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It’s (Almost) 2015: Do You Have The Tools Necessary To Build A Successful Demand Gen Campaign? As much of the country is getting prepared to endure the chill of another long winter, we at Content4Demand have our minds set on warmer weather. Aside from the appeal of a warmer climate, our team is really looking forward to helping attendees gain actionable insights into content marketing that will allow them to target and engage their customers more effectively. However, as marketing experts, we also realize that without knowing how to properly score leads and nurture prospects through the funnel, content will only get you so far. Content marketing does take a long time to do, but it is possible to maximise your time and your budget.  The above four tools should be used by all businesses, both big and small alike.
The Click Intelligence way combines search engine marketing best practice, attention to detail, complete transparency and our bespoke search technology that we have developed to give our clients the edge over their competitors. Free Internet Marketing Tools from WordStream provide Internet marketers and business owners alike with an integrated and actionable set of keyword research tools designed to help search marketers with keyword analysis, keyword suggestions, keyword optimization and keyword grouping, and go beyond the capabilities that typical keyword tools can offer.
We at WordStream are Internet marketers, and every development and feature within the WordStream suite of free Internet marketing tools is aimed at making you more efficient while helping to grow your profit margins. Learn more about our paid and organic search features by following the links to any of our Internet marketing tools listed below.
The Free Keyword Tool by WordStream is the fastest, most accurate, most comprehensive online SEO keyword suggestion tool available.
We also offer a Keyword Tool API, which allows developers to implement the tool on their own sites and in their own applications. The Free Keyword Niche Finder is an innovative new keyword tool that returns structured keyword suggestions rather than a disorganized list.
If you already have a keyword list, the Free Keyword Grouper can transform your list (up to 10,000 keywords) into an organized keyword structure ready for high-performance PPC marketing campaigns and an SEO-friendly information architecture. The AdWords Performance Grader has been designed by PPC experts to show you where your campaign is struggling and how to make adjustments that will improve your performance and increase your ROI. WordStream's new, industry-recognized 20 PPC Minute Work Week guides advertisers through quick and easy actions that can improve campaign performance, grow accounts, and save money. The tool alerts you to opportunities to raise bids for high-performing keywords, and shows when to decrease bids on keywords that are not performing successfully. WordStream's online marketing tools and keyword research products help you take advantage of an innovative, multifaceted approach to highly effective pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and organic search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns.
Both WordStream PPC Advisor and the Keyword Research Suite for SEO are available to try completely free for a trial period. Improved Relevance due to the iterative, learning nature of the software's automation suite.
More Value by allowing you to dedicate fewer resources (in time, money, and talent) to generating more business.
WordStream's Keyword Research Suite provides search marketers with the sophisticated keyword tools needed to conduct high-performing SEO and PPC campaigns. Keyword Tool: Our keyword tool is the fastest, most accurate, most comprehensive keyword suggestion tool on the web.
Keyword Niche Finder: An innovative keyword tool that returns structured keyword suggestions rather than a disorganized list.
Keyword Grouper: If you already have a keyword list, the keyword grouper tool can transform your list (up to 1,000 keywords) into an organized keyword structure ready for high-performance PPC campaigns and an SEO-friendly information architecture.

