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South Australian Artist, Writer, Video Producer and Animator, David Arandle working under the pseudonym 'The Extraordinary Tourist' or 'TET' for short Blogs about his personal animation projects as well as Tips, Software Reviews, Featured Animators Animation Business and a whole lot more.
Pencil is a 2D bitmap and vector based, free animation tool for MACs, Windows and Linux that I'd like to say is the perfect introduction to 2D, computer assisted animation but can't.It is a great tool.
Synfig Studio is intended to be professional 2D animation software and is available to download for free. Can't draw or animate to save your life but want to create cartoons or explainer videos? Anime Studio is your complete animation program for creating 2D movies, cartoons, anime or cut out animations.
Add an object to an imported video that will follow the position and rotation of something, like a person's thumb. Import your scanned drawings or existing images and photos then convert them to vector drawings with the click of a button.
There is a huge variety of content included with Anime Studio, and the Pro version utilizes a powerful, flex-based Content Library, a great timesaver that allows you to organize content across Anime Studio projects. Output finished animations to popular movie formats, including AVI, MOV, and Flash (SWF export for vector-based animations). The Follow Path tool allows you to have any character or object follow and bend itself along a pre-drawn path (like a snake), making tons of animation possibilities easy. Wacom Multi-Touch support allows you to use Wacom's new generation touch tablets with Anime Studio. The Pencil Project's unique mission is to build a free and opensource tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping that everyone can use. While mainly made for animation purpose it can be used for drawing and supports bitmap and vector graphics .
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In my quest to create videos and animations I have looked for free 2D animation tool for a long time now.
There are a couple of alternatives but they all follow radically different approaches and have different strengths and weaknesses. Lightningbeam (formerly SWIFT) is a very young project and has reached its Alpha 2 release by now. Its implemented functionality in Alpha2 is extremely limited and I am looking at it for now mostly asa a proof of concept, even though its programmable interactive HTML5 export is pretty unique.
Creatoon is a really really old animation tool for windows that has been released as freeware.
Jessyink should be considered proof of concept since it offers only very basic interface and functionality on top of Inkscape.
Development of Pencil seems to have come to a halt, with the last update from 2008, even though its forum is very active. Synfig is a very mature tradition animation tool that allows SVG import and exporting as a movie, but has no SWF export.
Vectorian Giotto is a commercial Windows only Flash authoring tool that is provided as freeware.
So, basically there are two main camps of programs – Flash authoring tools on the one hand, and traditional animation tools for comics and movies on the other. For my purposes of motion graphics I am leaning more towards the Flash authoring tools, but unfortunately have only found Vectorian Giotto and am not too fond of windows-only commercial freeware. If possible, could you please send me the svg file so that I can try figure out how the software works? Updated Character Wizard lets you design your own ready-to-animate characters complete with walk cycles, expressions and more.
Enhanced Drawing Tools allow you to create complex shapes quickly by eliminating the need for precise drawing and gives you the freedom to sketch as you desire. Wacom Multi-Touch support allows you to use Wacom’s new generation touch tablets with Anime Studio.
The Text Input Enhancement allows for greater flexibility in specifying font, line width, color, kerning, and more.

