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Local in: Kansas City, Chicago, Dallas, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, St. Cinematography services, underwater and time lapse footage and equipment for above and underwater productions.
We offer unique underwater housings and content that resolves true 4k and beyond from corner to corner using proprietary and innovative solutions. She won Best Newcomer at Wildscreen 2008 and was nominated at Jackson Hole 2009 in the same category for her film The White Wood.
Caroline graduated from Bristol University with a BSc Hons in Zoology, then worked for the prestigious Survival series as well as Anglia's Predators with Gaby Roslin, Wild about Essex with Tony Robinson‚ and Animals In Action.
Now as a director of Shake the Tree Productions, she has written, produced and directed films on black caiman in Brazil, street children in India and the history of the pearl trade in Bahrain. Her stills are housed at the Specialist Stock Library, she has written seven books on wildlife and numerous articles.
Richard Brock worked in the BBC Natural History Unit for 35 years producing, among others, the highly successful Life on Earth and Living Planet series with David Attenborough.
Giuseppe is a film-maker and a biologist with fifteen years of research experience in ecology and molecular biology. In 2004 he produced the multi-awarded film AHMED AND THE RETURN OF THE ARAB PHOENIX, a compelling story about the re-discovery in the Middle-East of an iconic bird, the Syrian Northern Bald Ibis. In 2009 Giuseppe moved to Kenya and founded his production company, Terra Conservation Films.
Giuseppe's documentaries have been aired on PBS (USA) and the National Geographic Channel and were awarded at major wildlife film festivals around the world. Recent credits include an episode of Panorama for BBC1, investigating the devastating effect of the palm oil industry on the environment and particularly the orangutan, and the much repeated series Gibbons: Back in the Swing for Animal Planet International. Born in the once dusty little town of Hesperia, California the love of nature has always been the central inspiration in my life. I travel to South Africa annually, and have a particular fondness for the herps of that region, occasionally lead small groups so others can share in my experience. When I am not searching for snakes or filming I am actively involved in a number of conservation efforts including the founding of Herpetological Conservation International. Jamie works across all aspects of television as a regular on-camera face for the BBC and as a shooting PD and script writer behind the camera.
Presenting credits include wildlife and adventure shows for Five, Discovery and Animal Planet.
Production work includes writing, producing and directing for the BBC, ITV, Five, National Geographic, Discovery and Animal Planet. Award winning wildlife filmmaker and Associate Member of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management with a proven track record as a conservationist and protected species consultant. An effective, creative and resourceful communicator who has worked for two of the world’s leading producers of factual television, NHNZ and the BBC Natural History Unit.
In 2008 completed the environmental documentary Karearea: the pine falcon (aka Chance of a Lifetime), which screened at over 60 film festivals worldwide, picking up 27 awards and a host of nominations in the process. Self taught wildlife cameraman filming the secret lives of sparrowhawks and all the wildlife which surrounds them. I am an engineer, cinematographer, researcher and a recent graduate from BBC NHU's Masters in Wildlife Film Making.
I worked with International NGOs prior to my work and I am closely connected with bear biologists, big cat scientists and scientific community around the world.
I am available to share your passion for research, development, cinematography and technical co-ordination.
AWARD-WINNING EXECUTIVE PRODUCER with a strong track record of both specialist factual and factual entertainment programming.
Emmy award-winning blue chip wildlife special SECRETS OF THE GOLDEN RIVER filmed entirely on location in the Amazon rainforest with never before seen footage of pink river dolphins - for ABC & BBC. Extensive fieldwork, conservation and assistance in researches associated with NGOs makes him familiar with the habits and behavior of birds and other wildlife. Kiran has a stunning collection of images and amazing video sequences made with the advanced camera technologies and techniques. In addition to wildlife films Kiran has a feature length film and many short films to his credit apart from a documentary film under production for the Indian forest department. Kiran Ghadge not only excels in cinematography but has highly qualified skills for film editing and story building.
Award winning filmmaker Kire Godal makes natural history and conservation films on Africa, as well as commercial and promotional films for African companies and NGO's.
Her work can be seen internationally on the National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild worldwide, Discovery Animal Planet, Fox, France 5, among many others.
As a filmmaker and explorer Kire is the first to film many rare and secret ceremonies of diverse traditional African groups. Kire was nominated for the prestigious 2014 Panda Award given at Wildscreen Film Festival UK for her film Lion Guardians. She helped produce and shoot The Elephant in the Room an illegal ivory awareness PSA which won 'Best in Short Shorts' category at Jackson Hole Film Festival 2013. Will Goldenberg is an award winning US based cinematographer specializing in natural history filmmaking.
