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And I'll highly appreciate for any donations, it will helps in the development of the SimplTV stuff. The table below shows information about developed scripts for some websites and video hostings. To use vip scripts you need to have VIP status and install a special file which will be sent to you via email.
The VIP status will allow you to use all type of scripts and also you may send request to develop one personal script for you.

These donations are used to cover ongoing expenses: web hosting, domain registrations and future SimpleTV player stuff development.
Please use one of the following buttons to make a donation from either your PayPal account or using one of the major credit cards.
Your name will be listed on Best Donors list in the SimpleTV player About window if your donation is 50 USD and more.
You will get VIP status which will allow you to use all developed scripts and also you may request to develop an one free personal script for you.

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