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And mostly, all landing page templates persuade the user to do something… this persuasion maybe for buying something, watching a video, liking a page on Facebook or anything like that. This landing page HTML template is designed to focus on the product you’re selling or giving away. A simple clean responsive landing page template, built using Bootstrap and uses only free Google fonts. These are four beautifully designed landing page templates and their main focus is to run a video.
This is another fine choice for templates but only if you need a Bootstrap powered template. Fine Dining is a Landing page that capture the feel of a delicious restaurant, hotel, coffee shop or any other your prestigious business. Landiin is a minimal single page HTML5 theme specially designed for smart phone app landing pages. 2 pages included: landing page with slider, landing page with video, landing page with slider, quote section below slider. 7 Template powered by Twitter Bootstrap files included: 5 Predefined Skins, 10 Handpicked fonts, HTML5 Valid, 300+ Font Awesome Icons, jQuery Powered FAQ Section and Contact Form with Result Page, Testimonials Scroller. Sytic focus on One-Page Responsive Multipurpose Template that can use all kind of Business sites. Cuvapag is a responsive HTML5 website template built for featuring software products and applications.
A simple and clean product landing page, including a “selling” image-rich header along with logo, key messaging and call to action button.
Responsive – Twitter Bootstrap, prettyPhoto, Working subscribe, W3C valid and PSD file included. This is a landing page template exclusively made for getting Facebook likes and social media followers.
This freebie also provides you a Facebook page mockup to test your brand page before make it visible to everyone. Since LeadPages was started we’ve always talked about publishing your landing pages on Facebook. Like it or not, Facebook is a major avenue to reach your target audience and if you’ve been holding off on publishing a landing page on Facebook, I’m going to give you three reasons why you should do this immediately.
This is simply because Facebook is familiar to most people whereas your website may not be so when cold traffic goes to an unfamiliar website they’re guard is thrown up but on Facebook they’re already more comfortable with the interface and they feel safe with the pages Facebook is presenting them. Once in the publishing window, I can actually publish this page to Facebook in four clicks. If you’re not a LeadPages customer, you will need to be, you will need to be a coder or hire a coder to make the downloadable templates below work.
If you’re a developer, click on the link below and opt in to get the made for Facebook templates and our LeadMagnet delivery system will deliver them to you. Only reason I ask is you mentioned a Facebook category, but I can’t see it in my account. Hey Jeff, I am not trying to contradict you but am confused by this answer as I am a member of Pagemodo, a FB page app, and I can create multiple pages and tabs for each of my fb accounts there. Join more than 200,000 other smart people who get marketing tips, success stories, and more delivered right to their inboxes. Also, check out these professional Unbounce landing pages, corporate landing page templates and awesome landing pages.
Lista Landing Page is a premium landing page design. Lista Landing Page takes good use of the Z Reading pattern to guide the eye around the design and ultimately convert your visitors in to subscribers or buyers. Conversion is a premium HTML landing page. The main goal of a landing page is to convert visitors into customers, therefore the layout is specially designed for that. Nostalgia is a HTML responsive Landing Page – personal or corporate, based on full-screen slider. Off the Shelf has been designed for e-book authors and marketers alike and combines everything you need to quickly get your product noticed! BookPage is the landing page template for all those internet marketeers who are releasing their own e-Book. X-tech is a premium landing page that has been produced with the marketer in mind! X – Tech Landing comes in 8 color variants: original, brown, light wood, dark wood, blue, wine, green and bokkeh.