Since then, Will has contributed to factual television programs, independent documentaries, commercial advertisements and environmental advocacy films in the US, UK and abroad.
Will is currently based in Northern California and accepts foreign and domestic assignments as a freelance cameraman, producer and editor.
In-house natural history and conservation short-film producer and video editor for the National Trust for Scotland.
Happy to be contacted by conservation charities and freelancers about ideas for potential future collaborations with the NTS Nature Channel. Between 2011's "Source Code", 2012's "End of Watch", 2013's "Prisoners", this Spring's "Enemy" and now this Fall's "Nighcrawler", Jake Gyllenhaal is digging a nice niche for himself as the go to guy for movie thrillers. Next up for Gyllenhaal is the boxing drama "Southpaw", co-starring Rachel McAdams, Forest Whitaker, Victor Ortiz, Naomie Harris and 50 Cent. In the meantime, you can catch Gyllenhaal in "Nightcrawler" when it hits theaters this Halloween, October 31st.
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Fresh, Bold, & So Def (FBSD) is a women and gender research and archive project created to empower and cultivate women in Hip-Hop through a social enterprise solution’s model that is both educational and entrepreneurial. CELIANY RIVERA-VELÁZQUEZ is a feminist educator and videographer working to diversify higher education through innovative research, creative pedagogy and public involvement.
A veteran of both music and movies, LISA CORTES has proven herself a maverick in the entertainment field. LEAH NELSON, is a Zimbabwean dancer, choreographer, actor, producer and director with a passion for organizing for social change through the arts. NDIDI CASCADE is a Vancouver-born and -based Hip-Hop Emcee, Songwriter, Recording Artist and Program Facilitator of Nigerian, Italian and Irish heritage, who has been captivating audiences with her remarkable stage presence, insight and flow since her first official show in 1996. CRISTINA VERAN is an international journalist, historian and educator who has documented global cultural phenomena and socio-political movements extensively.
Vacillating between Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Electronica, Funk, Reggae, World and every kind of rhythm in between, sultry voiced JENNIFER JOHNS crafts stirring tunes that are both heart-rending and head-bobbing. Recently while working for the Save Our Seas, the Foundation won two 'Rockies' at Jackson Hole and two 'Pandas' at Wildscreen.
Concerned by the lack of willingness to address the real current state of the environment he left the BBC and started his own independent production company Living Planet Productions.Living Planet Productions has made over 100 films on a wide range of environmental topics, shown all over the world. He collaborates with several conservation organizations and wildlife experts to make films about endangered ecosystems and raise awareness on conservation issues. Described by BBC Wildlife Magazine as someone who “takes multi-tasking to new levels” Adrian is always willing to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in. From rattlesnakes to cobras, alligators to anacondas, there has never been a "creepy crawly" I haven't immediately wanted to look at just a little closer and show to everyone around. Occasionally I sell my photographs and donate the proceeds to a variety of causes I support.
I have presented at the International Herpetological Symposium, speak at countless reptile societies, and co-authored both scientific papers and non-fictional books. For the past four years Jamie has presented photography and adventure stories for the BBC's One Show. 10 years in the making a world first to capture on film there whole breeding season from November to August. I'm just starting to edit a film of the whole lives of Tawny owls throughout the year, also a first. Trained in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University and then travelled the globe producing a raft of high rating films while living for years in the rainforests of Belize, Amazon and Indonesia. His films are not only visually rich and exciting but also enlightening, sending an awareness message through entertainment.
She is also passionate about wildlife, and dedicated to human-wildlife stories and environmental issues. Her film Lion Warriors for National Geographic was nominated at 2011 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival for best in People & Nature category, as well as being a finalist in three categories at the International Wildlife Film Festival 2011.
Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day", "Olympus Has Fallen") is directing while "Sons Of Anarchy" and "The Shield" creator Kurt Sutter wrote the screenplay, marking the television writer's big-screen debut. I’m talking 18 years and over 1000 gigs worth of experience packed into a single resource that you can get your hands on right now! Or you could pay me close to $1,500 a day to walk you through these same strategies in-person. If you aren’t on your way to making more money as a freelance videographer and feeling more successful within 60 days after ordering the eBook, simply send me an email and I’ll cheerfully refund your money.
Anyone with basic knowledge of how to operate a professional video camera can make great money as a freelance videographer. She is currently finishing her PhD in Feminist Media Studies and Transnational Queer Cultural Production from the Institute of Communications Research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
A native of Milford, Connecticut, who also spent a far amount of her childhood on the streets of Harlem (which perhaps explains the depths of her diversity), Lisa Cortes is a graduate of Yale University. She first came to the United States at age 17 when she was chosen to represent Zimbabwe at the International Choreographer’s Workshop at the prestigious American Dance Festival, eventually graduating with a BFA from University of North Carolina School of the Arts.
