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Magisto’s service essentially applies an algorithm to the process of editing a short personal video. But back to Zoolander, the concept that photographers would get paid big bucks to snap pictures of people who’s job it is to look good?
More: MobileBeat 2016 is focused on the paradigm shift from apps to AI, messaging, and chatbots. With NAB fading in the rear-view mirror, take a longer look back at a home movie shot in Vegas by an early adopter-enthusiast of 16mm Kodachrome film. Get a heads-up on the most popular stories from StudioDaily, including videos, news, blog commentary, and more. Writing is a way of life to some people, but arguably few people spend more time on the hallowed art than Digital Journalist and Film Editor-at-Large Sarah Gopaul.
It’s weird for me to say that Nicolas Cage gave an outstanding performance in a movie, because the thought of it makes my stomach start to churn, but oh man did he do a stellar job in Leaving Las Vegas.
Well, the truth is, that however great his character and dialogue were, the same cannot be said about the majority of the movie. The editing was terrible, there were a few blatant, though minor goofs that I spotted, there was emphasis put on various aspects (like Cage’s wife, and the mob type group of men that showed up a few times earlier on in the movie) that didn’t really pan out into anything at all, and the writing wasn’t the strongest I’ve ever seen.
When Michael Fassbender was finally named as the lead role in the biopic of the Apple CEO, it was clear that it was finally a go. The movie was picked up in November, but it had been in the planning stages for some time before that. Danny Boyle was confirmed as the director early on, after reported disputes with first choice David Fincher.

Magisto takes 10 minutes of video footage (using a mobile device or desktop web), five photos, and an audio track and then edits it down into a minute-long video clip. When recording from a tablet, you now have the capability to tap a person’s face and then tap a button on the upper-left corner of the screen to identify them as someone important. The vivid archive of a city transformed was edited by Chicago-based colorist Jeff Altman, who had received a box of his grandfather's prolific Kodachrome footage while in film school.
Sure Cage was great, and Elizabeth Shue acted very well too, but the movie could not decide which character to focus on.
The movie will focus on three important events in Jobs’ career, looking at behind the scenes of the product launches.
There were rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale would play the lead role, but it later went to Fassbender, who is best known for his role in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Disney will release a thriller called The Finest Hours, while there will be a Vacation reboot and Kidnap from Relativity. You can pick the editing style of the short movie, and the entire process takes up to 7 minutes. When Magisto starts editing, it’ll keep this in mind and make that person appear more often. Altman waited until he was working as a colorist to begin transferring the startlingly clear images to video on a Spirit DataCine.
It just kept jumping back and forth between them, not giving each character enough time to be developed, and leaving me feeling underwhelmed and annoyed.
The lead role has reportedly changed hands a number of times, and filming only began earlier this year.

It could take months to film the movie, and then there is the editing and soundtrack afterwards. These are not the more recent launches, but those set in the past that helped to make the company the one it was known as at first. Each scene looks at one of the most popular products in Apple’s history, showing behind the scenes of the launches. There has been a lot of excitement over the role, but also a lot of questions over the viability of the project. The new software is cool because Magisto is already good at identifying the best footage and photos for short movies.
The same is true for important moments, which you can identify by tapping the heart button on the other side of the screen. Universal Studios has now confirmed that the biopic will be released in movie theaters on October 9 this year; much earlier than ever anticipated. The movie is an adaptation of the biography by Walter Isaacson, which Aaron Sorkin has written. Sorkin was reportedly initially unconvinced by Fassbender’s talents, saying that he had never heard of him in a leaked Sony email. The movie will stop with the final launch, rather than go into the most recent items like the iPod and iPhone.

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