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If you know your crochet basics and have a few hours of time, you can make this cozy afghan blanket, perfect for cozying up in with a good book this winter or for giving as a holiday gift. Welcome to Easy Crochet, your source for crochet basics for beginners, easy crochet patterns, and crochet inspiration. The cozy, fashionable accessories are a great advantage of winter, allowing you to look so effortlessly stylish while keeping you comfortable. These buttoned slippers are a perfect crochet project for beginners, making a nice gift idea for little girls. These colorful elf slippers are perfect for the holiday season, both as a short, simple crochet project and then as a stylish accessory. The simple white and yellow line makes the pattern even more special as the olive green color suits the slippers with thick folded rims.
Another simple yet pretty pattern, made extra special by the addition of the red crochet flower.
Despite looking pretty complex and intimidating, this pattern is pretty simple, basically worked with the chain and double crochet stitches. One of the simplest patterns for crocheting a pair of boot-style slipper, this video gives detailed instructions to make the pattern easy to follow for beginners.
This pattern, worked with a K crochet hook and worsted yarn, comes with instructions for various sizes so you can make a pair for all the male members in your family.
Toddlers will look so adorable in these purple ballerina flower slippers with satin ribbons.
This is a basic pattern, great for those fine-tuning their crochet skills, producing a simple pair of cozy slippers to keep your toddler’s little feet warm on winter nights. A simple pattern, this one is perfect for beginners looking to learn how to crochet a nice pair of woolen slippers. There is no denying that this is the cutest pair of slippers you have seen, and the crocheted bows around those bunny ears make the pattern even more adorable. Simple, classic yet stylish, these will make excellent gift ideas for your husband, father, brother or any other male family member or friend.
Making this pair is as simple as crocheting the required number of granny squares and then stitching them in place, following the instructions given in the free pattern. Fox is another animal themed pattern that has made its way to all sorts of crocheted accessories from scarves, hats, headbands to socks and slippers, and here is a nice pattern for a pair.

This is a rather simple pattern – starting with magic circle, the rest of the work is done is the chain and double crochet stitches.
These pale blue sock style slippers are really cozy with the multicolored edges adding to its style. These little slippers are ideal for utilizing any spare skein of yarn you may have from an earlier crochet or knitting project.
This is probably one of the simplest slipper patterns as you can understand half of the instructions by looking at the pictures only; for the rest of it, check out the free pattern.
Imagine walking around the house in these stylish slippers during the chilly months of winter – and the best part is you can have as many pairs you want in as many colors as you choose.
Vicki Northern Indiana, United States A knitter, crocheter, and spinner trying to live a simpler life in this frantic world we live in.
Knitting Daily is a community for knitters who want inspiration, innovation, and motivation. Free Microsoft Templates provides you a very favorable and useful Free invoice template that you can use for any purpose, either for your goods or services, all is easy for you.
The middle part of this Free Invoice Template is the items detail with item number, item description, unit price and total price. Life is all about making and creating happy moments, it is not about how big or small they are, it is about how much one puts life and soul to that little particular moment.
The pattern, from Little Birdie Secrets, uses thick, textured yarn and a large hook size (15.75mm, or size Q). Those who know how to crochet have the added benefit of being able to make whatever item of clothing they want in whichever color they like. You can try replacing the button with a crochet flower or butterflies to bring a little variation.
A darker, more prominent color combination can be used for making a catchy pair of slippers.
They will look good in any pastel colored yarn, but make sure to use the darker shade of the same color for the flowers and ribbons.
But, don’t fret if you can’t find the little wooden leaves as any other cute matching button will work just as well.
Worked with soft cotton yarn, the black sole, along with the black button, makes the end product look catchier.

Detailed instruction for crocheting the blue-pink granny squares is included in the pattern.
You can use your own creative skills to decorate the finished pair with countless options available, from designer buttons, ribbons and beads to crocheted flowers, stars and snowflakes. This Basic free invoice template based on all the required information that is useful and eminent in this regard.
You can add as many items here as you want and this template will automatically calculate the total price of the items.
You can write here your mailing address, phone numbers and email address along with phone and cell numbers. Life is honestly very short to live in regrets, turmoil and stresses because we all have a lot of mess to deal with each day so why not to forget the tiresome activities and bring sheer joys in our life?The weird event is coming when the wolves will howl for the arrival of Halloween, when people cannot hold on to their nerves, when spooky avatars are all what people demand, when horrifying ‘Halloween decoration stuff’ fills the markets to the brim. The large hook and chunky yarn is what makes it such a fast project to complete, and also gives the blanket a nice thick texture. Slippers are one such common crocheted accessory that offers a wide range of variety in their pattern and designs. As this free invoice template is prepared in Microsoft Excel 2007, so you can easily utilize this beneficial template. You’ll use double strands of yarn as you work this, so it takes more yarn than a single-strand project, but the results are beautiful.
Top right part is the invoice details where you can write invoice number, invoice date, order number, order date, shipping order number, tax number or any other details you need to be a part of this area. As I have been presenting before you Halloween goodies so you can get accommodated before time and nothing would miss out on Halloween day.Pumpkins are mandatory aspect on the day of Halloween.
To finish it off, you can add fringe as shown in the image, or weave a satin ribbon through the border rows. People light them up by inserting blinking lights inside the pumpkins in order to create a crazy appearance.

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