Key Frame Hold Duration allows you to hold the duration of a particular key frame as long as you want.
Assign coloirs to layers in the layers palette, helping you keep track of layers that relate to each other in some way.
Assign coloirs to keyframes in the timeline, to help keep track of animation sequences that relate to each other.
Get exactly the help you need for each tool or feature with automatic roll over tips and built-in tutorials and sample files. Add a skeleton to any image by pointing and clicking to create bones that overlay the parts of your image, to control arms or legs for example. Trace as black and white or edges only and adjust a number of settings to style your vector image. Record your own sound clips inside Anime Studio and adjust the pitch from high to low to fit your animated characters or import existing audio files into your project. Browse through existing content, save your own creations to the library, and easily categorize content and search for items by keyword.
Simply load a sound file, and from the layer options of the layer you wish to sync, select the sound file from a pull-down menu. Easily edit characters, scale, rotate, pan, zoom in and out of the canvas with simple finger gestures. Now that I use Ubuntu I've tried Gimp and Inkscape, and some others, but I can not find all of the aforementioned qualities.
I've switched back to Ubuntu Linux full time from Windows and coming from Fireworks CS 6, Macromedia Fireworks 8 has all the things I need.
It lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics. However, it lacks options like effects (shadow, blur, fade, etc), and I also do not see any option to easily draw shapes (squares, circles, arrows), or to apply texture, for instance. Pencil is not intended to mimick web-oriented vector-based animation software such as Flash. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.
It is cross platform, exports to HTML5 and SWF and even supports partial ActionScript in both HTML5 and SWF. Similar to the presentation tool prezi, JessyInk allows the creation of infinite canvas animations. But amazingly even with very little functionality it allows the creation of browser-based SVG animations like my Spiral Dynamics presentation..
It is geared to be a tool for traditional animation and is available on all major platforms. It is more geared towards creating comics than motion graphics, and has a functionality very different from Flash authoring tools.
Quite probably I will need to use different tools for different animation tasks and will try out Giotto, Synfig and Pencil for now under Windows and will give Tupi a go under Linux.
In fact you can create an entire animation within Pencil, including audio tracks, and then export it all to a single movie file that you can upload anywhere. Select preset, dial-in body proportions, and choose from dozens of predesigned 2-D components such as hands, feet, mouths, eyes, noses, and heads. Then bring your image to life by moving any individual bone point to create the pose or motion you want, while keeping your project organized with the sequencer and timeline. Anime Studio will automatically insert them into your timeline, where you can adjust the timing and length to fit your scene. Gather up and organize all your project files in one location using the Gather Media feature. I graphic design for a living and use both Macromedia Fireworks 8 and Adobe Photoshop CS 5 on Linux. Its main purpose is to make traditional animation.Neither does it try to rival commercial software targetting the professional animation sector.

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As InkScape so far does not support animated vector graphics, the scene can only be static and animation is implemented as JavaScript that moves around the SVG in the browser.
Currently it does not yet support keyframes or tweening, even though these features are planned for future releases.
Create your own custom characters using the built-in Character Wizard and convert your existing paper drawings to ready-to-animate vector images with one click. Easily synchronize characters' lip and mouth movements to a sound file through a simple and intuitive process. Easily select and remove unwanted background colors from your images using the Image Masking tool.
The speed of the apps are just as fast and even faster than the programs mentioned that run native.
Tupi is a fork of the KTooN project by one of its main programmers and activity on Tupi has been far more intense than on KTooN.
Draw your own artwork using built-in brushes, import digital photos, add sound and video, and choose from pre-designed characters or create your own and make them talk using integrated lip-synching. Detailed video tutorials make learning the tools a snap, and pre-made content and characters help you get started right away. Draw with pattern brushes and create perspective shadows with Anime Studio's layer masking feature. On top of that you could choose to edit all your frames in any bitmap editing software you choose then just import them into Pencil, add some sounds, export to a movie file and you're done.
The revolutionary bone rigging system makes animating fast and an efficient alternative to tedious frame-by-frame animation. If that's all you need to do I highly recommend this software - its free - so give it a try.Once you get into vector animation the frustration starts to set in.
If you haven't properly closed an area you'll keep getting a warning message telling you there's a gap in your drawing or you've 'Zoomed Out too much'.
This is a known problem that is documented within Pencil's manual.It's frustrating because often there are no obvious gaps - even if you zoom right in to check.
If you can't find any gaps then the best solution seems to be to break the area up into smaller fill areas using the 'invisible line' tool. Then fill each section as you go until the area is all filled.Because of the buggy nature of this software, personally I wouldn't use it to create anything too advanced like a full vector animated movie.
On the second there are ten frames for the fire.You'll notice there is also a camera layer in the time line. Just like other layers you create key frames for the different camera shots.For GoAnimate users you'll need to create a camera layer for your object with just one key frame.
You'll then need to size your object relative to how big you want it to be (initially) compared to the stage (generally it's best to make sure your object always fits within the stage.
You can easily make it larger once you've imported it onto the GoAnimate Stage).You'll then need to position your object in the top left corner of the stage with the corner being approximately in the middle of the object as shown below. Whilst it's great for backgrounds, animated props and heads, it cannot save files in the correct format for characters.Despite it's short comings I've used Pencil to create all my vector based props on GoAnimate. Sometimes I drag my feet thinking, oh no, I don't want to use pencil again, but, unless you want to buy some software, I haven't come across any other free vector animation software compatible with GoAnimate.Like I said it's a good stop gap. If you find yourself using Pencil a lot and you're really interested in flash animation then you'll probably want to buy something better eventually.That aside, for a free program it really does have potential. The drawing tools are quite basic but, with enough patience, you really could do some very impressive animation work.

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