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Modern Opus audio codec easily adapts to your bandwidth changes ensuring the best possible quality under unstable communication conditions. TrueConf for OS X client application allows you to make free video calls in HD quality to any device with TrueConf application installed. Especially for Android devices we have released TrueConf Mobile client application, which allows users to make video calls and create multipoint video conferences.
TrueConf client applications allow making video calls of any possible quality - from SD to FullHD. is a free online video conferencing software which you can use in order to setup video conference rooms with up to 25 participants.
When sharing created video conferencing rooms, you’re gonna have to give other participants the address generated by the client application of this free online video conferencing software. Various other features are available, like for example Screen Sharing Meeting, where you get to participate in a meeting by sharing your desktop screen.
Next to the free accounts, also offers paid accounts where you can invite more people and the 40 minute meeting length restriction is removed.
Once that you’ve created an account, you need to click on the large green Host a Meeting button in the top right corner of your account dashboard. From the main menu of the client, click on the Video Meeting button to host a meeting, or on Join to join a meeting that someone else has created.
EngadgetYesterday, the Zuckerberg-owned empire expanded its Live Video feature beyond just celebs and verified pages so that everyone on the social network can get in on the bandwagon. Business Wire (press release)Vidyo offers video collaboration solutions for companies that require the highest quality video interaction available.
SYS-CON Media (press release)The software runs on recent versions of Windows and users need to download a free companion app to their mobile device (available for iOS and Android). No JitterThese new models, leveraging network software and broadband connectivity, are permanently reshaping the nature of corporate communications for now and the future.

EZTalks is a leading online video conferencing provider in the world which enables you to host unlimited HD video conferencing with anyone, anytime.
EZTalks video conferencing software is powerful but easy-to-use video conferencing software, let you connect with anyone, anywhere and anytime, reduce cost and increase productivity.
Video conferencing software TrueConf Server is a unified communications platform, providing the support of client applications on popular platforms - Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS.
ScreenCamera is a powerful gadget for Windows that allows users to stream the desktop screen along with the webcam on live video chatting sections.
Programmatically control the video bitrate, frame rate, audio quality, so it can use Video Conferencing in any internet connection.
The Video Live Support SDK contains a high performance VoIP and Video conferencing client capable of delivering crystal clear sound and video capturing even for both low and high-bandwidth users. WebVideo Enterprise is a complete video streaming software that enables live chat in pay-per-minute and free modes. All in one instant messaging software that support VoIP, internet fax, RSS, video conferencing, and support Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, and ICQ. The conaito VoIP Video EVO SDK contains a high performance VoIP and Video conferencing client capable of delivering crystal clear sound and video capturing even for both low and high-bandwidth users.
VideoPort Online service is an online video conferencing service designed by our specialists, which can help you to contact your colleagues or hold a business meeting with your partners anytime and with minimum expenses. Both users can see and hear each other during a video call.Collaboration tools are available. Video call transmits emotions of interlocutors like mimics and gesture and provides relevant visual contact. In this section, you can learn more about the recommended system requirements for video calls in TrueConf applications for desktop and mobile devices.
To setup a video conference room you need to download client, which is available for Windows.

They will then open up this link inside the web browser and in order to join your room, they have to follow instructions. This will start up the client download which you will have to install on a supported device. There’s several different ways how you can invite people to join your room, via email, SMS, etc. There’s numerous different ways how you can access the conference rooms of this free online video conferencing software, via telephone, web, you can share your desktop, computer audio and even record meetings, which is something that we neglected to mention in the description above. Meet face-to-face with up to 8 users while sharing PowerPoint presentations, Word Documents, or applications such as Photoshop, Firefox, and QuickBooks. With easy to use admin section, powerful performer software, a nice looking and fast loading client video chat, the system allows to make profit from selling live video content. VideoPort Online service is a usual video conferencing service which will help you to enjoy video communication no matter where you are. From there you can create video conferencing rooms which can be viewed online, inside web browsers, but again, only Windows operating system are supported.
When you’re done with the meeting, simply click on the End button in the bottom right corner of the meeting room to close down the connection. Provided with precise control ability in outputting video's resolution, quality, frame rate and bandwidth.

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