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You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
Here are the most popular posts by page views as voted by you and our listings in Google since we launched the site in March 2010. Thanks to all our readers, writers, commenters and retweeters for creating, adding to and sharing our advice and alerts. Comfortably most popular was a detailed word document for developing or refining an Internet Marketing strategy. We do an interview every month sharing the experiences of other consultants or marketers on best practice. Digital marketing strategy essentials are our weekly round-up of the best advice from Smart Insights and around the web focused on developing strategies to succeed online. After Social media, email marketing is one of the most popular topics on the site reflecting its continued importance to marketers. A lot of our posts are about helping marketers use Google Analytics to improve their Internet marketing. A favore perche il Social Media Marketing, se non supportato da una Web Marketing Strategy articolata e di piu ampio respiro, puo davvero servire a poco o a niente. Magari perche non riuscivano a navigarlo bene, perche le pagine erano dei papiri impossibili da leggere, dopo 10 clic ancora non erano riuscite a trovare cio che cercavano o perche dallo smartphone con il quale navigavano veniva fuori un sito – accrocchio agghiacciante di foto, testi e bottoni (gia, il sito web orientato al mobile e un must).
Il punto e che puoi essere bravo quanto vuoi nei Social Network, ma il tuo sito web e e deve essere una priorita, propedeutico a qualsiasi altro canale tu voglia attivare in Rete. E’ il tuo spazio, quello in cui accogliere non solo le persone che cercano cio che proponi, ma anche quelle che ti hanno conosciuto grazie ad altri canali, vogliono conoscerti meglio, magari acquistare da te.
Il blog come canale ad oggi imprescindibile per costruire una relazione con i tuoi target, offrire contenuti di valore, rendere dinamico il tuo sito web e la tua presenza in Rete. E tante altre azioni e strumenti come la SEA (Search Engine Advertising) o le Digital PR di cui vanno capite le potenzialita per la tua impresa, perche non tutte le aziende hanno gli stessi bisogni, budget e obiettivi, ne le stesse performance sui vai canali. Veronica GentiliDocente e consulente di Web Marketing e Social Media Marketing , autrice del libro "Strategie e tattiche di Facebook Marketing per aziende e professionisti". Riceverai comodamente i miei articoli via e-mail e la mia ultima Mini-Guida ai Social Network!

An online marketing plan template is a ready to use document which is used by organisations to plan online marketing strategies.
You can Download the Online Marketing Plan Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Online Marketing Plan Template is either in MS Word and Editable PDF. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Great chart today from Marketing Sherpa on the most effective strategies for building your email subscriber list. They surveyed 1,100 marketers not just about which strategy pulled in the most email addresses but which brought in the highest number of quality leads. Notice how the highest quality comes at the point where a person is most engaged with a business. In the attached file selection of file you can find various file types and sizes for anyone to use anywhere. It was great to meet everyone last night at the Irish Internet Association – Meetball demo and networking night. We presented alongside Gary Mullan of Prosperity Recruitment and Emer Jameson of I will be speaking this Tuesday at the Dublin Web Summit on using email for sales and marketing. To jump start your marketing we have updated the wonderfully simple online marketing plan for you for the year.
Keep us posted and let us know how the plan helped your business and let us know how we can improve it. Absolutely delighted to hear that this blog has been shortlisted for Best Business Blog in the Irish blog awards. A huge thank you to you guys who read us, contribute and use Toddle.  Some great competition in the category, including a couple of clients. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can achieve higher search engine ranking and better ROI for your marketing dollars. SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the art and science of optimizing your website for the search engines to find you.

SEM (or Search Engine Marketing) encompasses any paid advertisements your company has on the Internet. It reflects the amazing interest in the opportunities and challenges of managing social media.
I originally created this in 2009, but thanks to featuring in Google it has remained popular this year and I've added new video case studies to it.
Business-to-business services marketers may be interested that syndicating quality content to Scribd has been really effective for us, since it can rank well for a term.
This proved the most popular thanks to the great insights and links to tools contained, plus it was featured in the CRE enewsletter - definitely worth subscribing too if you don't already. A big thank you to Chris Soames to helping me out in updating you on the latest changes and techniques to grow business through Google.
This was the most popular of these GA posts an excellent in-depth post by expert commentator Dan Barker. I am not surprised to see post onn planning do well as agencies implement social media startegy. Such templates are really useful as they are readymade documents which just need a few changes and adjustments in order to be used according to suitability. is not associated with Microsoft and templates provided are for guide only and not legal. It is put together as a checklist and it has the basics filled in with space for you to add your own twist and cross them off each month. We're hard at work developing more guides to release in 2011 to help with your Internet marketing planning.
It explained a simple way to add some extra info to your Google Analytics data to help improve your natural search traffic. It is based on one I have been using last year and I can tell you it helped me focused and on track.

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