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I studied services marketing in college and before my studies began I had a perception of marketing as a complicated and theory-based business system practised by big US multinational corporations.
Don’t try to be all things to all people: identify your editorial speciality and then actively target those clients who seek this specific area of expertise. If you would like to learn more about potential marketing tools for your freelance editorial business, join me for the Marketing Tools for the Freelance Editor seminar at this year’s SfEP conference in September.
Based in Wexford, Ireland, Mary McCauley is a freelance proofreader and copy-editor working with corporate clients and independent fiction authors. This entry was posted in Conference, Freelance life, Getting started, Marketing, Professional development and tagged customer service, editor, editorial, focused, freelance, marketing, network, online, professional, proofreader, proofreading, SfEP on May 27, 2014 by admin. TweetRU Crew, today we bring you the expertise of not one–but four–freelance editors! Content Editing: Content editing, sometimes called developmental editing, addresses the big-picture construction of your manuscript. Lisa: If you’re pretty sure your ideas are marketable, but agents and editors aren’t biting, it might be time to start talking with freelance editors. Rhonda Helms: Most writers know when they are ready to hire a freelance editor, but it mostly depends on what in particular you need help with. Kelsey: What are the most common problems you see in the materials people send you as a freelance editor?
Convoluted writing – the author overwrote the scene, skimped on transitions or tried to pack in too many unrelated ideas. Technically competent but emotionally flat writing – the author lost the spark that made her want to write the story in the first place, or has lost her voice amid too many “helpful” suggestions. Deborah: I edit genre fiction, and a common issue I see is too much exposition, which slows the pace. Kelsey: What are some warning signs that a freelance editor might not have the writer’s best interests at heart?
And there are situations when an editor might have the best of intentions but be unable to give proper guidance due to lack of experience. Rhonda: Writers need to be careful to make sure the editor they hire will not do more harm than good.
Stop by Friday for another fabulous column from Theresa Stevens, editor at Star Publishing and all around great gal!
Lisa Stone Hardt began her career at Dell Publishing, where she learned the editorial craft from several of the best mass-market editors in the business. Through it all, Lisa maintained her ties to the publishing community and volunteered her support to promising authors pursuing a career in commercial fiction. Since Deborah Nemeth became an avid reader at age four and stops only when she absolutely has to, it was probably inevitable that she’d eventually become an editor. She’s been editing on a freelance basis for Carina Press since late 2009, and before that she edited for Samhain Publishing for over two years.
Cindy Davis lives in southern NH where the winters are cold and summers hot–but at least they have no gators, tornados or insects the size of airplanes. Rhonda Helms has a Master’s degree in English and a Bachelor’s degree in English, creative writing.
I know it’s common for NY houses to change titles between acquisition and publication, and I know it all ties to wanting the book to sell more copies. While a form letter rejection doesn’t give you any specific useful information to work with, a collection of them is a pretty good indicator that something about your submission could be improved. When an author comes to me for help revising a manuscript based on suggestions she received in a rejection letter, I like to take some time discussing those suggestions with her first. A good critique editor can help with this as well–that person can scour your manuscript and give an honest opinion about problems. If an editor at a publishing house provides detailed feedback and invites an author to revise and resubmit, then I’d encourage the author to carefully consider the requested changes.
If you’re planning to self-publish a book, I think hiring a freelance editor is extremely important.
Rhonda mentioned she recommends potential clients ask for a five-page edit before hiring an editor. Are there circumstances under which you would decline to work with a writer (other than not knowing the genre)? I get excited when I read a really, really good story–as in, the characters are compelling, the plot is fascinating and unique, and the author is willing to work hard to polish it to a spit-shine. There are reasons I’ve declined work in the past, usually because the project was too big for me to fit into my schedule in the timeline requested. When a prospective client contacts me about her manuscript, I always ask to read a few chapters so I can come up with a customized quote for the work. Other than a lack of familiarity with the genre, I can’t think of many reasons I would decline to work with an author.
