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MixPad is a professional-level audio editing and mixing program which may or may not be useful to the average home PC user.
The program's main function is to organize, edit and mix tracks together to create mixes.If you're good enough with audio composition, the possibilities of things that you can create with MixPad are pretty endless. You can adjust the volume, create fades and more with the click of a couple of mouse buttons.Some of the formats which MixPad supports are WAVE, MP3, Readl Audio and some others.
Looping of both audio and video signals simultaneously, with adjustable cross-fade on loop boundaries.

Of course, you can grab the tracks from multiple sources like CD audio tracks or from your hard drive. Effect containers can be used to restrict the processing of contained video effects by shape or blending logic.
Other features include custom video export size, number of tracks and sub-composites limited only by available memory, custom speed and direction change for video and audio, optional super-sampled compositing during export for better quality rotation and zoom, and the ability to slave effect and compositing controls to audio wave forms.
What's Happening with zs4 Development?More and more often we're being queried about the lack of activity on our software projects.

Obviously they still exist ( zs4 and the oldZweiStein ), but no New Releases have been forthcoming for many months.

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