Her work has featured in a wide range of media, including The Village Voice, Vibe Magazine, Colorlines, Ms. As his archive of films and footage mounted up, Richard felt that there was something more, better, that could be done with this resource, so he set up the Brock Initiative. He has been known to set off with just a camera and a whim and come back with all the material for a solid and creative documentary.
My passion to think different means researching extensively to find the most elusive and never told before natural history stories. Overseen series and multiple co-productions for all major broadcasters worldwide including BBC, Channel 4, ABC, National Geographic and Discovery. Most of her essays and films document the ways women’s imagination can transform different types of collectivities. Majoring in American Studies, Cortes broke into the music industry during the 1980’s golden age of the hip-hop music. She has performed internationally from Brussels to Brazil, and extensively throughout the U.S.
Ndidi has shared stages with talents such as Femi Kuti, Digable Planets, De La Soul, Collie Buddz, Michael Franti, Israel Vibration, Kelis, Coco Brovas, Culture, K-OS, Prevail (Swollen Members), Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, Malcolm Jamal Warner & The Mad Professor. Johns music abounds with experiences that are both familiar and inspiring, which is an instant reminder of her hit-making prowess. In 1999 she became a part of a studio project entitled Reality Assylum with well known Capetonian artists.
Laurie packs an impressive list of credentials with extensive and nuanced work in youth development, ranging from her experience with newborns, to youth in the juvenile detention centers in New York. Professor G is a trained ethnomusicologist and classical singer who teaches the study of African American music, cultural anthropology, hip-hop, race and gender studies. She is also the winner of the Helen Merrill Award, the Whitfield Cook Award, the John Lippmann New Frontier Award, and has received fellowships from the MacDowell Colony, Cave Canem, and the Van Lier and Mellon Foundations. Working under label chiefs Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin and Lyor Cohn just as Def Jam was launching, Cortes worked with a roster that included Run DMC, Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys and LL Cool J. In addition to amplifying her voice for the masses, Johns also lends her time to a variety of community based organizations, namely after-school music programs.
She has taught debate institutes at numerous colleges and universities, and has partnered with dozens of public schools, social justice organizations, Hip-Hop artists, and community leaders from around the country. She holds a 4.0 GPA in the Adult, Professional and Community Education program and is active in various research projects and service.

The project saw Capetonian emcees flipping over jungle beats and was the only project of its kind in Cape Town. Laurie’s main vision and driving passion is towards bringing women to the forefront of media through the performing and visual arts, as well as fundraising for different community initiatives. She has taught in Baruch’s Department of Fine and Performing Arts and presently holds an appointment as Associate Professor in Sociology and Anthropology with a joint appointment in Black and Hispanic Studies. Her work has been developed by the Hip Hop Theater Festival, New York Theater Workshop, New York Stage and Film, the New Group, Soho Rep, the Flea, Rattlestick, the Cherry Lane, Portland Center Stage, Hartford Stage, Cleveland Playhouse, Seattle Rep, Yale University, Nuyorican Poets Café, the Schomburg Center for Black Research, and the Culture Project, among others. She was a 2002 Fellow of the Intermedia Arts Institute of Community Cultural Development, a recipient of a McKnight Fellowship for Dancers (2002) and a Bush Fellowship for Choreography (2004). Jennifer is a Green For All Fellow and has decided to make a part of her life’s work to bring information about sustainable living and food justice to urban and historically oppressed communities through an initiative she is producing called Go Live!
She was formally the executive director of the Seattle Debate Foundation, a 501©(3) social justice organization committed to the critical literacy and empowerment of urban youth through debate education. She is a active member of the College of Education Doctoral student organization and a chief organizer for the annual departmental conference on Education and Community Leadership. She was also a member of the all female hip hop trio Godessa, who were nominated for a Metro FM award shortly after the release of their debut album Spillage.
She has produced creditable events such as Across The Board & Ladies Love The Breaks, fundraising events for children with Autism, Ladies Love Dilla, and recently photographed the legendary Pete Rock.
Eisa’s writing has been published in American Theatre, The Source, To Be Real, Everything But The Burden, Step Into A World, Role Call, and Total Chaos.