Being a debut author, I can honestly say having an editor is an amazing experience (big shout out to the fabulous Gina Bernal!). I do think it’s important for the writer to have a level of trust with the editor though. The biggest thing I’ve learned is not to submit until my critique partners have had a chance to really haul the story over the coals.
I keep hoping I’ll find a magic formula so my future stories will be easier to write. This is about my fifth or sixth full manuscript, Deborah – I’m learning-by-writing!
You know how it is – every time a blog on writing craft is posted here, I start analyzing my story to see if I covered all the points mentioned in the blog. I also hear you on what advice to take and what to let go of…and I don’t even have a crit partner! While it’s certainly possible to write without CPs, it helps a lot to get a different viewpoint, and the benefit of CPs with different areas of expertise.
I’m a freelance writer, editor and author with over 20 years of experience in consumer publishing. Jezeli nie pamietasz hasla, wpisz adres e-mail, z ktorego obecnie korzystasz w I'm working on a secondary school project, which consists in Americanising a series originally published in British English. Mozesz okreslic warunki przechowywania lub dostepu do plikow cookies w Twojej przegladarce. You may have the keenest editorial brain in the world and a long list of top academic qualifications but unless you realise that in providing a service to customers you must look after those customers as best you can, then your freelance business will not be all it can be. According to proofreader and author Louise Harnby, ‘Your educational and career backgrounds will help you to identify core client groups.’ A good way to start thinking about this is to imagine someone you’ve just met asks you what you do. Which marketing activity has worked best for you and which have you found the most difficult? She is a member of both the SfEP and the Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers (AFEPI) in Ireland. I really enjoyed the entire conference – I learned so much from it and met such great people.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. We’ve asked them some detailed questions about utilizing a freelance editor, but this is your chance to pick their brains.
A content editor will help you make sure your story progresses logically and delivers the emotional impact readers are looking for. Whatever it takes to provide an author with a polished, marketable manuscript, that’s what a book doctor does. She’ll correct grammar and punctuation, fix typos and incorrect word usage, flag inconsistencies and highlight factual errors.
I’d say the same if you’re able to get requests for your manuscript, but the rejections cite reasons related to execution.
Think of the freelance editor as a representative reader who asks the same questions that will occur to your future audience… only she does it early enough in advance of publication to allow you to clarify your point.
There are many ways to do this, from studying some of the many excellent books on writing to taking classes to finding a capable and supportive critique group. They’re no longer hiring an editor to polish a ms for submission to a traditional publisher but to self-publish their own manuscripts.
Some writers complete a manuscript and want to make sure the story’s content (plot, characterization, setting, pacing, etc). I’m not sure anything qualifies as “common,” since every project is different, but I frequently see manuscripts where the author has neglected to think like a reader.
In content critiques, the biggest things I see are slow pacing, characters you don’t connect with, plot holes, and the like. A freelance editor should help you realize your vision of the story, not force it to fit her own. It’s my hope that authors will learn from the experience and be able to identify and fix similar issues themselves next time.
For instance, I wouldn’t be the best person to advise a client on her inspirational romance, because I don’t know that market. From 1997 to 1999, Lisa helped to launch the work of New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning, USA Today bestselling author Julie Ortolon, and Sherri Browning Erwin. With the founding of LSH Editorial Services in September 2010, Lisa has followed her heart back to the editorial desk, where she once again helps established and aspiring authors find the sparkle in their work.
Over the years she’s lived in Ohio, Michigan, Chicago and Puerto Rico, although she spends most of her time in places such as nineteenth-century Bath or Middle-earth. She’s been a full time editor for twelve years, and loves most all genres, particularly mystery, since she’s also a mystery author. In the submission process, I’ve heard of authors moving to the top of a slush pile and getting requests because of having an awesome title, or, in one painful example, of an agent being so tired of seeing the same title that it was almost an instant rejection for her. A freelance editor can help you identify specific areas to work on, either within the manuscript or in other parts of your submission package. There are many different freelancers available, all with different personalities, and Rhonda would certainly be an excellent choice.
Or because expectations were unrealistic, since an edited ms won’t guarantee an offer of publication.
