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Freemake Video Downloader is a powerful Windows application that allows you to download clips from popular video sharing services and either keep them in their original format or turn them into something else, such as AVI, MP4 or MP3.
It sports a handy and intuitive configuration set that can be easily adjusted even by beginners, and features support for a large collection of websites, including YouTube, Faceboook and Vimeo.
Once you copy the video link to the Clipboard, you can paste it into Freemake Video Download with one click.
Firstly, you can define the quality in accordance with the preferred resolution and file size which are available on the host.
Due to the fact that the app can download clips from adult websites, Freemake Video Downloader boasts a dedicated feature to lock adult sites, letting you set up a password and turn on parental control.
All in all, Freemake Video Downloader is clearly one of the better tools of its kind and, thanks to its good-looking and intuitive interface, it can be used by both beginners and those more experienced. Le telechargement des videos est une necessite puisqu'on ne peut pas etre connecte tout le temps.

L'une des particularites de cet outil est qu'il supporte enormement de  sites et plates-formes de videos et une belle interface facile a utiliser ainsi que la rapidite qui est une caracteristique souhaitee dans ce genre d'outils. En plus de l'extraction de l'audio, cet outil est capable aussi de convertir des videos en plusieurs formats differents a savoir MKV, AVI, MP3, 3GP, Iphone, PSP et bien d'autres. Baixe e use nossos Video Converter, Video Downloader, Conversor do YouTube, Audio Converter у Free Music Box! Even private or age-restricted clips may be seamlessly obtained, simply by specifying the authentication details for logging into the respective websites.
In the following step, you're asked to fill out some missing information pertaining to the way you want to download media. Secondly, you can either preserve the original file format and download the video "as is", or turn it into a different file type by selecting an output format from a list.
Lastly, it integrates a one-click download mode that aims to speed the entire task by applying the same configuration parameters to all videos after you define them.

Ceci nous permettra de sauvegarder ces videos pour les voir tranquillement quand on a envie. On ne risque pas de perdre notre telechargement quand on utilise Freemake Video Downloader etant donne qu'il supporte la reprise du telechargement apres la pause. Des dizaines de logiciels existent aujourd'hui pour telecharger des videos a partir de differentes plates-formes telle que YouTube et bien d'autres, mais c'est toujours utile de connaitre d'autres alternative.

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