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Si necesitas un reproductor sencillo para los videos que descargas desde Youtube o de otros servicios de videos Online, y sin convertirlos a otros formatos, he aqui una buena herramienta sencilla que nos permitira visualizar nuestros videos en formato FLV en nuestra PC sin complicaciones.
FLV-Media Player es un sencillo reproductor, no lo he probado, pero a mi parecer tiene un aspecto a reproductor flash de Youtube, aun siendo asi es muy util.
Szczegolnie ze wzgledu na brak dodatkowych opcji czesto spotykanych w programach konkurencji. FLV-Media Player is an application supposed to help you play FLV files on the go and although it doesn't support other popular video formats, it tries to promote a different approach in handling the FLV extension.
You will then get to meet a very clean interface that doesn't assault the user with too many options, but still hides a lot of features under its menus.

Every time you open a new FLV file, the tool will open a balloon tray notification to show you some stats regarding the video, including path, duration, resolution and framerate.
The number of options isn't too impressive though, as many other full-featured video players already include them. In case you want to set this application as the default FLV player, there is a dedicated feature you can find under the Options menu. Narzedzie to bowiem pozwala nam odtwarzac pliki typu Flash FLV zapisane w formatach FLV oraz H.264-FLV. FLV-Media Player can open saved Flash movies, but you can also use it for playing online videos.

For example, it has automatic rewind, a loop movie tool, smoothing, sleep-time, peak-meter, an automatic start feature and some other goodies to control the video.
FLV-Media Player runs low on computer resources, so it can be safely used on older machines as well. With an uncomplicated interface and easy to use features, it's safe to say that FLV-Media Player is one of the best choices in its category.

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