When I send back the quote, I always include some high-level suggestions about the sample chapters.
I suppose I might suggest a client look elsewhere if our personalities clashed to the point where it damaged our working relationship, but that hasn’t happened to me yet. I have several CPs and they all catch different things, similar to the different types of editing referred to in this post.
It worries me when I see people writing three and four stories a year – the more I learn, the slower I get. If the next submission results in nothing but rejections, hiring an editor may be the logical next step. As you grow and write more stories, you’ll be able to discern what to keep and what to edit. With that experience and as an obsessive reader for my entire life, I thought writing fiction would come to me relatively easily. It’s a great way to learn, but it’s also often a quick trip to Imposter Syndrome Land! I changed it my freshman year of high school, when two other Beckys shared many of my classes.
I found my first core critique partners there, and I recommend it as a good place to start. I specialise in lifestyle subjects, ranging from homes and gardens to architecture, interiors, crafts, design, furniture, heritage, countryside and travel. Over time, she helped us to bring a unique voice and great local stories to our audience of more than 70,000 readers." -- Emilie-Noelle Provost, Editor-in-Chief, 512 Media Inc. She edits both fiction and non-fiction pieces, including books, articles, website and brochure content, doing her best to put the author's best foot forward.
You are an intangible part of the service your client is purchasing and the client has to want to work with you.
If they haven’t worked with you before then from their point of view they are taking a risk by contracting your service.
A business website is an excellent opportunity for you to control the message you give to potential customers. Network not only with colleagues (online through social media, and in person at editor meetings, conferences, courses, etc.) but also with members of your target market. She helps run the new AFEPI Twitter account and also blogs sporadically at Letters from an Irish Editor.
Referrals and repeat business are so important to us freelancers, but it’s probably a good idea to have some other avenues open to us as well so as to soften the potential impact of losing a regular client, etc.
Well done to Christine and to everyone who put so much work into making it such a fantastic experience. For example, she might comment on pacing, suggest ways to make a heroine more sympathetic or point out character inconsistencies. A book doctor will take a completed (or nearly completed) manuscript, diagnose what isn’t working, and fix it. Copyeditors refer to stylebooks for the “right” way to do things, so make sure you’re using one who is familiar with your genre and uses the Chicago Manual of Style, which is the most common reference for commercial fiction. If an agent or editor tells you that the story she requested based on your query or pitch “wasn’t as engaging as she’d hoped,” a freelance editor might be able to help you make it sharper and more appealing.
I suggest hiring a developmental editor after you’ve finished the book and completed your initial edits yourself.
Hiring a professional freelance editor is one way to get assistance with both story structure and prose style—provided the author selects an editor with the right skill set, because proofreaders and copyeditors might not have the requisite experience.
If an author plans to self-publish and wants to put out a polished book, hiring a professional editor is essential.
These manuscripts usually need someone to nudge them into a more logical flow, sometimes on a line-by-line basis, and to pare down the text so the story shines through. She spent the next ten years pursuing a legal career, first earning her law degree with honors, then practicing as a regulatory attorney with some of the top law firms in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Lisa specializes in romance, fantasy, women’s fiction and YA, and will consider non-fiction projects on a case-by-case basis.
She now lives in the Mid-Atlantic with her husband (a candidate for sainthood) and their two practically perfect daughters.
She specializes in content editing and line editing genre fiction, especially mystery, fantasy, historical fiction and romance for private clients in addition to her work for Carina. But I know a good title when I see it, so I’m happy to make suggestions and help my clients brainstorm. But yes, a good title (combined with a cover) and a compelling blurb can help sell a lot of copies! In addition to working with authors on their manuscripts, I have helped them polish their query letters and synopses. Before I start editing a manuscript to incorporate another person’s recommendations, I need to be sure the author is comfortable with them.
When a pattern emerges in the feedback, it becomes an opportunity to take a fresh look at the ms. And it’s a conflict of interest for me to edit a project for a client who intends to submit it to Carina Press. They were very nice rejections and some were extremely detailed and helpful, a sign that I’m improving at least. Keep writing, and if you don’t sell your first ms, you might get offers for your second or your third story. As Rhonda said, personal rejections take time to write; those editors clearly thought it was worth spending that time on YOU. Please browse my website to see examples of published articles, to read about my career to date, and to get in touch.