Predating professional life, her teen years begat an inspired tenure as a rap artist, and she has been a proud member of the genre-defining artists collectives TC5, the Rock Steady Crew and Zulu Nation. She has participated on several community research projects one which includes the development of a community youth activity center. Burni has performed extensively with Godessa and as a solo artist in various European countries, Cuba as well as the USA where she awed audiences with her powerful performances. Leaving Def Jam in 1990, Cortes went on to become Vice president of Artists and Repertoire at the now defunct PolyGram Records. Nelson is a Co-Founding Director and Dance Curator, Youth Workshop, and DJ Coordinator of B-Girl BE: A Celebration of Women in Hip-Hop at Intermedia Arts.
Her history of pioneering female rap artists in the 1970s and ‘80s leads the book Hip Hop Divas and another, on the evolution of hip-hop dance forms, features in Vibe History of Hip Hop, among other notable volumes.
Martin Luther King County Executive Awards for Excellence in Hip Hop and in 2009 she was a finalist for the NYU Fellowship in Social Entrepreneurship. On this project, the research team worked alongside youth to help them access resources needed to obtain their activity center and present their findings to key stakeholder in the community. Believing that women should never be placed in a box, 5th Elament is determined to take the freedom to explore every part of herself in her music and poetry to show women that there is nothing they can’t do. An accomplished film and music producer, Lisa Cortes has a special talent for giving light to expressive voices not often heard and stories not often told. Leah is Artistic Director of Nubia – a pan-African performing arts collective that believes in access to community creativity.
She also served as editor for the special 1996 edition of Rap Pages magazine devoted to hip-hop dance around the world, which remains a coveted collectors item among enthusiasts worldwide. This opportunity allowed her to navigate the intersection between communities, schools and higher education. After reading Sapphire’s novel Push in 1996, Cortes was tremendously moved by the powerful message and knew it had to be translated to the big screen. Nubia provides classes in hip-hop culture - b-boying, popping, locking, dj'ing, mc'ing, circus and aerosol arts. Issues, movements and initiatives concerning the world’s indigenous peoples comprise a particular area of her research and specialization.
Jen received her BA in Ethnic Studies from the University of California, Berkeley where she found her passion for urban debate education, critical and culturally relevant pedagogy, and critical literacy. Over the past three years she has been involved in a variety of industrial theatre pieces through a company called Fusionworx.
She has been running an after-school program at Bloomington Public Schools (2004- present) for Galaxy After School Program in 3 sites. As a United Nations media correspondent, she has featured on-air as interviewer and panelist for the news-roundtable television program World Chronicle, and as a member of the Indigenous Media Network. She currently brings her passion and commitment to the education and empowerment of young leaders by coaching Hip-Hop debate in Brooklyn.
She has also been involved in various youth initiated workshops aimed at the uplifment of the disadvantaged teens. Additionally, as a philanthropy consultant, she has directed related research initiatives for The Ford Foundation and its international Committee on Indigenous Peoples. Her ultimate goal is to expand these opportunities to young people and educators around the globe. Her research interest includes hip hop and urban education, popular culture, critical literacy, critical media literacy, diversity, social justice, spirituality and auto ethnography.
This after-dinner and weekend obsession began to get professional when she sang and acted at local political events, played Teeta in a UC Berkeley production of Alice Childress’s The Wedding Band, and warned other children about the dangers of excessive video gaming on the NBC show Just Kidding. She believes that through the power of debate and Hip-Hop we can connect, build, create, and envision a world with endless possibilities.
These interests have provided her opportunities to design an educational retention program called Spoke and Heard that allows students and teachers to utilize urban aesthetics to make learning interesting and increase their participation in schools. Every summer, she studied piano, voice, composition and theory at UC Berkeley’s Young Musicians Program.
Her research interest also gave her an opportunity to participate as a panelist on a symposium style talk show called The Thinking Table.
Many high school theatre productions followed, and with other classmates, she formed a playwrights’ collective. She then worked for four years to convince Sapphire to transform the novel Push into the film Precious. In this she applied her theory to practice to discuss current issues effecting urban youth in America. At the 2011 Critical Race Studies in Education conference she co- presented an auto-ethnography called I am not my hair. Her efforts were rewarded with the movie receiving the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, as well as sweeping the awards season. Raised and residing in New York, where she earned her degree in Media Studies at Hunter College [City University of New York], Ms.
This presentation discussed the dichotomy of race, class, and gender and used black aesthetics to theoretically analyze their personal narratives.
Alexis has experience in student affairs and housing in the university, and administratively as a coordinator presiding over twelve Career and Technical education academies in Gainesville, Fl, this translates into ten years of practitioner experience.
She has expressed interest in the professoriate and is passionate about being a representation of the hip hop generation and educating those who are within it.
She received her degree in both acting and playwriting and became a member of the Actors Studio. Cave Canem, an organization for black poets, was also a crucial locus for her continuing education.

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