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Recently, the biggest social media has announced Product Ads, a set of tools that lets businesses more effectively target its 1.4 billion or so users with a new, automated process. With Product Ads, brands who upload their product catalogs to Facebook can create ad campaigns manually. Product Ads lets businesses create ads plugging several of their products at the same time.
Aprenda a Trabalhar com o Facebook de forma profissional aproveitando o mA?ximo dessa rede social, clique aqui e descubra como. Muito bom Pedro esse artigo ensinando como entrar facebook com links bem adequados para o Marketing que a gente precisa.
Facebook ads are extremely effective as they utilise “geo tagging” which means that it allows you to be very specific in directly targeting your market and their geographical location. The advantage over Google advertising is, once someone has clicked your ad and “liked” your page it doesn’t stop there.
Facebook is extremely unique and its marketing power comes once someone has clicked on your ad and “liked” your business page.
Use separate ad sets for mobile and desktop so you can optimize your ads, bids and conversions based on device. If you’re using Power Editor, you can select the device targeting directly from the Ad Set menu. In the image above, you can see a desktop news feed ad has a bigger image and a different overall structure than a right-column ad. If you want to maximize your performance, you need to optimize news feed and right-column ads separately. Facebook allows you to customize your targeting for desktops in a submenu of the Placement menu at the Ad Set level. Images are the most important element of your ads and the number-one factor when people decide whether to click a post.
You can identify three topics of interest and therefore three ad sets for your Facebook campaign, as shown below.
This segmentation allows you to optimize based on different interests and create ads focused on topics related to the ad set you’re targeting. This is an obvious tip, but surprisingly many businesses neglect to install conversion pixels. On the next page that appears, click the green Create Pixel button in the upper right part of the screen.
Facebook allows you to create multiple conversion codes because you may want to track several goals on your website—such as visiting the shopping cart page and the thank-you page. Facebook needs to know what code your ad is supposed to use for conversion tracking purposes. Hence, you need to supply one for each ad in your ad sets. In Power Editor (or the live account if you prefer that), click on Use a Conversion Tracking Pixel at the bottom of your ad setup. The latter option is useful if you have a conversion pixel installed and want Facebook to optimize ads based on that particular conversion pixel.
For example, say you installed conversion pixels on both the shopping cart page and the thank-you page. Unless you want to optimize by clicks, I recommend setting up both of these options: the first option (the one with the red arrow) to count your conversions, and the second option to optimize for one specific kind of conversion—such as completed checkouts.
Examples of behaviors you can target on Facebook are Training and Publications (people who buy items relating to business training and publications), Console Gamers and Primary Browser: Internet Explorer (people who primarily connect to Facebook using Internet Explorer). To target behaviors, you need to select them in the ad set menu either in the live account or in Power Editor, as shown below.
Create separate ad sets for each behavior topic similarly to what you saw earlier for interests.
Some businesses sell products that are more expensive than their competitors’ or simply target the richest portion of the population.
To target by income, you need to go into the live account or Power Editor and enter the settings of your ad set. As you can see in the screenshot on the left, there are many other targeting options you can use. Potential customers who visited your website via any traffic source (including Google AdWords) but did not convert are most likely comparing prices and providers. To set up a remarketing pixel, log into your advertising manager and click on Audiences, as shown below. It’s one thing to get followers on Facebook but an entirely different thing to keep them engaged, listening and participating with you on your page. I’m a firm believer that you should be using Facebook to drive people to your website.
I’ve heard a lot of people complaining that there is a lack of measurement and ROI tracking around the use of social media. I have set up a social media dashboard or KPI report which helps me with tracking social media metrics for my blog and in a business context a set up like this can also help you to measure ROI on your time spent on participating in social media activities. Last month I created a social marketing survey to get a feel for how people are currently using social media and marketing tools. The survey produced some interesting stats on how individuals and companies are using social marketing in New Zealand.
You can feel their pain and I think many people and organizations large and small are on the back foot when it comes to knowing just how to get started with their online communications strategy!
Having now set up a dedicated Emerging Technology the US Air Force are embracing the digital world. The Air Force have set up a news widget that encourages people to share their content and drive visitors back to their websites.  Smart. They also have several regular Podcasts that include news and information about the Air Force, its people, programs and missions.
A great strategy - the Air Force encourage staff to get out there and comment on blogs that speak negatively about them or the government.
This is a fantastic tool.  If you deal with similar decisions in your workplace I recommend taking a look at this with a view of adapting it to suit your situation. We can’t deny that Social Marketing has exploded but I often wonder how many people are using social marketing and social media tools for business vs personal use.
I will share the results of the survey here on this blog so please pass this link on to your friends and colleagues. If you’re interested in Social Media and what will come in 2009 then Peter Kim has compiled thoughts from several well respected marketers into a great document you can read here. Dwindling budgets will suddenly make low cost social media look like the pretty girl at the ball.
