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Facebook is a great way to reach potential customers…but its hard to work things out at the start. It could be that they were targeting men to buy lingerie for their other halves as presents.
Like I mentioned in several blog posts before, everything will work if you can find a way to make it work.
If you are planning to invest in Facebook Ads, I believe it is important to think about interaction and engagement because Facebook Ads require them both in order to be successful.
World class training, from people whowalk their talk, real people getting results in their marketing, now, and you can click here for proof. Aprenda a Trabalhar com o Facebook de forma profissional aproveitando o mA?ximo dessa rede social, clique aqui e descubra como.
Muito bom Pedro esse artigo ensinando como entrar facebook com links bem adequados para o Marketing que a gente precisa.
Facebook Groups: for organizing groups where each individual user posts under his or her own name, including the group officers. If you want your hostel to have a "profile" on Facebook, the best way to go is to create a Facebook Page. Once you click "Create page" you'll have the options to add information, upload photos, videos and events.

Once you have a certain number of followers (~100), Facebook will allow you to create a custom URL for your Facebook page. Facebook advertising probably isn't as useful for increasing bookings as much as it has the potential to increase brand awareness by flashing your name and logo in front of a large number of people. Your Facebook home page will show updates of what your friends are doing, and your friends will see updates about what you are doing.
If you have a Facebook page, your hostel's updates will appear on your fans' Facebook homepage. Facebook applications are usually 3rd party programs that can be added to Facebook profiles or pages. One example application that you could add to a Facebook page is the Reviews Application which allows fans to leave reviews of your hostel on your Facebook page. There is a tutorial in the forum on how to add a Facebook Like Button To a hostel's website. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License unless otherwise noted. But at that time, there were no upcoming celebrations or holidays and it was really far from Valentine’s or Christmas. Most people would find this too much of a hassle because it disrupts them while they are browsing on Facebook.

Ads have always been tricky to structure because it needs to have the right impact and ingredient to capture your customers. It is not the same as offline media ads on billboards simply because the platform is completely different.
Ideally, businesses should create Facebook Pages for their businesses using a personal Facebook profile.
Facebook connect is beyond the scope of this wiki page, but you can see examples on the Facebook Connect website.
Then paste the copied flip text  it in your Facebook update box to get a flip update like below. Billboard ads don’t require you to click on them or connect with them and they capture your attention mostly because of their visibility (Size + Location + Colors).
You won’t get that from Facebook Ads because they are standardized in size, location, and even the background colors surrounding them.

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