world scenario and a better overall picture of how a campaign will perform. A much clearer picture will develop about where your management and employees stand and if they’re on board. Many of these sites require considerable time while others are simply channels of distribution for your content.
In fact, this method keeps the people more connected and allows them to visit their profiles and business profiles as well. A lot of people are under the impression that great marketing ideas involve exorbitant budgets, but that is no longer the case, ever since the internet revolutionized the field of marketing.
Post just enough content so that your customers check your business account from time to time and do it every day or in a regular period of time. Even competition is a beneficial part of the strategies for social media network, because it offers you clues about your plus points and your disadvantages as well.
Finally, targeting your customers according to their ages and preferences is another key to social media network marketing strategies. We turned to social media to help get the word out on happenings at Streng and really started to ramp things up last year after launching our new website.

The traditional marketing model is a funnel that begins with finding new prospects, converting them to customers, then retaining them as returning customers. We’re not just a design agency full of 9-to-5-ers; we’re a passionate team of creative individuals with unique voices and a passion for sharing ideas. You might not use this target market in your immediate marketing strategy, but defining it is the first step to achieving your goals!
This form of marketing is an excellent addition to other online marketing that your company already uses. To effectively market to your audience on social media, you need to know the best method to reach them.
Engaging with your customers is a great way for your customers to continue to learn about other services you provide, as well and build trust in your brand.
While Social Media is the focus of this series of posts, this analysis tool can be used for any number of business projects.
Consider your time investment and the ability to consistently maintain support for them all. They not only find out information about each other, they also share movies, photos and articles that may be appealing to their job. Customers get informed about what is new, the brand is better and more easily recognized and the traffic increases. This is why you have to add entertainment to your social media network marketing strategies. Do not bother your customers with irrelevant posts just to make sure they check your profile. Once that you have shared some valuable information with the other customers, they will not only continue visiting your profile because of your products, but also because they fell like they have learned something new and their knowledge has been improved therefore.
Look for users with the same interests as your business’ and add them on your list of friends. Social media marketing challenges that model because in today’s market, word of mouth carries a huge amount of weight and goes far in motivating customers to seek out a product or service. We believe every business should possess the type of passion that drives them to be more for all clients they serve, which is why we’d love to help you figure out how to expand your reach through social media. We’re confident we can help you foster those relationships and build a loyal following of people who are just as excited about what you’re doing as you are. This will help you (or whomever helps with your creative) relate to them and craft effective content.
If extra training is required a third party Social Media Consultant may be an option for you. We always recommend starting with a few Social Media channels until you have developed a sufficient proficiency with them and then add channels as you move on or see opportunities. Social media is a significant part of every business that contributes to the advertising process online. This website features innovative business strategies as well as business related tech reviews which could help managers save time and coordinate projects better. A recent Nielsen Trust in Advertising report states that 84% of those surveyed trust recommendations from other people they know more than ads on television.
Turn threats into opportunities by identifying them and devoting resources to combat or overcome them.
Just remember your consistency and commitment to your Social Media Campaigns will ultimately determine their success. Try to catch the attention of your customers before the new products have already appeared. It offers time to your potential consumers to reflect upon your products, to gain some feedback and to decide whether to buy it or not.

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