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Facebook Video Calling is a freeware app filed under instant messaging software and made available by Skype for Windows.
If you would like to submit a review of this software download, we welcome your input and encourage you to submit us something!
Apart from having a native Facebook app for all the mobile platforms, Facebook also has a separate app for Facebook Messenger.
FB Messenger started with basic texting capabilities, but kept on improving, adding VoIP calling in 2013. To initiate a voice call with any one of your contacts who have Facebook Messenger installed, tap their Name. Whenever you receive an Incoming call from one of your friends, answering the call is as simple as tapping the answer button or the green phone icon. Whenever you’re on an active call in Facebook Messenger, you get the standard set of options, the same as you would get if the call were to be placed through your Cellular network. It’s quite obvious that Call Quality depends on the speed of internet on your device (Wi-fi or mobile data; whatever you might be using). We are in the process of rolling out several sites to cover things from mobile app development to photography, plus much more. T-Mobile USA has announced that they will be offering free phone calls on computers between Facebook friends.
The company has said that the CyanogenMod implementation uses a mixture of the Wi-Fi calling code that is already included in AOSP and "clever trickery" by the team.

Finora destinatari di questo aggionamento erano solamente gli utenti residenti negli Stati Uniti, in Canada ed in alcune nazioni europee, invece notizia di queste ore le videochiamate con Facebook Messenger possono essere effettuate anche dall’Italia.
Facebook puo contare sui 600 milioni di iscritti che mensilmente utilizzano Messenger e su un potenziale bacino di utenti ancora piu vasto.
The review for Facebook Video Calling has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below.
Facebook Messenger lets you make free VOIP calls to other Facebook Messenger users (the calls are completely free, but you might end up incurring mobile data charges). This app lets you chat with all your Facebook friends, comes with nice features, and the killer feature of course is free voice calling with Facebook Messenger.
With free voice calling, it hopes to compete better against the likes of Viber, WeChat etc. You go to your device’s app store by tapping the respective icon, search for Facebook Messenger and install the thing. As it’s clear from the above discussion (and associated screenshots), the voice calling feature is pretty easy to access, and at the same time, intuitive.
Although the Wi-Fi signal for this review was excellent for the most time, but even when both smartphones were deliberately moved a bit away from the Wi-Fi source, thereby decreasing Wi-Fi radio strength, Facebook Messenger was able to hold on to the call quite well. The latest announcement came after the release of a series of add-ons for popular web browsers. 5 Valuable Must Have Wordpress plugins The Hacking Streak Continues, Android Forums Hacked!

The CyanogenMod 13 is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow version, but as usual it comes with various improvements and features over the standard version.
Dal social network confermano che la funzionalita e stata attivata in tutto il mondo, eccezion fatta per alcune (poche) nazioni ove dev’essere ancora ulteriormente ottimizzata. Once the add-on is installed, a phone icon appears beside each name in the Facebook chat section. Although only the caller needs the software for the call to register, both individuals must be on Facebook at the same time, and of course have microphones and speakers.The software add-ons are currently called Bobsled by T-mobile and the company plans to use the brand for different Internet-calling features. Google Now-A Journey From Jelly Bean To Ice Cream Sandwitch Nifti Mini-drive,A Soultion To Low Memory In Macbooks Yahoo Gets Hacked by D33D Company Texas Researchers Hack Drones… Garmin GLO, Your Pin-Point Accurate GPS Device Game Dock-A Dream Come True For Retro Gamers Cool Eye Wear Gadget MEG4.0 Adwords - Search As You Type!!!
T-Mobile hopes to use the feature for phone apps so they can make free calls to those that matter most. T-Mobile will be using backend technology from Vivox, to power the Facebook calling feature. The Bobsled software has been tested for a few months under a secret T-Mobile connection but is now made available to the public!

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