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With Adobe Photoshop, you can decide on whether you want to use premium tools or just entry level free tools for your iPad. Pixelmator is very old in the business, especially for Mac, which gives them an extra layer of expertise when it comes to work with iPad. Apart from the basic tools that you always need, Snapseed comes with automatic control to do quick fixing to your photos. This is another cool App that can help you to keep a record of numerous information with your photos such as: source, photographer, location, caption and many more. More or less, these 4 Apps can let you do many awesome editing on your photos at a cost of nothing.
For a platform with more than a million apps, it sure is difficult to find a decent video editor on Android.
It is the most common thing for business personnel carry their laptops with them to everywhere they go as they'll have to view and edit office documents on the go. As I said earlier, Google Play Store has got thousands of Android apps and so picking the best ones out of those is a little tough for some users. One awesome feature which is missing in most other document editing apps is the ability to edit the formula or the content of the cells in Excel. You can get the Olive Office Premium for Free on the Play Store.Quick OfficeThis particular Quick Office Android app is owned by Google itself.
Once you finish editing the documents on your Android mobile or tablet, you can instantly share them with your friends via email directly from within the app. There are hundreds of applications available in the market but we have made it easier for you, so you always show up with the best. We are presenting here top 10 photo editing apps for android users, download it fast and see fun yourself. Snapseed – Snapseed is one of the most popular and favourite app of the android users which is free. Pixlr Express- If you are done with all those complex apps for editing then Pixlr Express goes for u. Adobe Photoshop Touch – If you are a photoshop lover and always preferred photoshop then you don’t have to give up on that, just download mobile version of adobe photoshop and let the fun continues. Instagram – Instagram is top and largest photo community of the world which offers filters to make desirable changes in the pictures and provide you opportunity to share it with the world. Flicker – Flickeris one of the most popular photo communities are present in the world lately attracting users’ close attention. Photo Editor by Aviary – If you don’t seek much changes and looking for something good enough to handle small issues then this app is made for you. Repix – if you like light and easy apps for editing then Repix is definitely worth considering. So, next time you click a picture, don’t forget to give final touch to it with one of the best editing apps mentioned above and feel the difference. The long anticipated next Apple iPhone, maybe named as iPhone 5, has been confirmed to be released this fall, mostly at the September 12th event as reported recently.
Sparrow: If you need a gesture based email client to replace your Mail app, Sparrow would be your right choice. Draw Something: Draw Something is a funny app to help you kill time with your friends or family. Video Editor: This app is useful for you to edit images and videos on your computer and then transfer the edited videos to your iPhone or iPod Touch freely. Frameographer: Also as a video editing tool, Frameographer helps you create stop motion and time-lapse videos in a simple and straight-forward way.
Because, it comes with Photoshop Express and Photoshop Touch to make that work in that way. This photo editing App is designed with lots of preset filters and effects which are segregated into categories to make your life easier. It is one of the old contenders in this arena and does offer a user-friendly interface to work with. On the other hand, you can add star ratings to your best photos so that you can find them easily later on. But of course, you can always go for the premium version of any of these Apps which will definitely worth every penny you pay.

