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If you are considering purchasing a house cleaning service franchise please consider the maid service franchise, You’ve Got Maids.
If you are looking for the 12 Part blog "An Insider's Guide to the World of Licensed Sports Products: Practical lessons from the Trenches", please click here.
Franchise Sports Franchise Sports is awesome because we are Tallahassee’s "Up-to-the-Minute" ONE-CLICK read on what YOU want to KNOW, when YOU want to KNOW IT spot!
Our Mission Franchise Sports was formed for the purpose of keeping sports fans informed about sports in their area. Franchise Sports Vision Statement We aspire to be the best information source for providing Tallahassee players, fans, coaches and the general public with the latest sports news.

We plan to carry on with our mission; broadcasting a sport’s driven show until sports is no longer in existence. They will be recognized for their hard work and as being employees for a show that has been built from a school publication to a commercial television production. Also, Franchise Sports will be sure to transfer its knowledge to those students that have an interest in sports journalism. Franchise Sports will be a community leader and a household name with a respectable and credible reputation. Celebrate the Kings' jersey history by owning a famous piece of jersey artwork:If you love the Los Angeles Kings and the history of the Kings franchise, you might really love to own an original piece of artwork celebrating the team's historic jerseys as seen in the poster at the top of this blog - you can actually own one of those original pieces of art!

The original pen and ink drawings of the arenas shown above are also for sale.Please note that the actual original, highly detailed, hand-drawn pen and ink sketches used for the 4 arena images shown above are available for sale as a complete collection to one Kings fan. I have tried to ensure the accuracy of the information, but I am human and can make mistakes.

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