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Tracker Software Products :: PDF Creation Software, Free PDF Editor, FREE OCR, Voted Best PDF Reader !
All your PDF File Creation, Viewing and Manipulation needs in one cool, economical package!
Tracker Software Products :: PDF Creation Software, Free PDF Editor, FREE OCR, Voted Best PDF Reader !
Extending the power of our Award winning Viewer into an all new industrial strength PDF Editor. I would like to say that your PDF-XChange Viewer is a great software program and I have made it my default viewer.
We are proud to number amongst our Clients some of the worlds largest companies - but rest assured all of our clients both large and small are equally important to us. In case you are a game or a graphic designer, 3D rendering and modeling software is fundamental element for your existence.
This software package is useful in 3D modeling, ray tracing, texturing as well as rendering computer produced animations (movies) or imagery stills. POV-Ray or Vision Raytracer functions like ray tracing application that generates pictures from text-based scenario description. Much like MS Visio, Dia is a raster and vector graphics creator and editor that allows users to craft stunning flowcharts, diagrams and models.
Dia relies on several distinct categories of shapes and tools that enable users to craft circuit schematics, flowcharts and network diagrams.
Thanks to the fact that Dia is written in C, it provides impeccable support for Python scripting. Symbols from different sheets can be mixed and matched on the same canvas without conflict. Compared to Visio, Dia has quite a few advantages and very few drawbacks in everyday usage for tasks both simple and complex.

The Dia versus Visio argument is reminiscent of the age-old Adobe Photoshop versus GIMP debate. Art of illusion can model and render photorealistic animations and images; as well, it supports non-photorealistic rendering.
Blender features include UV unwrapping, 3Dmodeling, texturing, particle simulation, sculpting, raster graphic editing, smoke and fluid simulation, skinning and rigging, match moving, animating, soft body simulation, rendering, camera tracking, video composing and editing. This is never a KDE software, as the name may suggest and utilizes GTK+ toolkit through gtkmm. Radiance incorporates renderer and various other tools useful in evaluating the levels of the simulated light. It boasts the standard, predefined objects like polygons, ellipses, circles, stars and more, as well as custom entity-relationship modeling tools. Many independent users and developers have coded handy, third-party plugins to extend the functionality of the base installation.
You can array your available symbols by selecting either Assorted, UML or Flowchart from the drop-down menu in between Tools and Shapes. One of the biggest pros is the fact that Dia is lightning-fast and lean, using scant system resources to accomplish the same things as Visio while consuming less CPU power and RAM. Can free software developed by dozens of independent programmers actually compete with and even surpass expensive, proprietary software? This open source framework provides plenty of fresh software that improve your design experience giving way to the development of some thought inciting products.
It employs ray tracing in performing the various lighting calculations propelled by utilization of data structure from octree. It replicates the functionality of Visio while consuming fewer resources and providing a far smaller installer that weighs in at just 20 MB. Aside from basic vector graphics modeling utilities, Dia boasts support for a wide range of formats including XML, UML, SVG, PNG, JPEG and EPS.

By default, Dia gzips files for disk space conservation and saves them in the XML format for convenience and ease of transportation.
As with many other image and diagram manipulation programs, any object within your model can be outlined, magnified, flipped horizontally and vertically, snapped to a grid and more via keyboard shortcuts for efficient work flow and productivity. It also doesn’t cost a dime to download, which is arguably the biggest selling point.
It supports polygonal models and includes fundamental tools useful in patches, NURBS, animation and curves. One clutch feature is VDX file format support, which makes it easy to import diagrams created in Visio and work with them directly.
Though Dia is a favorite of Linux users, it’s available for both Windows and Mac OS X as well.
The Sybase and Cisco objects in particular are useful for professional-looking network schematics.
In a nutshell, Dia offers everything that every other vector graphics program on the market offers.
If you’re even remotely proficient in drawing up diagrams or working with Visio, Dia will fit like a glove. Dia sports the same basic layout and UI as any other vector diagramming suite on the market.
If you need a quality graphics editor and don’t have money to burn, Dia is a prudent option.

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