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Let’s get into account set up which includes building up your business using Facebook; setting up a Business Page, adding photos, adding videos, adding comments, notes, and the advertising account set up. You’ve created your account and by now you should have added a photo for your own profile, added some work information, added some school information, and add some interest. Click on that and that will take you to a link that shows you exactly where you can create your page. In the “Official Page”, this is where you’re gonna be communicating with your customers and your fans by maintaining your Facebook Page. Clicking on the “share” button allows you to select to which friends you want to suggest your Page.
Photo Upload a Photo – this allows you to upload a photo from your drive and post directly on your wall.Take a Photo – this allows you to take a photo with your webcam which is very useful sometimes when you just know you need to upload a photo and want to do it quickly.
Video You can also post a video.Record a video – you can record a video with your webcam and post it straight on Facebook. To get to the advertising account, go to the bottom of the page and click on “Advertising”.
Age – choose whether your products and services are for target customers of a specific age of people. Likes and Interests – you could type in here what kind of interests might your target customers have.
Connections on Facebook – you can also target users that are connected to your pages or those who are not already connected to your pages. The goal for selecting these things is to make sure that the Estimated Reach is about 200,000 people. All Campaigns section is the Facebook page where all your ads and your campaigns will appear. Facebook today launched new features to help marketers reach people across devices and encourage them to take action.
Facebook first announced the new Custom Audiences feature in October, although it was limited to a number of test partners.
A travel website with the remarketing pixel could use Custom Audiences to reach a group of people — say, people that searched for flights but never made a reservation — with a targeted message in News Feed: Come back for 10% off your next flight reservation.
A retailer could build retargeting campaigns by installing the Facebook or third-party SDK in their mobile app and target people on mobile or desktop, encouraging them to come back and purchase the items left in their shopping cart. Facebook is once again pulling the information located on other properties where its plugins reside back to its main service, to the benefit of revenue-generating advertisers. Whether you are a small business owner, an online marketer or the head of marketing at a giant corporation, if you are still not using Facebook to get new customers and business, you are making a huge mistake. Facebook has an ad platform called Facebook Ads, and you can start advertising on Facebook Ads with as low as $1 a day. At the end of this article, you will be able to launch your first Facebook Ads campaign and learn how to optimize Facebook Ads. How to Make Money with Facebook Ads article is written for absolute beginners in mind, but I will also be sharing some pretty advanced, never shared Facebook Ads techniques.
Before even getting started with the competitive analysis, you need to have a product or service to sell on Facebook Ads.
When we get into Facebook Ads advanced targeting tips, it will be a piece of cake to start running Facebook Ads for your local business like a seasoned online marketer. Ok, I have given you some ideas and tips to find products and services to promote on Facebook. Before creating your first Facebook Ad Campaign, you have to understand how the platform works. If you don’t have a Facebook account already, please signup and create your Facebook account. Important Tip: You have to find out and analyze what your competition is doing before getting started with your first campaign. If your product is targeting female users in the United States between 18 to 21 years old who goes to college, just open a new account and setup your profile settings according to this. Customer Demographics Research Tip: If you like to do little bit more research about the customer demographics of the product or service you are promoting, you should check out Quantcast. You have done your research, found out what the competition is advertising on Facebook, now it’s time to learn more about Facebook Ads targeting before creating your first campaign.
Let’s take a close look at each of these targeting options on Facebook and share some advanced tips. Location Targeting: Facebook Ads lets you target your potential customers by country, state and city level locations.
Birthday Targeting: If you are creative, you can come up with some genius ideas to market to the birthday kid. Workplace Targeting: My wife is doing her fellowship at Westchester Medical Center in New York.
Relationship Targeting: Creative thinking will give you great use of relationship targeting.
If you are a Page admin, Group officer, Event admin or Application developer, you know how important it is to connect and engage with users who are connected to you. You can also choose to increase the number of fans and page views to your Page, members to your Group, attendees to your Event or users authorizing your Application by excluding your connections from seeing your Facebook Ad.
In the targeting section, I have highlighted the importance of launching laser targeted Facebook ads over and over again.
I use a tool called Facebook Ads Manager, used and known by only a tight circle of Facebook marketers.
Anyways, check out the Facebook Ads Manager to read more about what this tool does and how it will automate your Facebook Advertising Business.
Before opening your Facebook Ads account, you should google facebook ads coupon and try to find some fresh Facebook Ads Coupons.