In 2009 marketers will find their accidental spokespeople (employees & customers) and give them ways to amplify their voices. Live conversations with consumers, empathetically executed, can have far bigger payout and viral word of mouth impact than most social media tools.

Organisations will allow the most passionate individual within an organisation from any division to lead social media efforts. Location awareness will be the mobile utility of the year as more and more  consumers use their GPS-enabled phones & mobile social software to find great stuff to see, do and buy wherever they may be at any given time. Just when you thought search was saturating or mainstreaming, we think there’s going to be an explosive new functionality which make search even more valuable. Apart from collecting a member database they also seem to be promoting their Grabaseat site as a sort of secondary message. Following on from my last post A Guide to Advertising on Facebook, I wanted to delve a little further into using Facebook to promote charities and causes. Last week I heard from some experienced cause marketers who have tried it out for themselves.
Joe shared his experience and said that he has found Facebook extremely useful for promoting Kiva.  While setting up each group , page and cause profile took a lot of effort, he continuously invited users to the group and eventually it went viral and began to grow on its own. Tim says that they are seeing a steady growth to their fan base which he believes is attributed to the fact that they update their content several times a week.  His team generally spend an hour or two each week on updating Facebook.
There’s no doubt that it has been effective for Kiva, they have now raised $12,988 through Facebook viral marketing! It looks like Social Networks are a great place for Causes and Charities to promote themselves.  This makes sense as people are usually very passionate about the causes that they support and are therefore more than happy to promote them to their friends. Over three and half years Facebook has grown from a small Harvard based college site to become the world’s largest social network. If you want to target broad reach online users then you need to be where the people are and it looks like the people are on Facebook.  According to Hitwise, the average Facebook session time is over 20mins and the fastest growing demographic are users over 25 years of age. In November 2007 Facebook launched Facebook Ads which encompasses both Social Ads campaigns and Facebook Pages. With Social Ads there are a plethora of options,  you can target by age, gender, location or interest. With Facebook Insights you can track performance metrics for all Social Ads or Facebook Pages campaigns and see who is interacting with your brand.  Insights can even show you the viral distribution rate of newsfeed stories about your business or brand.
The best thing about Facebook Pages is that they’re free!  Anyone can quickly and easily set one up.
If you search for your brand on the site you may find fan pages that have already been created by users for your business - Facebook Pages gives you a legitimate way to interact with these fans through the site. You need to have a content plan in action to ensure that you’re uploading fresh content to your Facebook Page regularly. You will likely need to dedicate a team member to manage your day to day Facebook presence.
I think Facebook Beacon is the most powerful tool that Facebook can offer.  Beacon allows Facebook users to share their actions on other websites with their Facebook friends.
I just came across brand tags an interesting brand perception project by Noah Brier.  The site displays a brand and you type in the first word or sentence that you associate with it.
He’s taking suggestions on brands to add so if you have a well known brand why not join in. Of course I don’t like that Facebook is now basically forcing us to boost posts to reach the audiences that want to hear from us, BUT on the other hand, it does work. Whether you target them by interest, or by their online behavior, you can reach exactly the people who need your services. They have even integrated one-click boosting for each of your page posts, which you can activate right from your page. But, it’s also great to give you a boost if you have neglected your page for awhile, but have a lot of followers. You just enter the website address you want to promote, and Facebook will pull images from that site. Then, you can custom your ad headline, description, and your website meta description to include calls to action for your audience to follow. Again, once you select this type of ad, you can select your images and customize your compelling ad description. Facebook now includes event reminders the day before, and includes a link to your event in their upcoming calendar, that displays on their Facebook home page, or timeline. This is a great ad if you want to promote an opt-in for a webinar, or an upcoming course, or any other list building page. I use this ad the most out of all Facebook ads, because it actually gets the result we all want – Facebook users to come to our website, and take action by joining our list or making a purchase. While Facebook Ads have helped many businesses, marketers don’t always share the same goals. Starting today, when you create a Facebook Ad, you can choose from several advertising goals and Ads Manager will display the actions you care about more prominently in your campaign summary page. The list of advertising goals focuses on five important actions: Page Likes, post engagement, app installs, app engagement, and event responses.
Sprout Social is an advanced, collaborative social media management platform for teams of all sizes.
Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. App developers pay huge sums for ads that gets them installs, and Facebook wants to gobble up that spend.
Facebook is making a big bet on the app economy, and wants to be the top source of discovery outside of the app stores. The mobile app install ads let developers buy tiles that promote their apps in the Facebook mobile news feed. Developers can easily buy these ads through the Ads API, Power Editor, Facebook ads partners, or straight from the App Dashboard since all the creative is pre-fixed. But if users dig them, app install ads could be the great mobile hope for Facebook’s bottom line. It could prove useful to businesses with deep inventories of attractive products: furniture chains, clothing franchises and so on. This can be used to your advantage for example, if you only want 24 year old females with birthdays on September 30st that like basketball, you can choose to target only these individuals. Although your running a very targeted ad there are millions of users that don’t fill out all of their interests and therefore the ads that you are running are probably not reaching your full target market.
