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Any experienced email marketer knows that crafting the perfect marketing email is somewhat of an art form. But with HubSpot's 2012 Science of Email Marketing research revealing that 65% of people prefer emails with mostly images rather than text -- and a whopping 88% opting for HTML emails over plain text -- email design isn't exactly something a marketer can afford to overlook. To give you a better sense of why expertly designed email marketing is so important these days, check out the infographic below and start 2013 off with an email marketing bang!
Are you leveraging techniques like personalization and dynamic content in your email marketing?
All-In-One Large Volume Email Marketing Services to create, broadcast and track email campaigns. Despite the new internet tools that have entered the market, appropriate email marketing is definitely a component that you should not neglect in your online marketing strategy.
Is the most cost-effective Internet marketing tools as it not only drives direct sales but also supports sales through other channels. Promotes customer retention through the increasing of awareness and the building of relationships that are based on loyalty and trust.
Allows for targeting, enabling you to communicate effectively according to your target audience’s needs. At Notion Age, we can bring you through a successful email marketing and email viral campaign from conception to completion. Our avant-garde email marketing software has been utilised by many MNCs and SMEs in their Email marketing campaigns and has reaped tremendous results. To find out more about Notion Age’s High Volume Email Blast Services or how you can began your effective Singapore Email marketing campaign; Contact our consultants now. Notion Age is a Singapore leading creative interactive agency and top SEO company that offering best web design service, professional SEO Singapore (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), CMS (content management system), email marketing solution (edm design and email broadcast), online marketing and other digital marketing solutions.
Email marketing template for corporate or association which is usually part of online marketing plans strategies beside search engine marketing, web marketing, viral marketing. The template of this email marketing can be used to send products or services offer to your prospects and customers. You can use this email marketing template by replacing the title, date, issue, subtitle and content in the template with your content.
Email marketing is my preferred way of selling products coming from the affiliate programs that i have signed up with. At first E-mail marketing seems to be a very tedious and time consuming task of promoting affiliate products. Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. While this covers the obvious such as Subject lines and blocked images, I like the way it covers some of the less well known details that we cover in our Email guides and course such as pre-headers, Johnson boxes and an ideal email template width of 500 to 650 pixels. If you found this useful, you may also want to check out our hub page on email creative and copywriting for more advice. Even if your email marketing is producing good results it can still improve; there is always something you can potentially add or do differently. Creative marketing doesn’t need to take up an enormous amount of your time if you use email marketing services. Sticking to a schedule can be difficult, especially with all the conflicting issues that running a business brings, but it’s vital that it happens. Now a day email templates are more important part of Web internet marketing campaigns.People who are coming from Digital Marketing knows, how really important the Email Marketing and the corporate premium email newsletter templates are the main backbone of Internet Marketing.
Their basic & advanced corporate premium email newsletter templates give you the materials you need to get started and have been designed to look great on major email applications. These templates can be easily opened and worked on with most html software or text editors.