After you’ve created your account, start by taking a look at Facebook Ads Best Practices page. Click through Rate (CTR) of your Facebook campaigns will be one of the most important factors on how much per click you will be paying for your ads. So, spend some time for researching and finding good, interesting, stupid, crazy, creative images. After your images, ad copy and targeting options are ready, you can start creating your first Facebook Ads Campaign. If you don’t excel the bidding strategy for Facebook Ads, you might simply wast countless hours of work for creating all these Facebook campaigns. But in general, for the products and services I promote, I have a pretty successful formula which works great for me. I start creating a number of split test campaigns with my Facebook Ads Manager tool and I launch all of them PPC based. After analyzing enough data (depends on the volume of campaign, it might take a day or even a few hours to get enough impressions), then I pick the highest CTR campaigns, and create CPM based new campaigns for them.
The biggest advantage of CPM based bidding on Facebook Ads is, Facebook keeps showing your ads to the users even if they start getting less clicks.

Again, this is how I approach CPM vs CPC bidding on Facebook, but you should test as much as you can before coming up with a default bidding strategy on Facebook. I use the Facebook Ads Manager for advanced split and multivariable testing for my Facebook Campaigns. To be able to increase the ROI on current campaigns and make the new campaigns profitable, you need to constantly optimize your campaigns.
Even though we have focused mostly on the CTR, the main goal should be the conversion rates. Whether the free version or the paid version, I’d highly recommend Tracking202 for anybody who is running Facebook Ads.
After you have proper tracking in please, simply setup your profit goals, and monitor all ad groups daily for the conversion rates. Here are two great books if you like to read further about Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing and also in general Social Media.
The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More Stuff. Inbound Marketing is a great book and a must read for business owners who’d like to get a better understanding of social media.
Since you are reading the last paragraph, you have spent your valuable time to read until the end of this post, thank you for that. Please share your comments below, and I will try my best to answer any questions you might have about Facebook Ads.
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Small Business Arena offers articles, guides, blog posts and resources for small business owners. Small Business Resources & Tools section has reviews, comparisons, and recommendations of all the tools, scripts, books, web tools, and related free and paid products to help you succeed with your small business. July 18, 2014 by Dawn Marrs 3 Comments So you want to know how to grow your network marketing business online, but have been confused with the ridiculous amount of information? Frustration and overwhelm are two of the biggest reasons people give up on trying to grow their business online. If you can follow a very simple system, you can grow your network marketing business online.
The most successful people have found a way to create authority, influence and a mailing list. I’ve talked about this before and you can click here for the in-depth tutorial on how to create it. Make sure the page is clearly focused on what is valuable to your idea customer, and tells them immediately what the page is about.
Make sure your page has at least 10 to 20 posts of valuable content that new visitors can sink their teeth into. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to produce all of this content on your own. Set up a service like Hootsuite to ensure you always have fresh new content posting to your page, even while you’re on vacation.
Schedule this offer to post to your page periodically (in between all the awesome valuable content you’re providing. Using an autoresponder service (I recommend GetResponse), schedule several emails to be sent to your new subscribers. The rule of thumb when it comes to emailing is to ALWAYS think about what your SUBSCRIBERS WANT… not what you want. Using an autoresponder allows you to be consistent, keeping you at top of mind and top of inbox. In a nutshell, Facebook advertising allows you to pay to get extremely targeted visitors to your site. She also recommends you only show Page Like ads on MOBILE as you will get more likes for your money. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your new fans to thank them for liking your page (with your personal profile). As a network marketing rep you have to remember, you’re just one of thousands of reps selling the same product. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to building a thriving audience of your exact perfect audience, building your list and creating authority in a crowded marketplace. It’s a fact that your blog posts are so unique and interesting and I enjoys a lot while reading your posts because you explained your post very deeply in a very easy and clear language. Get people interested and involved in your service or product by creating contests on the Facebook page. About Latest Posts Follow MeNanda RahmaniusI'm a Blogger, Internet Marketer and Online Entrepreneur who Work at Home Online. While all comments are read and appreciated, only comments using HUMAN NAMES will be approved.
So what you’re going to do is to go down the bottom of your Facebook Profile Page where it says “Help”. For example, by selecting a “Local Business” you will be asked to enter the kind of local business you have. You can choose to upload an image of yourself, a close up of the business logo, or your products. Successful means that you’ve got fans that contribute, like your post, you’re getting some feedback and adding new fans regularly, that’s when you can take it to the next step. You’re gonna pay for your Ad every single day so it’s up for you to decide whether you’re gonna pay through a credit card or PayPal.
Clicking “Okay” will lead to a page where you have to log in and authorize the payment via PayPal. Custom Audiences now allows businesses to deliver targeted messages to people who have visited their website or mobile app, and certain News Feed ads have gained the option to feature enhanced call-to-action buttons. The company promised to roll it out globally “in the coming months” and three months later, it is delivering. A business places the Facebook remarketing pixel on their website, or the Facebook or third-party SDK in their mobile app, and then build Custom Audiences based on the actions people take while visiting their site or mobile app.
