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Take a look at the latest works of Integrated Studios or contact them in New York directly.
Integrated Studios located in the heart of NYC’s Tribeca Film District, provides a wide range of high quality audio and video production services.Artist owned and operated, they deliver an excellent attention to service and amenities.
All trademarks, images and videos on this website are properties of their respective owners. Figuring out how to deliver the message of any type of video project using creative visual storytelling is in our DNA.
While other companies focus on specific types of video production, we pride ourselves on our versatility and being able to adjust to our clients' needs. Our drive to deliver high-quality work on every single project we produce is what sets us apart from the competition. Our studio provides Philadelphia and NYC companies with the best cinematographers, directors and tv commercial producers in the business.
From there we branch into television commercial production, corporate videos and public relations multimedia strategies.
Our corporate video clients range from Philly and Manhattan’s top ad agencies to fortune 100 companies. Office Space finder, The Square foot recently released an infographic showing the locations of the major players in the tech world.
No matter what end-of-the-world scenario ends up playing out (nuclear war, sentient AI, attack of the killer tomatoes, etc.), when the shit hits the fan, it will be too late to start preparing.
Spring is here and if you are in your twenties or thirties, you know that spring means wedding season.
As if air travel wasn’t expensive enough, more and more carriers are now charging extra fees for carry-on luggage that is stored in overhead bins.

There was a time when you could enter an airport with your dignity and pretty much anything that wasn’t a weapon. About UsThe Roosevelts are group of gents producing content that inspires, educates and entertains. MetaProp NYC is a NYC-based real estate tech accelerator that brings together the brightest minds in real estate and technology to help quickly build our industry’s most promising young companies. Part of the NYCEDC Affiliate Workspace Network, MetaProp NYC is a NYC-based real estate tech accelerator that brings together the brightest minds in real estate and technology to help quickly build our industry’s most promising young companies. Any project that you have in mind, we can discuss creatively how we are going to bring it to life. No matter what your project is, True Film provides unparalleled service and a high-quality product every time.
Whether it is a big-budget commercial or a lower budget animation, the same hard work is applied by our entire team.
ACP video production house creates corporate videos, television commercials and provides film production services. Our clients include some of NYC’s largest firms and you will find us in New Jersey and Philadelphia from time to time as well.
The only viable solution as a savvy traveler is to pack as much as you can in a backpack that fits under your seat. Back then, airport food often consisted of mysterious sandwiches of questionable origin that nobody actually bought because you could just bring whatever you wanted to eat.
Each year, up to ten of the best technology-driven real estate industry start-ups are selected from more than 150 applicants to participate in the 16 week intensive growth program based in New York City. Music videos shot at the studios include Usher and Ashante, and audio for Gunit, 50 Cent and others.The sound stage is 500 square feet, with 18 foot ceilings, three cyclorama walls and 600-amp power.

Even if it is not listed on our site, we want to hear about your project goals and work with you in a creative setting to bring your project to life.
No project is complete until the client’s goals and True Film’s high standards are both met. There is no delusion here with regards to what we do, or who we are or what you as our client needs to get done.  When it comes to multimedia we know what to ask.
The Soho area is the next biggest sector of Manhattan catering to more retail and digital publishing based companies.
There is a complete array of Arri lighting, grip equipment, green screen and motorized grid that lowers to 5 feet. Our video production company specializes in producing multimedia within Manhattan and the local boroughs. Is it unique or does it look like it was filmed by the same school kids that shot the commercial playing on local cable? Whether we are producing a corporate video for Emerson or a tv commercial for McDonald’s, our film production team has the experience and clout to get the job done.
The rooftop overlooking the Hudson River is also available for rent.Integrated Studios also offers creative services in animation, live-action, editing and original music. Producing corporate videos in NYC is a tough job, not to mention Philly and NJ, but we make it look easy.

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