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There are also a handful of companies that offer discounts and credits for students which may be better suited for non developers. If you're a student aged 13+ and enrolled in a degree or diploma granting course of study, the GitHub Student Developer Pack is for you. If you know of any deals that are missing, please comment or contact us to add it to this list.
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ILoveBlog is a free blog (as well as photos and audio) hosting from Exabytes, a famous web hosting company in Malaysia.
It includes offers from Amazon, Digital Ocean and Microsoft Azure along with a number of other free tools and services. BlueHost) offer cheaper pricing publicly than their student offering regularly during sales and promotions.
Clicking the Edit link at the top left corner will turn your blog into Edit mode with an Edit menu, and all the blog objects such as header, background image, etc) become editable. For Flickr, you can insert your own flickr photos or do a tag search for others’ pictures.

Oh, you can upload your own picture as well, of course.Insert Audio allows you to upload a song or attach a song in your music album by adding a flash audio player into your blog post.
Wow!Insert Video is a very handy feature to easily insert online video into your blog post. That’s easy!ILoveBlog blog editor also supports tags, trackbacks and groups access restriction.
A former professional programmer and webmaster, Liew courageously made the jump from hobby blogging to blogging as a full-time, successful career.

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