All templates are coded with the highest quality available for greater email deliverability. No of Templates : You can get only 1 template layout file in Free whether in premium templates you can get set of templates with different layout. Premium Templates are well coded and support all mail clients where free templates does not have guarantee. Premium templates easy to open in all text editor and online builder due to high quality code. Campaigner is a Responsive Email Template , Compatible with major Email Clients.This Template is the perfect newsletter for your Business .
Classico is a clean & professional responsive email template that can be used for any purpose. Mailix is a Responsive Email Template , Compatible with major Email Clients, for more detail visit official page. Metromix is a simple “free-style” email template built for multi-purpose of email marketing. Flick a minimalist email template design with Flat ui style I’ve provide 2 style : Box and Fit layout style. Omni is a high quality, flat and responsive E-mail Template for creative businesses and photographers.Omni comes packed with 4 unique templates.
TechMail is a simple and clean responsive html e-mail template which is very easy to adapt to any kind of campaign. Flattie is an email built for companies, enterprises, businesses or freelancers who want to find a beautiful and clean solution to their email marketing needs. DealMail is a daily-deal kind of newsletter template which you can use for all your offers and limited deals! Delicious Mail is professional multi-usage email template, it comes in 5 color themes, 11 layouts each, every one of them has 2 backgrounds (light-dark gray). Airmail is a professionally built and designed custom HTML email template!Perfect for just about anyone – usable for everything from newsletters to e Flyers to whitepapers.Airmail comes with 5 pre-built color options (white, green, blue, black, light blue) as well as 4 different layouts (click below for samples), but it’s also incredibly easy to customize to your or your client’s specific needs.
Delicious Mail 2, the professional multi-usage email template which comes in 5 color themes, 12 layouts each, every one of them has 2 backgrounds (light-dark gray). Elegant and ultra-clean email template in 6 different colors and 4 layouts for your newsletter.This is an ideal solution for your email marketing campaigns, event invitation or periodical news. Send beautifully simple and elegant emails with Elegance, a template focusing on clean typography, grid layout and balanced negative space. This is a responsive template, able to adapt its layout to the screen size of your visitors.
Not only do you have to nail copywriting, messaging, personalization, and proper segmentation and targeting -- but you also have to worry about how that email actually looks. You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better and safer experience. A consolidation of 100 plus free email templates provided by Campaign Monitor for all your email marketing needs.
Find out more about our extensive range of interactive web design, email marketing and SEO services.
As one of our core business and with our vast and diverse experiences, we know the best approach to achieve high participation rate and high volume delivery rate with professional EDMs that your target audience will be able to relate to. To-date, we have worked with many MNC and SME clients such as Toshiba Singapore, Microsoft Singapore, Mitsubishi Electric Asia, Great Eastern Life, Trend Micro, Regus, Sony Ericsson, Resorts World Sentosa, MediaCorp, ESPN Star Sports, 7-Eleven, PARCO Singapore, CityGas, M1 and etc. Thx for dropping by, this is my first exclusive email newsletter for ThemeForest, hope you guys like it. Or you can use this email template or sending news update and information about your company for external or internal relations.

Replacing the default content and customizing of every design can be read in how to customizing email marketing template. A great deal of the work is done for you so that you can benefit from the results while still having time to concentrate on the running of your business. It is for this reason that you need to have a schedule for your email marketing and stick to it.
If you don’t do what you have planned it can have a serious negative impact on your campaign.
Comes with many variations of layout or modules, Dewin’s can be used for many purposes of email marketing campaign. It comes with 10 Layouts in 7 Colors and Repeatable Modules which will fit for any purpose of your newsletter. With well-written documentation, Daily Mail is easy for you to change content, images, or even create your own layout. It features 3 different layouts with 3 sets of unique background colors and 3 color schemes.
It’s Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor ready, and also built with both Responsive and Non-Responsive templates, so you can choose what suits your company best and promote with a very beautiful looking template which is certain to attract the attention of your customers and inquire their curiosity. Total 39 HTML (13 for general uses, 13 for Mailchimp uses, 13 for Campaign Monitor uses.) along with 13 layered PSD. Bundled in the package there is a layout creator that allows new templates to be created with ease.
Packed with 18 unique and repeatable modules, and 5 pre-defined layout variations ready to use, Dewin’s is a good choice for your next campaign.
The layout is Responsive which will display beautifully in desktop, tablet, mobile phone, and any device you have.HTML Code is Clean, Commented, and Well-Organized. Metromix is mobile friendly coded with media query CSS to make it works smoothly in your mobile phones. This would be good for your marketing strategies and This will help you to promote your online business worldwide.
Retinamore works perfectly across browsers, desktop and mobile email clients.You can test responsive email templates by resizing your browser. With his very elegant and unique layout style it is a perfect solution for your email marketing campaigns. With a bit of knowledge of HTML and CSS you can mix and match the elements to create a unique newsletter. The existing templates can be extended and customized easily thanks to their modular layouts. And if your background isn't in design, let's just say it's not exactly a piece of cake to craft an email that achieves both form and function.
Obviously Campaign Monitor wants you to use their services to send emails, but I’m sure these templates will be useful however your do your email marketing.
It have been tested on All major E-mail clients and Inline CSS used for a full cross browser compatibility.
We Tested the template with famous email testing service Litmus to ensure it will look wonderful in every email clients! Metromix packed with most powerful features and optimized coded that works awesome in all major clients, including mobile, desktop, and web based clients.
Tested throughly with mobile devices, and also tested with both Litmus email tester and manually for email clients on desktops and browsers.
Html’s are lightweight, commented and modular which makes the job of duplicate or hide modules very easy.

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