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Windows Media Maker is one of the most widely used video editor and it is very easy to use. Portable Windows Movie Maker 5.1 is in-fact a free movie making software that can be used from a USB device! Windows Movie Maker 5.1 is for those novice video editors with little or no experience in Video editing.
This one is good for Windows 7 but i’m looking for the one found in Windows Vista which is supports HD (720p or 1080p) recording.
I tried what Rajesh suggested on a similar request on April 13, that WMM 2.6 works with XP. To do this select the photo or video in the storyboard and click on the "Visual effects" tab in the menubar. If you wish to apply the effect on multiple thumbnails then first select all which you want to add the effect to and then click the effect. If you'd like you can also add the effect on part of a movie by first splitting it in different parts.
To do this select the "Edit" tab (1), place the time indicator where you'd like to split the film, and click the "Split" button (3).

To do this scroll all the way down in the list with visual effects (4), and choose "Multiple effects" (5). If you want to add a effect you select this in the list with "Available effects" (1), and click on the "Add" button (2). You can change the order of the effects in the list by selecting one of them and click on the "Move up" or "Move down" button. To remove all effects, and with all effects i mean the visual, transition and zoom effects, we have to set each type of effect to "None". Its possible to do this for multiple thumbnails at the same time but for each type of effect this must be done seperatly.
Select the "Animations" tab, and choose "None" as transition (1), and "None" for pann and zoom (2). Select all slides where you want to remove the effects and click on the "Visual effects" tab, and choose "None" (3). With Movie Maker, you can create, edit, and share your home movies right on your PC or computer. The video can be published on a website or recorded to a CD or simply saved to the hard drive.

With a decent camera and an online video editor like Captevate, anyone can create a movie as good as one produced by a professional. With a solid idea and the right tools anyone can create impressive video content that everyone will love watching. Captevate is the simple to use online video editor that allows you to create beautiful videos quickly and easily. The answer is pretty simple: carry a comically large umbrella around a university campus on a rainy day, and capture the whole thing on video!
Captevate is an easy to use online video editor that allows you to quickly produce a fantastic looking film without the fuss and bother that accompanies more traditional editing suites! If you meant whether you can capture a video, you will need a webcam to do it from your computer. Do you just want to use an easy movie maker without the hassle of waiting an age for the installation files to download?

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