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Flash Video Downloader for Google Chrome is the effective tool you need to get your online videos on your computer. The plugin supports a wide range of formats for videos specially for downloading from your favorite site, YouTube.
Though it works differently for different websites, it works equally fine with all of them without any complexity.
For those who are interested in owning a collection of flash videos, this is a great extension that would make it even more interesting.

This Google Chrome plugin allows you to download videos from all popular websites to save them and replay them whenever you want. If the page you have visited contains a downloadable video, you see a blue arrow button on the browser that you can just click and have the video downloaded. After downloading, you can choose to play it or convert it to save to your computer or other devices. The most important use of this tool is for downloading the YouTube videos in various formats and the great thing is that it supports them all.

You can flawlessly download music and videos in various formats like HD, FLV, MP4 or MP3 formats.
The ultimate utility that lets you quickly download flash videos from almost all popular websites.

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