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Thanksgiving is a time to get together, enjoy good food, watch a bit of football, and prepare for the holiday season (including the much loved Black Friday).
Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 22nd this year (2012) so it’s important that you begin building your website and its promotions immediately (considering that it’s already October).
Once you’re up and running, begin sourcing or producing articles related to the holiday whether it’s a list of tips to having a great Thanksgiving party, product suggestions, or simply play into the giving spirit using your existing promotions. Lastly, and very much worth noting, is the importance of looking beyond the time frame of just this year.
Food (Online, Catering, Etc) – Yes, you can order food online especially the meats and ingredients you’d find at a dinner table.
Decorations (and Party Supplies) – People can pick up party supplies in store but why not promote the sales that happen before the big day and get people to order online?
Cards (Gift Cards & Holiday Cards) – People won’t be able to get to every location on their list during the holiday but a card sure will. After Sales – Don’t stop on the holiday; promote the deals that happen just a day afterward and you could find yourself catching quite a few bonus commissions during this time.
Special note: People will be in a ‘giving spirit’ so you may get more out of your promotions if you align with a business that gives part of their proceeds to a charity during this holiday season.

We take a look at Shopify and their in-house affiliate program which offers great commissions and options. Welcome 2016 with excellent charms and decorations to enhance your prosperity, luck, and success for the 2016 Year of the Monkey! The Chinese phrase in the bottom half of the scroll are all wonderful Chinese idioms (one hundred fu) wishing for a successful, peaceful, healthy, and triumphant 2016! The Chinese characters on it are either Zhao Cai Jin Bao or Chai Yuan Guang Jin that mean Wealth Coming.
Food is a big thing, obviously, but people also spend BIG money on gifts, party supplies, and cooking equipment which means you have a great opportunity to capture a niche holiday market and turn it profitable (and tasty). To speed your website building process, use website templates and WordPress; for a bonus, find a theme that matches the color (browns) and design (turkeys) that have been associated with the holiday.
The later, mentioned, goes quite well if you don’t have enough time to setup shop – use the holiday as a point where you give a generous discount on your products or services. Yes, you could easily setup a site and promote Thanksgiving items for 2012 but don’t corner yourself – setup the site and promotions so you can re-use them the following years! As a bonus, you could promote catering services (if they’re available during the time frame, that is).

Consider that many business give out gifts to employees and others, there are local events, music festivals, and so much more. You don’t necessarily need to promote products solely related to Thanksgiving – branch out and make the most of the holiday this affiliate season! This good luck red scroll is both a wonderful decoration for your home or office and is also the perfect gift for wishing friends and family and wonderful 2016 new years!This kind of red scroll slightly glows at dark. This kind of bird called Peng Bird in Chinese legend is said that he can fly 1000 miles away one day. Rather than looking at the holiday as a single event – see it as a BIG opportunity to work around the day (and weekend). There’s a ton of great food being made during Thanksgiving but not everyone has the right supplies to make it happen.

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