As Steve Baron and Kim Harris write, ‘customers often use the appearance and manner of service employees as a first point of reference when deciding whether or not to make a purchase’. Don’t focus solely on yourself when networking; few like to converse with someone who drones on about ‘me, me, me’. Around the time she started her editorial business she took up running – not only to keep fit but also to help maintain her sanity. Some editors will simply identify aspects of the book that could be improved, while others will make specific suggestions about how to fix them.
The best editors are capable of line editing without disturbing the author’s voice, such that the end result is a crisper, clearer manuscript that still sounds like the author who wrote it originally. This can be as simple as adding, deleting or rearranging a couple of scenes in addition to the baseline developmental edit, or it can be a much more involved process. Then look for a copyeditor to help you polish the manuscript before you make it available for purchase. A good freelance editor can help you improve your work, but she can’t “get your work published.” Finally, as with any other professional relationship, it’s important to have a positive rapport with the editor you work with. Sometimes it makes more sense to dissect the suggestion, find the root of the problem, and solve it in a different way.
I know it’s in there, I just feel it’s a little buried and could be so much better! I can help authors with story structure and character development, and I can help them polish their prose.
I don’t usually provide a sample line-edit at this stage, but I probably would if someone requested it.
As the author of over thirty books, she understands the challenge of entrusting your book, otherwise known as your baby, into the care of an editor. In every aspect of your service to clients – be they an independent author, a publishing house, an academic or a corporation – be friendly, helpful, genuine and, most importantly, customer-driven. This is especially the case if you are starting out as freelance editor and have minimal testimonials or no portfolio. You can list your services, portfolio, client testimonials, qualifications and, most importantly, your contact details!
Be prepared to see your manuscript undergo substantial revisions when working with a book doctor; this is someone who can do the heavy lifting while you move on to your next project.
Trust your gut; if you feel like your freelancer has an agenda of her own, she probably does. She’s been freelancing for several years as well and loves taking on projects of all genres and lengths, though she specializes in romance and teen fiction.
If the work seems too immature or the author isn’t ready for publication, I offer tutoring or some sort of mentoring. It’s hard to put my finger on what it is, but as with titles, I know it when I see it. If you decide to hire a freelance editor, you’ll want to think about whether you want a ms critique or a full edit.
Her goal is to make every book flow beautifully, 'singing' a symphony of praise to glorify God. Use every opportunity to put your client at ease, make it easy for them to work with you, and make them want to work with you again.
Ensure the content of your website accurately reflects your values and professional approach. A good editor will help you strengthen your story, of course, but also remain true to your voice.
To that end, she will make each book agree with Scripture, because only the truth of God's Word has the ability to change lives, which should be the purpose of every book. As retired Irish retailer Fergal Quinn puts it, ‘Think of the main task as being to bring the customer back.’ It sounds simple, right? Social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.) provide effective means to interact with potential clients.
If you are a member of an editorial professional body, act in accordance with their code of practice. For example, if your target market includes independent authors join one of LinkedIn’s writers’ group forums. Help potential clients find you by listing your services in online directories, such as the SfEP Directory of Editorial Services. 1204 z pozniejszymi zmianami) w celu prawidlowego swiadczenia uslug okreslonych w Regulaminie oraz Polityce Ochrony Prywatnosci. Wyrazam rowniez zgode na nieodplatne przetwarzanie danych osobowych, w tym nieodplatne wykorzystanie wizerunku w rozumieniu art. 631 z pozniejszymi zmianami) umieszczonego w Profilu w celach statystycznych oraz dzialan marketingowych prowadzonych przez Serwis lub za jego pomoca. Oswiadczam, ze poinformowano mnie o przyslugujacym mi prawie dostepu do tresci moich danych oraz ich poprawiania i ze wszelkie dane osobowe zostaly przekazane przeze mnie dobrowolnie.

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