On the right is an example of marketers creating a Page post ad driving traffic to their desktop or mobile website and getting an option to add a call-to-action button in the lower right-hand corner of the ad.
Over the years, he has covered the tech industry for multiple publications, including Ars Technica, Neowin, TechSpot, ZDNet, and CNET.

Whether for your business or for local clients, Facebook Ads is a great place to generate leads.
We’re happy to announce the ability to target Facebook Ads only to users who have expressed interest in your Page, Group, Event or Application with connections targeting. Should we be worried about using any images we find on the web, like the image owner seeking damages or part of the profits made via there ad image?
Valuable content can be videos, blog posts, quotes, pictures and facts – keeping in mind they must be closely related to what your target audience is there for. Sharing posts from other respected pages, blogs posts from other authors etc is awesome as long as it provides value to your target audience. Come up with something your audience will want so much they’ll be willing to give you their email to get it. Make sure it solves a burning problem your target audience is having… do they need to stop their dog from barking, their colicky baby from crying, their nail polish from chipping, their weight from going up? The more value you can give them, the more likely they will be to think of you when they’re ready to buy.
In our case, we don’t just want visitors to our website, we want to get Likes to your new fan page. And a great starting point if you were selling makeup… advertising to women who have already shown an interest in similar product lines. My good friend and Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Co-Host and Facebook ads expert Traci Reuter recommends spending no more than $0.60 per page like. This extra step can go a long way towards creating a mutually beneficial long term relationship.
I am now loving this series making the connection between social media and network marketing. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. While Facebook can be used as a chat service, it is better used as a long-form content sharing medium. If a portion of your Facebook site is hidden from casual viewers, they will follow you so that they can see the content. For example, you might run a contest asking your followers to submit pictures of themselves while using your product, then post the pictures on your page. When you attend a trade show you should create an event to share with anyone who follows and likes your page.
You can choose to “Upload an Image from your Computer” and it becomes automatically set as your profile picture. A combination of these can really provide a variety of information for your fans to connect with you. That’s when you can start thinking about having paid advertising for your Fan Page or for your website. Your Fan Pages will come up and it will ask you which Fan Page you would like to advertise.
You also want to make sure that you are selecting things that are relevant to your target market.
Don’t bid on the amount that Facebook suggests you to bid because this is gonna end up costing you a lot of money. You need to authorize that Facebook can take money from your PayPal account every single day. Marketers can choose from five types of buttons: Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book Now, or Download. This gives you the ability to email them… more great content as well as related offers. Social media is so key to network marketing so little relevant and specific training exists. If you do not understand how to get started and tips that really effective, this article will be the greatest resource you will ever know about Facebook marketing. To maximize the impact of your Facebook marketing campaign, you have to maintain the respect of your audience. One caveat, you lose SEO when content is hidden; therefore, limit the amount of content that is hidden.
Make sure you have plenty of time for Facebook marketing and consider hiring someone with social media marketing experience to help you with this project.
Their friends will be able to see where they checked in and may want to take a look at your store. Do not create a “Community Page” because that is only for creating pages for a cause and Facebook will overtake your Page, meaning, you will lose administrative control over it. You can change that anytime by just clicking on the “change picture” icon on the upper portion of your profile picture. If your friends aren’t interested with your page then please don’t suggest it to them just to get fans. So it’s really not recommended that you jump straight to the paid advertising but once your Fan Page is up and running.
I have been watching Social Media Marketing Happy Hour for only a few weeks and have seen such an increase in activity in my business and traffic due to what I am learning. Post real blog posts to promote your posts from other media channels to your Facebook page. That leads to real engagement in your brand, so don’t forget about these champions of yours! When you put out important information, your audience will help your marketing efforts by sharing that information within their own networks.
This is the very common way for people to get to your website so you obviously want to have that there so that people can learn more about your business. A lot of people receive suggestions and they feel like spams and a lot of people don’t really like it so be aware of that.
You need to have a lot of information and populate your page with interesting information and interesting posts to gain more Likes and that’s the time you can get into the advertising ppc section and set up there.
If you don’t want to use the image from your Fan Page, then you can browse for a new image from your drive. As you begin to type the name of your Page, Group, Event or Application in the field, the names of all eligible content that you manage on Facebook will appear in the type-ahead. This compounded with Online MLM Fusion and Facebook Profits Blueprint Training and I know I am on my way! Boosting your sales with Facebook is much different than just encouraging loyalty and interaction among existing customers. Use this opportunity to increase engagement, send alerts and promote special offers to users who have already raised their hand for more information.

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