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October 23, 2010 by John SaddingtonLooking for a free piece of software for your church presentation needs? Proclaim is the first software that fused the awesomeness of the cloud with church projection.
Enter Worship Extreme, the first free cloud-based worship projection software to facilitate better collaboration between worship team members, preachers, pastors etc. The free version comes with unlimited user accounts and watermark-free slides – the restrictions are on the number of slides (cues) per presentation (cue list), number of presentations itself and media library size.
Collaborative content creation (song library, images, videos, PPTs, YouTube Videos) from any computer (Windows only) with an internet connection.
With built-in support for a wide variety of media types and formats, no need to install special codecs or players!

Our friends over at Logos Bible Software recently released Proclaim, a church presentation software, that can help simplify Sunday morning.
Apart from removing these restrictions, the paid versions also support custom video usage and more Bible translations. Now pastors, worship leaders, and production staff can build the entire service presentation online throughout the week.
Plus, see below how to get continued free use of Proclaim through February with a simple Facebook post. Proclaim lets you and your service team add to and edit your presentation throughout the week from any computer. Pastors can upload outlines, images, and Scriptures at any time, and the band can easily see what songs are slotted for upcoming weeks.

No need to copy and paste lyrics anymore—Proclaim interfaces with your CCLI SongSelect account and your Graceway Media membership. Proclaim also connects to Logos Bible Software, allowing pastors to send sermon notes directly to their presentations with a simple click.

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