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The Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program was appropriated $5 million for Fiscal Year 2016 and is a program which offers expense rebates to film companies who film in the State of Oklahoma (House Bill 2242). If you don't find a link to the originating post and want to see more, then please click on the 'Posted by Name' at the top of each post. OKGOP Chairman’s BlogCarly Fiorina, Potential VP Candidate, to Keynote OKGOP Gala!Donald Trump says Gov.

Hints for Navigating this SitePlease use the search box at the top to look for something specific by keyword(s). Although a small amount compared to the 2016 total budget (around $7 billion), the film rebate program is one among many small cuts which could be made to help out in times of budget shortfalls. Oklahoma Legislative Review is calling on Legislators to boldly cut this and other unnecessary functions of government.

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