In order to make your task easier, I've tested out different Document editing apps on my Android mobile phone and came up with the list of the top five best yet free Android apps that allow editing documents on the go.
The main reason why I was attracted to this app is its interface which resembles the MS Office interface. Additionally, you can create and edit up to 23 different office extensions like doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, txt and many more. It allows you to create & edit documents in all the major Microsoft Office formats like word, excel and ppt. Along with the regular MS Office files, the CloudOn app also supports working with Adobe Acrobat and images on the same interface.
Although there are a lot of paid apps on the Play Store, I'm sure these 5 best Free document editing apps for Android are more than enough for the majority of the users. The Android smartphones have replaced the old mobile phones, the phones which were meant to make calls only. And seeking ways to make it more interesting by editing then do not stick to the basic features your phone is offering.
VSCO offers variety of filters and large number of editing tools like brightness, crop, resize, saturation, effects, highlight and shadow which is enough to modify your pictures however you want it toa be. It supports auto correct feature which really improves quality by adding perfectionist touch to your image. You can also work on the weak parts of the picture only while remaining parts will be untouched so, ultimately Snapseed is offering you flexibility and wide scopes for editing. It comes up with drawing tools, editing tools, different photo grids and also allow you to arrange your best pictures in collage. Apart from basic editing tools it allows automatic image correction in order to fix common problems and make your image look better and brighter. Though this version does not consist of all features of Adobe photoshop for desktop but enough to enhance rating of your images. It supports ordinary features for photo editing like filters and frames but good enough to get work done. List items are displayed in a heatmap by priority and you create new items by pinching items apart, dragging from the top of the list or tapping at the bottom.
You challenge your friends to guess the word you are drawing and you get game currency for each guess, depending on the word difficulty. It provides different effects, transitions and titles, as well as other editing features for you. Since staging such videos can be time-consuming, the app lets you stop a project and resume it at a later time. It’s a separate, less expensive to subscribe version of The Daily, which is free of charge if you already subscribe to the iPad version. However, taking only high quality photos doesn’t get the job done, it needs editing software to make some magical touches on the photos to make it look even more beautiful and creative. In the free version, you can do very basic editing and can do the advanced level if you upgrade to Photoshop Touch. Vintage, light leaks or black and white variations of the themes are very common which are available on this App. For example, whenever you touch on a category your photo will come on a full screen and let you choose the selections like brightness, shadows, contrasts and others just by dragging your finger up or down. When you will work with it, you will find a big sidebar that has all you need to adjust brightness, contrast, shadows, darkness and so on. There are a lot of useful document editing apps for Android Smartphones as well as Android tablets which let you edit Microsoft Office documents like Word, Excel and even PowerPoint without needing any additional devices. So, this makes the user feel comfortable and quickly find all the functions he need as he was already got used to the interface of Microsoft Office.
Additionally, you can copy, cut and paste from a selected range of text or even change the styling. As this app is directly integrated with Google Drive, you can make the edits on the cloud instantly. This app is useful for those who have the need to print a document directly from their device. If you found any other useful app on the Play store which is not listed in here, please let us know through the comments.
It offers filters, adjustments, layers, drop shadows, image effects, brushes, strokes and much more.

In this post, I would like to share some funny and wonderful apps for iPhone and iPod Touch which are emerged this year so far. This app enables you to pull down the inbox list to refresh your inbox and also you can swipe across a message to reply, archive and delete emails. Starting with simple sketches, you can get more colors and drawing tools for your Draw Something masterpiece as you own more coins. The built-in editor allows you to select in an out points where the video will be slowed down. The layout is like a mix of Facebook and Sparrow, and unlike the tablet version, you also get a selection of free ad-supported stories every day.
You simply take a photo, swipe your finger on the part of the picture you want to keep and then take another picture with the chosen frozen parts overlaid. If you have some other better advices, feel free to share with us here in the comment part. With iPad, you can do this magic with 4 cool iPad Apps that will let you edit your photos like a pro. However, you can access selection tools like masking tool, Lasso, layer manager and many other in the Photoshop Touch version that you may have experienced in the desktop version. Apart from that, you can have access to 12 editing tools like pencils, sprays, paint brushes, crayons, markers, erasers, smudges and many more.
It’s just not that only, you can pick any specific part of your photo to effect only that part of the area keeping the rest intact.
However, Photogene doesn’t have the layer manager option and also no double exposure or masks options available with it. The increasing count of Android device manufacturers has resulted in a tough competition among them and a good fight to catch customer’s eyes. Now you can play with your photo’s  size, shape, background and can try out special effects, different frames, various filters, layers and a lot more.
Clear is very intuitive with no buttons or switches to act as a simple task manager without advanced features like setting time or location-based alerts. It’s free to get this app, but the recorded and edited videos would be covered with watermark. The manufacturers are working on the hardware specs of their devices so as to make them standout the crowd. Your photography experience is gonna be totally changed, all you have to do is download the best photo editing app and make your pictures from ordinary to strikingly extraordinary. With the help of these practical apps, you could get a more productive iPhone or iPod Touch. You can spend $1.99 to update it to remove the watermark and export results to the camera roll or iTunes.
Apart from fast memory and HD screen, the smartphones getting launched now-a-days, do come with good camera quality.
Some of these apps could be installed directly on your iPhone, while still some other apps need to be installed on your computer as assistant.
This is not any surprising point as due to addiction of social networking sites has woke up the hidden photographer in everybody.While the manufacturers are playing their role to please the photography enthusiasts, the app developers are also not behind in it. The photography apps can enhance your photography experience on your Android smartphone or tablet.
Though a free version of this app is also there in Google Play, but the paid version is far better and unleashes all the features. You can add effects, can crop your photos, can apply filters and can do lot more stuff with this app. The filters in this app come categorized into photo filters, light filters, and photo frames. These effects give great look to your photos and it feels as they are edited by some professional editor.

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