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This seems like common sense but then as the old saying (approximately) goes, common sense isn’t nearly as common as the name would imply. I think the problem is social media is way too easy to use and there is no visible cost to doing it so people don’t think it through like they would other marketing. For example, no restaurant owner would pay to run an advertisement in the newspaper or on the radio that made a dumb joke, insulted customers, discussed religious views or took a political position.
The nice thing about using Facebook in your restaurant marketing is that the traffic is often cheaper and if you are doing it right a little paid traffic can turn into a lot of free traffic as people post about you to their friends.
If you are starting a restaurant in a small town with few other options and where all of the town people will know about your place whether they ever use facebook or not then you are probably OK without this right now. Facebook has grown into the largest social market place on the web, with 955 million monthly active users (end of June 2012). Getting your fans to engage with your page content is a powerful multiplier for building trust.
Here are a few basic tips to increase your uniqueness even more: vary your Cover Photo, choose your custom App thumbnails wisely and reorder the Apps to make the most prominent ones stand out (your welcome App should be next to Views). Getting your fans to like your page is fantastic, but keeping their attention can be quite challenging. Attention spans are limited, so vary your content and share no more than 1 to 3 updates per day. Online promotions -like contests or sweepstakes- deliver a lot in terms of user engagement opportunities and lead generation. Topics (marked with a #) let you target everyone who has expressed interests closely related to the term you select. Presenting your other social profiles to your first time Facebook page visitors might entice them to connect with you on Twitter or Pinterest, as well. There are quite a few impressive looking Apps to show your latest Tweets on your Facebook Page. If your business depends a lot on visual effects, like for a Weddingplanner or Graphical designer, Woobox Pinterest App offers you a marvellous opportunity to share your latest designs. Facebook no longer penalizes updates that are shared via third party Apps that allow you to pre program your posts. Great products always sell, but offering them on a well designed dedicated landing page helps a lot! Define your key performance indicators and decide on what action to take if your marketing efforts don’t meet your results.
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Next boost your Facebook marketing with a few offers that can easily grab your fans’ attention. Apart from that if you have enough social media marketing experience you can go straight into real Facebook marketing. Only that before you do this you should also create a great Facebook profile that uses real pictures and which can give you the right visibility. The internet has over time proven to be the most essential marketing tool for many companies. Facebook was designed primarily to bring people together on a social platform and not to attract people interested in viewing businesses. Facebook users have a tendency to log constantly into their accounts to keep themselves updated with what goes on in their friends’ lives.
While at it, one needs to be patient in building strong relationships with their online clients. But doing it on Facebook or Twitter is so fast, easy and free that the normal thinking that goes into marketing doesn’t seem to apply.
Chances are a good portion of the people in a restaurant on any given day will have something to celebrate even if that isn’t what they came to the restaurant for. These active users account for 3.2 billion Likes and Comments per day, 300 million photos uploaded per day and 125 billion friendships.
So, if you want to build your thriving business in this open and connected world, you better hop on Facebook and create your Page. These may be drawn from their listed interests, activities, education and job titles, pages they like or groups to which they belong.

However, integrating Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest with Apps on your Page could increase your reach substantially. If your page updates do not show up in your fans’ News Feed, they might still see your Content via a Tweet or Pin. Just, visit App developers like Involver, NorthSocial or TabSite to check out their Twitter Apps. In other words: if you know the best times to reach your audience and what type of content they value, you can use systems to preschedule updates and monitor the results.
Use tools like HootSuite or SproutSocial to monitor the engagement of fans with your content. However, your success does not depend on the tools, but on a clear goal, a well worked out strategy, frequency and consistency! His company offers state of the art community management services for public figures and successful social brands. An online magazine to support Dutch entrepreneurs and marketers with social media marketing. I'm very happy to hear they look simple, because that's my ultimate goal: to make things as easy as possible.
Just like Google’s offers, Facebook offers will easily allow you to promote your page, give you more following and leave you with the collective social media fan power that every business is out for.
Usually this will give you the chance to buy social media (Facebook) followers and boost your collective fan power.
You see many startup business owners look at this as not being credible, on the contrary the truth is it’s very much credible. What usually happens is if your visitor bumps on a new page, offer, event, and the likes it triggers posts, stories, comments, and shares and thus leaves you with a long list of followers at the end of the day. Besides creating websites, businesses have gone a notch higher to making their advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook. In fact majority of the users will hardly pay attention to aggressive advertisements and probably even find them intrusive. The only thing that would attract them to your page is knowing that you constantly update information about your business and post new content.
