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This free app for android has been around for a number of years now unlike others and it is currently used by more than 250 million people worldwide. With this app you can be able to text, make a voice or video call among others.(Video Calling Apps for Android) This is more of a social networking application which helps you locate people who are using Tango video calling app and join them. If you are a Google android user you will have privileges of listening to voicemails via this app. This is yet another Free Calling App for Android which can be used to send messages, make phone calls, send video messages and you will be able to use doodles, stickers and ecomotions. This app is known because of its UI.  When you install it you will be able to make voice calls and send texts to all your friends free of charge and it has no limitations.
If you are looking forward to using these great android apps on your device, you must go through this process.
Point to note: before downloading any app on your device it is good to be mindful of what it can do. There are more than 8 calling apps for android in the market today and you can get them as long as your phone allows it.
Facebook claimed at the press conference that installation was a quick and easy process that would take less than 30 seconds, no matter what system and broadband connection you were using.

Today we are going to discuss on the top 8 best and free apps for calling on android phones.
With this device you can be able to make free video calls with another Skype user and also send free messages.
It is easy to create account on it, high quality sound when calling and you can be able to customize it.
One wonderful feature of ooVoo is that you can make a call to 12 people at the same time meaning you can make a conference call and discuss something with your friends.
The best thing about it is that it connects to Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G and it makes a high quality call a factor that makes it more popular. The best thing about it is that you can create a group and start a conversation and you may choose to call that group of people. Calling is for everyone and you may want to communicate with your friends and relatives who would be far from you. Yes, you will enjoy using it but if you happen to download and your phone is affected by viruses you will not taste the goodness of your calling apps for Android at any bit. You can be able to share your experience via videos or photos as well as update your status on Skype.

Apart from that you will be able to save videos and images which you can share with those who you are connected to.
What happens when a virus enters on your device it starts by weakening its performance and this will not make your phone as effective as you would want it to be. You may wonder how but sincerely speaking a phone call can cost you a lot of money than your data plan especially when calling a person who is in a different country but with this apps you do not have to worry much since you can not only chat, make just a call but also make video calls go too and that is why you should download these apps on your android device now. Another thing is that you can actually spend a lot of money if for instance you have a meeting and all of you cannot make it. While on this step, it is wise to consider where most of these apps are posted and one of these sites is Google play store which is a trustable source.
It is also the best way to send group message or share your new products and communicate with your customers since it is saving your money. The reasons can be countless and so make an effort of installing one of these apps today and ease your communication cost.

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