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The United States government want to do something about the growing issue of illegal movie and music streaming. David Bitkower, Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General, pushed the new legislation to give more money and power over to the US government to the Obama administration, to stopĀ online copyright infringement on websites. The previous moves of the organisation include shutting down Megaupload, a prominent torrenting website, along with IMAGiNE. Allowing the US government this amount of control could make some illegal streaming website disappear from the web.
The US wants to prosecute anyone who makes a profit from these types of websites – non commercial content might not be prosecuted, although most streaming services offer some sort of advertisement or premium account, in order to make money. Both SOPA and PIPA failed to make it past the House of Representatives and ACTA seems to haveĀ not hit the US.
This new law would free the US government to start blocking a large amount of media content that uses illegal moves to gain movies and songs, since this content is licensed and cannot be re-used without paying each time.

Streaming does offer lower payment per song, but the fact that one user may listen to the same song 100 times makes up for it.
If no money is going to the content creators, it becomes a problem, but perhaps not a problem the US government should be dealing with. Download image Watch Downloading Movie Websites Streaming Movies Date 28 PC, Android, iPhone and iPad. Most governments already sanction websites like The Pirate Bay that offer torrented content, but streaming sites remain untouched. Bitkower sees the next generation of torrenting as more hard to track down, since it involves the viewer tuning into a stream. These streaming websites offer content without getting the right legal papers to stream this content to thousands of viewers. This has made it harder for countries like the United States to punish torrenting websites, like The Pirate Bay, straight away.

The same applies to movies, while not every person pays $10 to watch it, 100 times the amount may watch it on the service. Instead, content creators and publishers should look to offer better rates and upload their content on multiple services. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
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