Negative Keyword Tool: Eliminate waste in PPC campaigns by identifying irrelevant keywords that are costing you money. Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget. 2. Knovio® is an innovative tool for turning PowerPoint® slides into rich video presentations with just a web browser and webcam or with a mobile app on the Apple ipad. 3. Pixel Perfect Digital offers free stock photos, backgrounds, textures and other design elements. Just this week, Google announced their third big change of the year—Google Maps now officially falls under the umbrella of the Search Network, rather than being bundled in with Search Partners. Initially, the rollout will only apply to the Google Maps Android app, but it will be extended to the iOS app and the desktop site later this year. Most of us know Larry Kim as “Larry the Marketing Hack Artist.” In interviews, he typically reveals crazy tactics and divulges new theories he is investigating. Either way, I bet we can agree that, had you identified and dealt with these issues head on, you may have been able to repair the relationship or at least end on better terms. That said, I’ve noticed that far too many advertisers are failing to make the most of this unique opportunity. Earlier this year, I teamed up with one of our brilliant in-house PPCers, Nic D’Amato, to create a guide to help account managers dominate e-commerce keyword research. For the last decade, ad extensions have been served at Google’s mercy, using a secret, unpublished formula. Recently, the media has been abuzz with stories on the rise of ad blockers and the implications for digital markets.
I always assumed that running paid search for a business in the travel sector was a pretty glamourous job. As paid search advertisers, it’s our job to get the right information to the right people and the right time. Many moons ago, before I became a WordStreamer, I applied for an entry-level position at a company that required six (yes, SIX) rounds of interviews. That’s because Demand Gen Report will be hosting the 4th Annual B2B Content2Conversion Conference in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, February 16-18, 2015.
That’s why it was important to build on the successes of the annual B2B C2C Conference by combining it with our inaugural Demand Gen 2.0 Summit.
We believe that the success of our clients goals and ambitions are simultaneously linked to our own success. We aggregate over 1 billion unique keywords, representing over a trillion search queries, and hundreds of millions of related terms from diverse keyword sources. Just enter a keyword to find your most relevant and profitable keyword niches for your Internet marketing efforts. This incredibly valuable tool uncovers the AdWords secrets you need for success, and it's absolutely free! Our software is packed with the most valuable online marketing tools and techniques to optimize your campaigns.
With Knovio, you can take static PowerPoint slides to a new level with video and audio presentations that can be accessed anytime from just about any device and shared with others through email and social media. Excellent for sending larger files to clients or customers or for sending files to marketing professionals.

Now, I know Larry pretty darn well (we’ve worked together for five years!), but many of the stories that he shared on this podcast were new to me. Oftentimes, when you look back on the situation months later, you realize that there were actually plenty of warning signs that things were on the rocks.
It gives you the opportunity to show ads to a perfectly primed audience—people who have already visited your site—and nurture them into completing a conversion or coming back to make another purchase. Rather than simply reusing eye-catching image ads that you’ve designed for your standard display campaigns, you should go the extra mile to craft ads to connect specifically with your remarketing audience. A few readers responded saying that they appreciated the tips, but needed broader tactics to apply to non-retail sites.
If an ad had extensions enabled and ranked in one of the top three positions, it was eligible to be shown with a single extension, multiple extensions and sometimes even no extension.
Internet users have not hesitated to weigh in with their two cents on online ads, and the general consensus is that they find them to be dull, preachy, and downright intrusive. We spend countless hours crafting super-specific keyword lists, setting negatives and writing clear ad copy to ensure we’re attracting a highly relevant, qualified audience. Since there’s minimal ad real estate on the mobile SERP, advertisers have limited space to “explain themselves” to prospects. I persevered through the process, miraculously nailing the final interview and was informed that the only thing standing between me and my dream job was a single PowerPoint presentation.
By pulling together the top thought leaders and practitioners in both content and demand generation, we’re certain that attendees will walk away with the tools necessary to build successful demand generation campaigns in 2015. If you’re a qualified B2B marketer and are interested in attending, send us an email to receive a discount code for $200 off your registration fee.
This huge database enables us to supply thousands of long-tail keywords suggestions--far more than even subscription-based Internet marketing tools.
You'll also be armed with the tools to effectively act on this data so that you see more and more targeted traffic over time. The site offers a familiar interface and the same ease-of-use that people loved about Picnik.
Rather than diving into the technical stuff, Jeff tapped into Larry’s entrepreneurial side. On average, retargeting ads are 76% more likely to be clicked on than a regular old display ad. Yet, bad clicks still sneak their way through and can dramatically impact conversion rates. Google often serves fewer ad extensions alongside these ads and sometimes even ditches the second line of copy to make room for them. They chatted about everything from his career trajectory to the inception of WordStream and closed out with Larry’s recommendations for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Here are five super-reliable keyword research tools and tactics that will help you get the job done for just about any vertical you’re working with.

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