As soon as the page has been liked, every single one of their friends will see that post on their wall and in their news feed. Ads and calls to action are likely to perform differently on desktop versus mobile, and any ad setup should take that into account.
Separating desktop news feed and right-column ads is necessary for optimizing campaigns by device, placement and any other targeting option.
Test out different images and find the ones that maximize your click-through rate and conversions.
Calls to action can have a significant impact on your click-through rate, as well as your conversion rate, and you should split test them thoroughly over time.

As a general rule, you should group your target interests into topics and create one ad set per topic.
Once you receive the code, make sure you install the code in the footer of your thank-you page.
You can also choose from existing conversion tracking pixels (see the red arrow in the image below) or choose an existing pixel to optimize for conversions.
Facebook can be a gold mine for these businesses because you can target people based on their annual income. Click on More Demographics and then click on Income to select your desired income target, as shown below. Test the ones that make sense for your business and remember to keep your ad set structure as segmented as possible. And yes, this is one of the best ways to reach out to traffic that originally came via Google AdWords. Give your Facebook followers information that is unique to Facebook and not already published on your website. They have a branded Twitter page that cross promotes their other online activity with links through to their website, blog and YouTube presence.
Using Facebook Connect & Open Social Platform, shoppers will be able to see what friends are recommending, buying and rating integrated into the shopping experience. Displaying current flight deals on the home page and using Grabaseat logo lock ups and material throughout the site. This includes posting all of their action alerts, interesting articles about their work, and opportunities for people to volunteer. But besides boosting posts, Facebook’s advertising platform can really help to grow your business and expand your online reach.
Likes can be interpreted as an indicator of popularity and authority, and it always looks better if your page has over 1,000 likes.
If you host a lot of seminars, or other types of in person events, you may want to take advantage of this ad.
If someone is attending your event, they will get notified anytime you add content to the event page.
This not only has them click on your promoted event, or website link, but will track how many people actually opt-in or purchase your offer. It’s also great for tracking newsletter sign ups, or direct purchases for your ebook or service offering. Facebook requires you to add a code to the page you want to promote, so they can effectively track your results.
Plus, you'll receive my Social Profile Optimization Checklist as a thank you gift for signing up! Some might care about app installs, some might want new fans for their Page, and some might want to increase engagement on their posts.
This is just one of the updates released by the social network today that helps you see how you’re performing against specific goals and to calculate your return on investment. You can read more about these actions, including a description of the associated advertising goal, in the chart below.
So today Facebook begins allowing all developers to buy its recently announced app install ads that appear in the mobile News Feed. When tapped, these instantly open the Apple App Store or Google Play market where users can download apps. One client TinyCo saw a 50% higher click through rate and higher conversion rates compared to other install channels. Facebook is also offering deep analytics to let devs track their ad clicks and the installs they drive. They don’t require a friend to have Liked or installed the app for an ad to reach your news feed.
Therefore slightly different from Google Ads, Facebook ads will help you run a very profitable advertising campaign specifically directed toward your target market.
But more than any push-channel, Twitter will give customers, advocates and critics unprecedented access to corporate personnel and vice versa.
Now, Facebook provides clear guidelines on what type of ad you want to create, based on your objectives. And, you can also send them targeted messages to promote buying the ticket, or to send reminders. In WordPress, this is pretty straight-forward, but also something any basic web developer would know how to do, if you have one on retainer. Because each campaign is unique, marketers need a tool that can show them the metrics you care the most about. Previously, the Ads Manager would show you a summary of all the actions for your campaign, making it difficult to determine whether you were meeting your goal. In the future developers may gain more targeting options, personalized creative, and the option to let users start downloading apps without leaving Facebook.
That means Facebook has to be careful not to show too many, or it risks drowning out organic friend content. With the time spent on Facebook’s own apps, these ads could make sure any time a company launches a new app, it’s paying Facebook. Say you start off with 100 fans and you decide to run an ad with a 100$ budget for a week with an average of a 1$ cost per click so that would be 100 clicks. Because with all the data Facebook know about you, companies can easily select their best target audience for their ad.
Ads tech startup Nanigans clients attained 8-10X more reach than traditional mobile ad buys when it purchased Facebook mobile app install ads. That’s why the ads now show an app’s ratings from the Facebook App Center, as well as which friend use it. If advertisers target their campaigns poorly to people that don’t want their apps, Facebook users could feel like they scrolling an obnoxious billboard instead of friends’ status updates and photos. All these things Facebook knows about you and as a business owner you can easily select any of them for targeting your advertising.
Out of those 3250 people statistics show that between 1 and 5 % of people will “like” your business because their friends do do to trust in their friends opinion.
So the $25 dollars it cost you to get the initial fans will quickly turn into generating 163 referral friends.

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