With a “Z” pattern flow from the headings, to the call to action areas and the informative video or image area to the right your visitors will be compelled to click that buy now button! This is a modern, responsive templates for Conference, Event, Training, Exhibition, Workshops and Open Lesson sites.
JustLanded is an ultra-responsive landing page template designed for one thing only, to turn a visitor into a paying customer. This landing page theme has a fully responsive design, 3 home pages, easy to change template color and smooth scrolling.
This is a clean, pixel-perfect responsive landing page which will help you turn your visitors into subscribers across any device. Landismo is a clean landing page suitable for any kind of product, service or iPhone application. App Showcase is a professionally designed theme including many features to help you to promote and sell your app.
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With the included PSD book cover creator and the simple, clean code of this theme you will be able to setup your page within minutes.
It is designed with Newsletter Integration, working Contact Form, One Page Navigation, Font Awesome Icon Font, Google Map and Lightbox images.
It is also an easy to update HTML and the glossy effects on the images automatically apply. This psd is a start for a personalized coming soon page before your blog or portfolio launches. A branded splash page provides full control over the message and helps boost conversion of fans.
This will of course vary from market to market and it’s something that you want to test on your own.
You can actually lower your cost per click when you’re routing your traffic to a landing page hosted within Facebook.
When you’re running Facebook traffic to a Facebook landing page, you’ll generally get a higher percentage of your ads approved if the ads lead to a page within Facebook.
Modify the HTML and CSS using your coding skills or the coder you’ve hired, integrate the pages with your autoresponder, WordPress etc., get your landing page code that you’ve generated and finally publish the pages. I have found a way around it (it’s a bit more complicated than using your great, easy system), so that I can add more LeadPages pages to each fan page, but is there hope for that changing?
According to Facebook’s terms of service, every app (including LeadPages), is only allowed one tab per Facebook page. But it’s free and is a workaround for that, for anyone who is low tech like me and needs more than one tab.
For some reason in those new forms, I can’t select Yes or No for the Facebook registration.
Dodge knows this, and darkens out the rest of the page until you click “Like”The Mutually-Beneficial Brand Relationship: Dodge knows that using the “Red Bull” logo will increase excitement and engagement with their promotion.
Required fields are marked *Name * Email * Website Comment New posts by email Our servicesOur Social Times is a social media agency, providing a range of high-value social media marketing, monitoring and training services. If you have landing page A published on your website and landing page B which is identical to landing page A, only it’s published on Facebook, you’ will oftentimes see a much higher opt-in rate from a Facebook ad or a Facebook sponsored post to landing page B because people feel comfortable staying within the same Facebook ecosystem. So if you are purchasing Facebook ads, you’d get Facebook traffic then send them to a Facebook landing page. Now there are certain markets that Facebook doesn’t really like such as wealth building and dieting, however when sending traffic back into Facebook instead of to an external site, Facebook is more likely to approve your ad. I use a lot of tabs on each page, and it would really help if I could use your system to publish them.
I much prefer the templates and ease of use of Lead Pages and would stop using Pagemodo instantly if I could use Lead Pages for more than one tab. Basically the Facebook traffic stays within Facebook so they typically charge less for that traffic since it’s staying within their Facebook ecosystem. So with these three reasons in mind, we should be publishing our landing pages to Facebook. We first need to select the page we like to publish to Facebook and there are a couple ways that you can do this.

It’s the easiest way to publish landing pages on Facebook that we’ve seen and it’s built into LeadPages. We found that if you’re not a LeadPages customer, typically it will cost around $300 for a coder to customize and publish each page for you.
We’ve even given away a couple of different landing pages that were built from the ground up to use on Facebook. In fact, Facebook ads master and lop super user Brian Moran paid about 40 cents less per click when sending traffic from ads to a Facebook landing page. Typically to do this, you need to build and customize your landing page using Dreamweaver or some sort of HTML editor then get the HTML code for the page that you just created. You can choose a page from the made for Facebook category or you could sort the pages by their highest average conversion rate to see which pages are converting the best right now. If you’re a LeadPages customer, you don’t need to spend that $300 because LeadPages does everything for you right out of the box. From, there you’d use Facebook’s static HTML app where you’d paste your landing page code in and then save and publish the page. I’m going to use this beautiful Facebook template that you can download below called the Brian Murray and Facebook template.
Also, if you’re a LeadPages customer you can customize each page and have it live online within five minutes.
It’s 2014, that question is pretty much a rhetorical one by now.But are you driving traffic to a Facebook Landing Page? Web design.Interested in social advertising but can't make this date?Leave your details and we'll keep you updated about this and future courses (we only email very occasionally).
In a previous post about this template, which I’ll link to below, this video Brian Rand used this page to generate 350,000 Facebook fans and 200,000 opt-ins. You should be!This article will dive right into Facebook Landing Pages – critiquing five Facebook Landing Page examples to hell and back. However, if you’re a LeadPages customer, any page you create in LeadPages can be published to Facebook in as little as thirty seconds. Like with all pages, I just click on any element to edit it and I’m going to add a video embed code changed the headline, changed the button text.
I want to integrate this page with email service provider and then I’ll select a list I want to add people to then I’ll save the page. First, because they think “Hey, I can take a better picture than that!” and second, the ever-awesome peer pressure factor of social media marketing.
This would make the entry button stand out that little bit more and increase conversions.5.
I recommend using the green from the weather widget as a contrasting color to make the CTA button stand out. Here’s what I’d like to see tested…Colors: Black text on white background dates your business quite substantially. Numerous case studies have shown that making your CTA button stand out is a best practice.2. The CTA should never be the first thing that your landing page traffic sees, it should be the third (after the USP and a solid and appealing image). Why not “Get involved Today” or “Do your Part” instead of “Donate Now” (and, for that matter, “Support our Work” at the top). Anytime you use an article before a word beginning with a vowel (or an “H”) you should use “an”, not “a”. For instance, on the Costco website itself it’s evident that the red and grey couch above is discounted at $300 dollars off. I’d do whatever it takes to change this formatting.ConclusionFacebook Landing Pages are awesome, but only if they’re optimized for conversions.

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