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I know it isn't free, but whenever I see people recommend Audacity, I have to mention Reaper. RipEditBurn Plus is designed to work directly and conveniently with several of our other programs through the Tools tab. Record from any audio source your computer supports, including streaming audio, and export to your iPod or burn to CD. Extract pure digital audio directly from your audio CDs in RipEditBurn Plus's ripping module.
RipEditBurn Plus records from any audio source that you can hear on your computer: online streaming audio files--DVDs--CDs--live performances--interviews--internet and conventional radio--vinyl records or tape players--microphones--mixers--electronic instruments.
Load in your music files, arrange them in the order you choose, and burn your own customized mix CDs for your listening enjoyment, to give as gifts, to use with your aerobics class, or to sell.
We offer a free 14-day trial of RipEditBurn Plus below, and you can purchase the full version for US $59.95. Rip a complete CD with RipEditBurn Plus, and Wave Breaker will automatically break the file into separate tracks.

Audacity recording software is an audio program that can be downloaded for free from the internet, and already has a download rate numbering in the millions. The program is known as being an 'open-source' program - this means that anyone can view the program's code and use it however they wish. Audacity audio software supports sample rates of up to 192 kHz and bit depths of up to 24 bits, during both recording and playback.
I have heard that Audacity recording software is popular amongst actors when they need to record themselves in order to learn dialog, and also for those learning to speak different languages. I've never really been a big fan of Audacity, mainly due to the lack of any meaningful features that would make it useful for any kind of creative music production. You can download selections from Windows Media and iTunes libraries, and Yahoo, MSN and eMusic stores. Once you get your sound driver installed, check out the Realtek HD Audio Manager for configuring your headphones or speakers and tweaking the sound settings by choosing from different preset environments and equalizer settings. It's a very basic program and isn't really designed for any serious music production, but it can be used quite effectively to quickly capture basic ideas and recordings.

Audio can be exported as WAV or MP3, amongst other formats, and the program can be used with any audio interface or sound card to capture microphone and instrument signals.Audacity does have major limitations that stop it from reaching the levels of a professional audio program. It's also commonly used to capture and digitize recordings from old cassette tapes or vinyl records.Podcasting is another area where Audacity shows itself to be useful. But I can understand why it's used in certain situations, such as in podcasting or just as a way to record musical ideas and demos.The fact that Audacity recording software (the link takes you to the official site) is free means that it may have its uses in a home recording studio as well. The simple and basic nature of the program is ideally suited to the creation of a podcast.There are plenty of useful tutorials available on the Audacity website, covering all of the possible applications of the program. Ardour’s complete list of features, audio formats, plugins, window layouts, and mix automation options all make Ardour a much more powerful recording and mixing tool.
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