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Free Movies Box is a simple and easy to use software solution whose main function is to allow you to watch numerous movies on your computer, without having to download them to your PC. The application is designed specifically for systems running Windows 8 as an operating system, as it can only be installed from the Store. However, the application will display advertisements from time time, which can distract your attention or simply annoy you. Free Movies Box supposedly updates its list weekly, adding new titles regularly and allowing you to watch even very popular or recent films. From the program's interface, you can adjust the volume of the film, depending on your needs.

Free Movies Box is a fun and useful program that you can use to see different high quality films every night, from numerous genres, costing you nothing other than time. This film is not only a great must see and funny film, but it is created to be a top rated. Free Movies Box provides you with a search function and does not require the full name of the film, so you can look for a specific title using as little as a word.
The database has no problem handling tens of thousands of movies, basically it's almost unlimited. You can also export an HTML list of all the entries in your database, which you can then print or share with friends.

Each movie can be assigned up to twentysix different genres anywhere from Action to Game-show.

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