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There are many free printable song charades here to choose from – click here to print! All of these song charades are kid-friendly so they are perfect for a family fun evening, a child’s music themed birthday party or just a fun way of spending a rainy day indoors. If Team A doesn’t guess before the timer rings, Team B gets one chance to guess the correct answer. For these popular song charades, you can award bonus points for also naming the singer or group.
Knowing a little bit about these artists & their life in the news may help you in this game!

Watch Full chance the rapper favorite song feat childish gambino Summary Movies Music video Rapper. There are some for popular children’s songs, some for current hits and some for guessing the musician. Simply print one (or all) of these free printable charades games, cut along the dotted lines, and drop all of the charades into a pail.
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A timer starts and the actor has a specified amount of time to get his team to guess the charade.

There is no talking or pointing in charades…you can only use your great acting skills.

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