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Movie Information Downloader is a utility that allows you to find and retrieve all information available on different movie titles on IMDb. The interface is not very impressive and is composed of 2 sections, one where you perform the actual search and one where you can preview the information about the movie you select. You can select any of the movies and access the retrieve information function to preview the URL, ID, posters, year, release dates, languages, director, cast, producers, so on and so forth. While it does an excellent job at info retrieval, the application lacks the options that allow you to organize the saved data.
The utility could also use a cache system that enables you to access files you have recently closed, a feature that can come in handy when searching multiple titles in a short period. The application allows you save the details on the local drives as XML, TXT or JSON file format. Even though it does not allow you organize the data in any way, Movie Information Downloader can be handy when you want to gather all sorts of information about new blockbusters and older movies.

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You can type in the title in the dedicated search field and the application downloads all data associated with your query on IMDb.
This function can be slightly irritating to the average user or those who are just starting to collect movies. Therefore, if you want to make a list with details about the movies in your collection, you can create standard folders on your computer. Un dia, Shizuka Hattori, visita a Yoshika para informarle que tendra que estudiar en el extranjero y viajar hasta Europa.
On the other hand, you can edit all info provided, a feature that can be useful for the film connoisseurs.
It’s a software program which researches and finds videos, films you want and also makes it really simple for you to download and watch all of them, all in one simple to use program.

You can watch full length videos at standard definition, high definition or full hd quality. Wait just a few seconds when directly playing videos thanks to our direct streaming technology Thanks to our users all our videos are voted so you can sort them by popularity Mobile support.
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