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Microsoft launched utility software that determines whether the DVD decoder is available in Operating system and also it checks with latest version of Windows® media player. The DVD decoder allows playing compatible video formats like AVI, DVR-MS, MPEG-2 and MPEG files. Incoming search terms:cyberlinkmicrosoft windows xp videotelecharger decoder windows media playerwhat is compatible dvd decoderwindows xp video decoder checkup utility exe Download Now!
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If any problem occurs while playing in media player then this utility software verifies the VIDEO DECODER UTILITY compatibility in the personal computer. If your system runs on Windows, then you have to download a DVD decoder externally as your Windows Media player. It also checks the video decoder compatibility with playback videos of recorded TV.  This utility lists all the possible video decoder files available in Windows registry. Indication is done for the suitable video decoders that are compatible with Windows® media player and XP Media Center.

This VIDEO DECODER UTILITY software is available for download and easy to install in personal computer.

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