With the right strategy and mode of advertising you will have built a huge client base for yourself that will see your business flourish and bring you immense profits. Read this article to discover 12 tips to create your Marketing success and grow profits in your business because of Facebook. Learn to leverage Facebook’s marketing features and build a successful quality lead generator. By nature, Facebook users are sharing their experience with your brand daily with likes, shares and comments. Just pre program one Facebook update to go out early in the morning at 7 am and manually post something else later on the day, like 11 am.
Make sure you have well written instructions for your moderator and set up a separate Team page to distinguish your personal voice from your Team. So, consider using a specific Coupon Code to reward your fans and increase your conversion rates at the same time. All it takes to get results is take action, implement these tips and work on them consistently!
As a form of the latest social media marketing platform Facebook has been used by various businesses to create a name for themselves in the social media market.
You can give away a free ebook in exchange for a few details say emails, or create an offer that stands once a client buys something from your store. The one trick that has constantly worked for me is creating an ad for my website by selecting the Clicks to Website objective.
It is the cheapest option to create very effective long tail comments, getting quick shares, engaging your fans, and having enough social media returns at the end of your marketing campaign. If you have a Facebook paid ad, don’t hesitate to include your call to action on the body text to encourage your fans to take up your desired action.
So, how exactly does one manage to attract the largest number of clients on Facebook and at the same time create lifelong business relationships?
As a business person, therefore, employ a friendly approach when selling your product which is guaranteed to give you more followers and attention. In as much as you need to post regularly, make sure that you have the captivating content as repetition may also turn out to be boring which will do you more harm than good.

Use great photos and videos that have been prepared by a professional and take care to avoid repetition as that would definitely bore viewers. Maybe the most important factor to have in mind is that Facebook offers different advertising opportunities in comparison to other media. Avoid being the business outsider and engage with the people by joining in their conversations.
Interesting and interactive games, contests and offers will also go a long way to enabling your page to gain popularity. In turn it saves me the long process and time, (but such ads will appear on the right column not News Feed). Hard sell tactics like repeatedly posting about a particular product or long lists of products with their prices would be an excellent way to earn yourself fewer followers or even negative comments about your business. You can also provide links that your friends can easily access or share with their friends. Discounts and giveaways are a great plus for your business and they will not only attract visitors to your page but also loyal clients for your business as well. It just means you have to be super creative to give your fans something unique and incredibly valuable. It would be immensely beneficial to encourage visitors to post comments about your business and ask questions where necessary. Use it as a lesson for not putting all of your social eggs in one basket!The best thing you can do is stop complaining and get to work. Do just that -frequently and continuously- and watch how your fans can’t stop talking about you. The new Facebook business page timeline is here to stay at least until they decide to make the next round of changes.
Might as well get use to it and make the most of it!Below are some must know tips as well as loads of Facebook reference urls at the bottom to hopefully save you some time in case you get stuck or have further questions.Note, there are more changes than what I included in this blog post.
For this post I tried to keep it specifically focused on the “need to know” changes.15 Must Know Tips to Rock Your New Facebook Timeline Business Page1. Don’t wait until the last minute and then be stuck with a boring page that shows you were not prepared.
Now before you go off on a wild rant about how terrible this is, remember this is a post designed to help you move forward and do good things with your new Facebook timeline. Create custom thumbnails for apps. It is super easy to create a custom thumbnail image for each and every app. This is a great way to highlight key events such as grand opening, ribbon cuttings, launch of new products, new partnerships, business milestones and achievements. Highlighted Posts. You can set any post to be highlighted which means it will take up both sides of the page. This feature enables you to bring special attention to a particular post within the timeline. 11. Pinned posts will stay on top of your timeline for up to 7 days.If possible, try not to wait the full 7 days before you change out the post unless you have a very important message to share. It’s what happens after the “like” that matters most. Don’t get too hung up on all these changes. If you are focusing on only “likes” then you have much bigger problems than the Facebook default tab going away.As I always say, it is what happens after the like that matters most. Check out this post I wrote in December, 2010 which still stands true today for tips to engage your audience after the like! If you are completely freaked out over these changes then you really need to do the “double think” on your online marketing strategy.
It is a free platform and although you may have put too much weight into the platform for the success of your business, use the anxiety you feel today as a positive to move at least a few eggs out of the Facebook basket.
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