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IG-Global is a Full Service Agency that includes web design, web marketing, SEO strategies, viral advertising and printing. We offer advertising campaigns, the creation of websites, service and all that a company needs today to create and promote its image.
We design and make printing brochures, flyers, print catalogs, banner ads and other accessories needed for your company’s advertising. Our team of computer scientists are at the forefront of developing custom software to support our customers.
Advertising is the soul of commerce and web marketing is an essential, winning solution for the modern age.
We design your custom website and pay attention to detail to ensure the best and most effective possible layout.
We complete registration for web sites, email accounts, addresses PEC and social media to be more visible on the web.
IG-Global Web Solutions We at IG-Global are a dynamic and creative team, open to challenges, we are schematic. The Jcreativelab DifferenceAt JCreativeLab we believe that true brand innovation comes from a hands on, personalized, and experimental approach. Some email template designs work better than others, and the difference in results can be anywhere from 20% to 200% per email. We’ll check your list permissions, manage your list, and ensure relevant email content is being delivered to your subscribers. By just sending out emails without analysis, companies miss out on what people want AND ignore using their own data to find the answers.
You can take any email list – one that you’ve bought or built – and Facebook will advertise to those email addresses if there is a match.
Rather than hiring someone internally to handle all of our email marketing, we decided to outsource our efforts.

About MarkitorsMarkitors is the global market leader in providing independent, objective internet marketing audits. Better, faster, stronger: would you last longer than six months if Google, Amazon or Apple entered your category? Here at Newwave understanding your business whilst creating developed and memorable design is central to everything we do. Our web design team is comprised of graphic designers, web developers and digital marketing executives. We deliver a wide range of online marketing services on time, on budget and with a high ROI. We have a proven track record of helping businesses grow through their online presence and marketing activities. We provide a creative, brand led approach to graphic design, web design and digital marketing.
As this is the first post on our newly refurbished website, it seems only fit and proper and quite frankly the polite thing to do, to introduce you to the man who gave birth (not literally thankfully) to Newwave Design - Stephen Thomas. That’s why we take the time to become educated of your company and its industry’s landscape before we even begin any project. We can share exactly how to grow your list and increase revenues through email marketing campaigns.
We’ll analyze your list of subscribers and help you determine what content to send, how often to send, and when to send. Markitors created our email strategy, handled our email template design, segmented our email lists and managed all of our outgoing emails to our large subscriber list.
Each month they created and executed an email strategy based on analytical analysis to help maximize our Ecommerce efforts.
For anyone looking to outsource their email marketing efforts, I would recommend you call Markitors. Aggregating information across 90+ authoritative marketing tools, Markitors is designed to add value and improve the information from which marketing decisions are made.

This allows us to provide high end website design services to businesses that are looking to best represent their business online. As a brand-led design agency we produce visually stunning websites with a high emphasis on user experience and conversion. Our team enables us to provide a full spectrum of services including: copywriting, SEO, PR, social media marketing and much more. We aim to produce elegant, appropriate solutions to communication challenges - what ever the media. Team IG-Global consists of IT professionals, graphic designers, web designers, marketing specialists and copywriters. With our helicopter drone we can make the most of your advertising to make your event unique, giving your company a fresh new image. Being different means for us to be unique, the difference makes us who we are and the opportunity to grow and improve thanks to the 'uniqueness' of others.
That’s why we combine left-brain logic with right-brain emotion to create, manage, and grow small businesses and startups into leading brands that drive business results.
Our combination of imagination and eye for detail, delivers truly effective design that works across traditional and modern marketing platforms. We have produced work for: Boots, Aldi, Budweiser, ASDA, SPAR, Argos, B&Q, Morrisons, Beares, Ingles & Hayday. The drone is widely used for photos and videos of weddings, to advertise real estate, hotels, and many other types of events. We offer our clients the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering new and innovative concepts and solutions.

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